Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year end bike cleaning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 31, 2016

Image result for cleaning the chain rings and bottom bracket

I did not bike today because I think I over reached yesterday.  And the weather did not look ok - there was a slight shower. I decided I would clean all my MTBs.  The Mosso pedalling was rougher and tougher than the others and inspection of the bottom brackets (the outboard type) look that they have plenty of grime.

So I took apart the Mosso crank first and found out that dirt and some fibers were jamming the shaft and bearing so it could not turn freely.  I cleaned the plastic bearings, put some motor oil and then lined them with grease.  I used 1,200 grit sand paper to clean the shaft and put some grease too.  Then I brushed the chain rings with kerosene, washed with water and wiped with dry rags to remove the grime on the chain ring.   Then I washed the tires with soap and water, trying hard to make the tires all black again (mud had stuck to the sides of the tire)  wiped the rim too. Then cleaned the chain too, and afterwards put some oil on the chain. I repeated the process with SAVA carbon and SAVA titanium.   I noticed that the fitment of SAVA carbon BB was ill made.  (Well Chinese technology)

The bikes were dirty after all.  The undersides which I did not see often needed detailed and thorough cleaning.  Only the bike owner, not the boys in your house, not the maida, or your wife or children can do this cleaning for you.  Only you

Or maybe your mechanic and wait for a week

Friday, December 30, 2016

Practice ride for speed; overtaking every one else making sure no one gets ahead

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 30, 2016

Happy Rizal Day (120th death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, at Luneta)

I biked today after listening to the first part of the mass at Sacred Heart.   And then when I saw bikers, roadies MTBs i sprinted and overtook every one else. The last one and second to the hardest was the group I overtook at Callahan.  There must be more than a dozen of them. However, they slowed down after the descent at the flats and promptly took the lead again.   I must have overtaken about 6 groups  of bikers until Morong.   At Morong though, one batch of determined bikers right after the market, overtook me. I upped my cadence to catch them  till the Namay hill.  There I stood and overtook every one else.  No one overtook me no more at Sagbat.

At Simples Lugawan, there were Master, Echo, Meong and Joel.  Then Engr June arrived and we talked about the proposed ride to Baguio and his new assignment at his employer.  He is in charge of Region I and III for the distribution sale and service of industrial freezing equipment but with a twist - without the freezer wow.  That is interesting. I promised him to support with former students who are into frozen food, products, or food production, including uncle who in engaged into broiler and poultry products production.

Biking home ( I had to attend the Mariano Unidad Garapon reunion at 10 am at Holy Gardens) I passed at Cardona town proper (first time I did not pass diversion).  I did sprint at Calumpang 2x with the hardest one at Island Gas.

Thereafter I spied a roadie with Canyon carbon fiber bike and Cosmic wheel set.  I gave chase and tried to run him down.  There was too much traffic though that we were able to do some chasing only past Bilibiran until Holy Gardens Angono.  I learned that he is from Cainta Greenwoods.  I must have done a lot of hard work because I am aching all over.  Too much lactic acid in the body

Too much yabang, bragging before the year end?  My apologies to the readers/kapadyak

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

40 km ride yesterday to Antipolo, 50 km ride today to Tanay

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 28, 2016

I am taking the challenge of riding to Baguio on first week of February seriously.

Yesterday, I left early for ride up to Antipolo.  It is about 20 km out and 20 km back.   It took more than 30 minutes going up.  At hard gear.  39 x 23.    And going back to tower hills 53 x 25.  I brought my Bianchi bike.

There was somebody who overtook me downhill with a 29er.  But I held my ground and rode on strongly up to Angono covering the distance from Tikling to Angono in 5 minutes.

Today I biked to Tanay up to km 55.   I brought my Sava titanium bike.

Some interesting high lights:

1.   I did six  intervals (sprints)   one going up Callahan on a high gear -   42 x 17, and on the flats from  from Callahan to Morong Market 42 x 13.  Then going up the Baras pantok    42 x 19.  I chased some Mt. Bikers whom I later caught up at KM 54.  They rested there.

     On the way back, I did the following intervals:

     Going up back the pantok doing again 42 x 19.

     At the diversion road, past the Crystal Subdvision  entrance, (after the hard climb) at 42 x 32.  (I had to climb at 42 x 36)

    At Calumpang road:   from Y  going maybe 35 to 37 kph, then finally at the Island gas Hill trying very hard to do something beyond 30 kph and chase the tricycle in front of me.

My body aches now and I am sure that I developed some strength and speed for the Baguio ride

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Preparing for Baguio Ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 27, 2016

Vhen Apran relayed to me the information that during the Christmas party which I was not able to attend (di ko nalaman,, no one informed me.  Nasa facebook daw, I missed that post surely) that we shall have a bike ride to Baguio.  It was initiated by Engr. June Francisco daw and he volunteered to have his place in Urdaneta as a stop over point.   VM daw will provide SWAG vehicle.  That is very comforting.

Time to have increased mileage, at least 100 km  on a long weekend.  Last Saturday, I did 80 km.  This morning I did Antipolo. Mga 30 km lang yon pero ascending.

I noticed increased strength in myself all ready.  Because I was able to climb that 39 x 23 (medyo hard yon) And going back I managed the Manila East Hill up to Tower Hills at 53 x 23 without huffing and puffing  I am and bike in oneness.  Getting ready again Baguio climb.

Vhen told me last night, he would join this one .  He and I are both 65 and in the years to come, we may not be able to accomplish this.    I was able to talk to Master E today too. We three will be team mates for this ride.  We will not be at peloton but we will finish the ride

Sunday, December 25, 2016

To be stronger in biking you have to develop your core muscles - strengthen your abs

Wheels of Happiness

One of the observations among cyclists is that they have large abdomen.  The riding wont remove the flabs or fats.  But perhaps, these exercises will.  They will be better looking too. And you will get stronger and faster too:

Merry Christmas - is it safe to bike with the arrival of typhoon Nina?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas every one.

This joyful greeting despite Catanduanes being placed under signal No. 3?  Typhoon Nina is a strong typhoon with maximum wind of 185 kph.    It is expected to produce storm surges of up to 2.5 meters along coastal areas.    Rizal and NCR is under signal No 1.  I have bad feeling, it may pay us a visit tomorrow.  So Kapadyaks be ready.

Special coverage by Rappler

Below is the full list of areas under warning signals.
Signal number 3:
  • Catanduanes
Signal number 2:
  • Camarines Norte
  • Camarines Sur
  • Masbate including Ticao and Burias Islands
  • Albay
  • Sorsogon
  • Northern Samar
Signal number 1:
  • Metro Manila
  • Bataan
  • southern Zambales
  • Pampanga
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Bulacan
  • Cavite
  • Laguna
  • Batangas
  • Rizal
  • Quezon including Polillo Island
  • Aurora
  • Romblon
  • Marinduque
  • Occidental Mindoro including Lubang Island
  • Oriental Mindoro
  • Aklan
  • Capiz
  • Samar
  • Eastern Samar
  • Biliran
  • Leyte
  • Bantayan Island
Forecast track of Typhoon Nina as of December 24, 11 pm. Image courtesy of PAGASA

As I biked only 20 km today (10 km out and 10 km back), a kapadyak said that the typhoon is delayed because it has weakened.  But a PAG ASA NDC briefing at about 10 am said that the typhoon could be super typhoon with Signal No 4 raised at Catanduanes.

So ingat po

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Getting farther and faster - on the way to full recovery

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas tomorrow.

Today, I biked to Niogan Pililla.  I left at 6:40 and reached Pisong Kape at about 8:10 and finished my lugaw (now P25.00 no longer P20.00) and finished by 8:30. I met Boy Naval (he has a new Mosso Alum 720 bike with Tiagra group set) and Papa Ric.  Papa Ric said the rest of Recylists were at Maybancal but wont bike to Pisong Kape  By 9:00 I was at Niogan Pililla and back again at Pisong Kape by 9:30.

On the way back I rode with a MTB rider from Bilibiran.  But I lost him somewhere in Morong.  Then I passed at Cardona diversion for greater challenge.  Again 39 x 32.  I thought I would stop at the right hand turn. But I did not (I was tired from the long ride to spot almost at Jala jala)  However, I made for that near miss by sprinting up the hill of Crystal East and then to the next hill before descent (maybe at l5 to l7 kph)

There was too much traffic from San Juan up to Pantok and even at Barrio road.

Riding a bike is like riding an airplane.  I hour of maintenance and cleaning for every one hour of ride.  After eating:   I did the following:  

1.  Swapped the front and rear tires.  The rear tires were wearing faster than the front tires

2.  Regreased the front axle (it looked lazier)

3.  Repaired the bar tape. (The wrapping became loose)

4.  Cleaned the chain, sprocket and chain ring

Friday, December 23, 2016

Repair of head post of the Bianchi bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2016

Before I rode out yesterday with the Bianchi bike, its handling and safety was suspect.   The head post and the steerer were loose.  I tried to tighten this but everything came loose.  The flower together with the bolt for the headpost came out.

So I removed the stem from steering post, and examined the flower.  The flower petals were all tightly compressed. So I took a long nose plier and tried to straighten out the flower by 2 to 3 mm or about the same amount of degrees.  Then having determined that the flower were exact or slightly tighter fit, I drove down the flower using the long nose plier, and the head post bolt to drive down the flower.

I tried reinstalling the head post and the stem, and everything was nice and tight.  I was able to ride today using the Bianchi bike and saved about a P100 in repair bills.

How nice

Steady recovery I was able to bike 50 km out and back yesterday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2016

Yesterday I rode the road the bike.  I was able to ride a little bit longer, ending my ride at Tanay at KM 53.   This is 25 km from km 28 which the km post in Angono.

This is a far cry all ready from the previous ride up to km 46 in Morong.   This but is 7km longer.

But wait on my way back I passed by diversion road, using 39 x 32.  It is a hard gear compared to what I use with MTB 32 x 36.

But that is a sign of progress and steady recovery from the illness I had in October and up to late November.  The doctor said I had to be careful because in 6 months period I can still have symptoms (pain as they do now) and redness of eyes.  So plenty of Vitamin B and avoiding contacts with dirty environment

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Who says that you can climb San Carlos Gate 2 only using 24 (granny gears)?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 14, 2016

Whenever I climb SCH and climb Gate 2 (the one that  leads to the Sacred Heart church) the steepest part of the climb to SCH, they say you can only climb that using the triplet or the granny gear.  And sure enough the last times I ascended that hill, I used 24 x 28 or 32.

This morning though I used 32 x 36 and it was more than enough.  How did I know I can do this?

Last week I tried the diversion the Morong side using 42 x 36.  I was able to do this comfortably.  Early this week, I tried the foot of the SCH II using 42 x 32.  I was able to negotiate the same well.
So if I shift to 32, I concluded I could do this.  Morever, I can do 5 to 10 minutes standing on the trainer using 39 x 17 on medium heavy setting.  That is strength and endurance.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Challenging rides today December 11 and yesterday the 10th

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 11, 2016

I had two challenging rides:  yesterday and today.  Yesterday, I did the Botong Francisco hill climbs at Medalva.  I must have done the climb 4x and a distance nearly as long as Taytay.  I joined our staff on a PE.  And as they climbed, I climbed up, down and climbed again.  As they descended, I rode slowly, rode up again and descended with them.   I came out of the ride, perspiring one and a half hour after the event.

Today I happened to be towed by Meong on the way to Morong. I still was wearing my slippers but Recyclists tops.   We were together until the convention center when he left me. (He rode a road bike)  He lost me but I caught up with him after Callahan where he got a flat tire.   Then came Weng, Papa Ric and then Ado Gonzaga.  I learned that Ado has not biked for the last 1 1/2 months because of kidney stones.  He said he got cured by eating apples.   Please take note of that cheap cure

On the way back I rode up the diversion and I was able to do the first part of the climb before the bend using 42 x 28 and then completed the climb with 42 x 36 for easier (that was the biggest chain ring.  And then I practiced riding with my elbows bent and and forearm straight for speed.

    1.  Aerodynamics
    2.  Clothing
   3.  Posture during rides

       1.  Clean your bike;
       2.  Remove other accessories
       3.  Brakes correctly installed
       4.  Bearings

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Resumption of normal biking distances

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 8, 2016

Happy Immaculate Conception Day of Virgin Mary

It is feast day of Ateneo, although yesterday, they were reminded of their fraility as they lost to the more superior basketball team to DLSU.  It was a gallant fight though

So let me talk a little on my resumption of ride distance up to Morong.  The week before, I could only ride at max to Cardona at Callahan.  But I try to maintain a rapid pace say 25 kph and sprint up to 35 kph (estimate only but that is the perceived effort when I have my bike with cyclometer)  I rode up diversion and I used 32 x 17 and stood up. and went down to lower gear as I coasted up further to 32 x28.  (Laspag na)  I rode up to Sagbat and Taghangin to visit a business site, had some talk and rode back at almost 9 am.  On the way back it is still via diversion and went to low gear to 32 x 32.    (I had 36 t max low)  And then two mighty sprint at Calumpang highway (say 35 kph with the last one going uphill at island gas)  Rapid and furious pace from bridge of Bilibiran to Tagpos and from Tagpos to Pag asa barrio road.

Finished the ride panting and profusely sweating even up to 2 hours after ride.  On the way back to being fully recovered (although the doctor said the symptoms of my illness could last up to 6 months) Dapat daw maraming vitamin B.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ka Recyclists Alan Astorga crashed last week at Antipolo; ingat lagi kapadyak

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
Angono Rizal

According to kapadyak Gerry, Alan Astorga crashed going downhill in Antipolo at first one way section:  where Ado and Nolite crashed before.  His face had injury, and his helmet was destroyed and he had nosebleed.  This could be serious as he experienced head ache.  He was scheduled for CAT SCAN. At the same time, a relative just passed away

We can only say ingat God bless, and be safe always to avoid such accidents.  We know that biking is a risky adventure as all endeavor are.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bike ride today using MTB Mosso Falcon 2 with XT groupset

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal :Philippines
November 20, 2016

I did my usual Sunday long ride today (only up to Morong 26 km out and back) using my MTB Mosso Falcon 2 with XT group set (including wheel set)  I have not used it because of the poor braking performance.  I suspected its brake pads to have thinned out.  However, I had it fixed by Vitoy at Villamayor who added the mineral oil and bled it at the same time.

There are two memorable part of my ride:

1.  I was chased by two bikers from Pasig and the stronger one is named Encer.  Encer rested 2x after he overtook me and he rested once before Convention Center and the other near the exit of diversion in Cardona.  When he caught up with me in Morong, he said he admired me for being "Ang Lakas mo sir for an MTB rider and at yourage)  I was doing between 25 to 30 kph (my cyclometer was working well as well) That is a real compliment from a younger rider.

2. The other one is at diversion road and LLDA.  I negotiated the same using 34 x 28 onlyand 34 x 21 on the less steep part. However as I was about to the enter the main highway from diversion a  29 er overtook me and let by as much as 20 meter.  I patiently tried to catch up with me, and sprinted near the final bend.  The guy later caught up with me and said "Si Sir Jorge pala"  It is Louie de Guzman whom I joined going to Jarrell's peak.  He did not realize it was I who overtook him since I was wearing only slippers.  Ha ha ha nagulat ko siya

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Resuming biking with renewed passion

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 15 2016

Image result for miracle movie

After having been sidelined from biking due to vision impairment, I resumed biking (fro 3 days now) with greater gusto.   I biked last Sunday to Cardona and even joined the Higanteng Padyak caravan;  then last Monday up to Morong, and yesterday to Antipolo Church.  The significant thing about yesterday was that I climbed it using only 44 front chain ring and only 28 at the rear cog.

The ride reminded me of the movie Miracle a 2004 film, a film feature about US hockey team who defeated the Russians who dominated the sports for a decade. This was in 2000 at the XIII winter Olympics at Lake Placid  The athletes who won were mostly young, raw, and experienced.  But the coach Herb Brooks motivated them to always exceed their limit.   When there injuries that would sideline most of players, he asked the player if they were quitting.  And so the pain and the injury was tolerated.

From fastpitch leadership blog - analysis of leadership at Miracle

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bike caravan from Angono to Cardona and back to Angono

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 13, 2016

                                                           En route to finish line at Wawa

The main street of Angono in front of the municipal hall was blocked this morning.  Reason, about hundreds or thousand riders of all types, roadies and MTB were waiting for the starting gun for a fun caravan ride that would cover Angono, Binangonan Cardona, that would cover 26 km. Entry fee is P350  (there must be a thousand participants) They wore green and white jersey (green is fluorescent)

I joined the caravan on the way back from  Binangonan to Angono.  I overtook it though at Tagpos

The pace is slow but there is a lot of jockeying to be at front of peloton from every body.  PUSO MC riders led the group and there were 2 ambulances that supported the ride.

                                                Near Island Gas at Calumpang

                                                    There must be a thousand of them

I could bike and blog again

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 13, 2016

Despite some controversial news that came out last week (Trump win, SC approval on Marcos burial at the LBNMB) is had something to be happy about.  After weeks of difficulty of having double vision due to eye infection,, my vision returned to normal since Wednesday.  Last Saturday, I tried biking for 10 km and I was able to do this safely.

This morning I rode 20 km.  To top it all, I was able to sprint, ride at pace and even overtook some riders.  (One that I overtook at Bilibiran, reached the convention center when I was going back from Montevideo.

This noon, I tried my hand blogging again.  Welcome my friends.

For some unknown reason, the number of page views went up by a factor of 5 while I was absent from the blog

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The oldies could be sick of shingles (if they had chickenpox before)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 30, 2016

Image result for magandang gabi dok episodes

The fellow Recyclists could have been off now for San Felipe Zambales ride and the following could have joined:   Jess V, Pres Luis, Gerry and of course the host Jeff.   Ed I understand was not able to join because of the light showers.

I did not join because of impaired vision because I had an affliction which I learned last night from Maganding Gabi Doc (Seno of  St Lukes Medical Center) a specialist for geriatrics.   She presentation matched all the things that were told by my doctors(3 all ready:   a family physician and 2 opthalmologist0

1.  Shingles or kulebra in Tagalog is a viral infection that occurs mostly in senior citizens.  It is a flare up of dormant chicken pox virys (Herpes Zoster) that are dormant in the nerves.  They flare up because of lowered resistance.  I think that the hard long rides I had preparing for the Zambales and/or Taytay Palawan ride.

2.  I is unilateral and affect only a set of nerves: say chest nerves or eyes.   What was affected was the right side of my eye.

3.  It is a very painful condition and the ordinary paracetamol analgesic wont work.   I had to take an analgesic that knocks you out to sleep

 4.  Treatment consist of taking anti viral drugs like acyclovir, Vit C and Vit B for nueralgia. The anti virus drugs are expensive (more than 100/table taken 4x a day)

5.  There is vaccines but are  pricey though  It does not mean though that when you have the  vaccine, there could be no reinfection

Let us stay healthy and strong and avoid getting the shingles

Friday, October 21, 2016

Am doubtful starter for the All Saints Day ride to San Felipe this coming #AllSaintsDay holidays

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 21, 2016

With great suddenness, a viral condition afflicted me Sunday which put me in great pain at areas around the eye, rashes and severe pain at the back of the head.  I am in great pain and disabled, I have puffy eyelids and areas around the eye. I am on heavy medication, unable to bike and sustain the stamina that I prepared for so long for the long 200 km ride.

With this, I doubt if I can make it to the San Felipe ride.   Safe ride na lang guys

The doctor said I could have lowered my resistance by over reaching.  How were my rides?   Well 200 km to Majayjay, 120 km Jalajala loop with Recyclists, 120 km Jalajala solo, 120 km Famy.  And all with yabang sprints pa, peloton leading

Well the doctor said, it is what you like and enjoy.  Ingat na lang


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sometimes the only real self improvement we could do for the week is a bike ride; or the only achievement for the week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2016

We always ask and reflect why we ride despite the absence of any real material gain.  Most of the time we lose with our investments and pain during practice or crash.

Well we ride, because sometimes it is t he only real self improvement effort we could do for the week, for our health, and to improve ours skills (the biking skill) and capability.  Biking enables us to practice focus, determination, and dedication to an endeavor.  We could not afford graduate studies, or seminar or a life coach, but a bike ride teaches us to dig deep into our inner self to find out more about our selves.  And we are happier as we make the discovery in every ride.

With all the bad news, with all the negative people we meet every day, and with all the frustration, biking may be the only positive thing we experience during the week.  We are the king of our destination, or our speed, and direction not to be frustrated by any one else (except by the MC, jeepney driver, or tricycle)  But in an open road, there is no boss breathing down our neck, no competitor to block our way, no tsismis to hurt our feelings.  It is only you/us enjoying the bike and the earth.

That is why we spend endless hours preparing for our bike ride:  cleaning and tuning up the bike, choosing the color and the combination of the jersey to wear;  becoming fit for the week end ride by weights, and light rides.  Sometimes, when we go out for the ride, we affirm our identity and appearance.  We appear more guapo with our tight shorts and upper, with our eye wear and helmet.

And that gives us a sense of pleasure and pride.

Our bike ride to #Famy today, October 9, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 9, 2016

In response to text message of Meong, I rode to Sacred Heart Church in  Tayuman this morning.   There I found waiting, Jess V, Richard, Pres Luis and Nolite.  Later Master E came  At about  6:20 since no one was coming any more we rode out to Pisong Kape.  Later Gerry K  and Weng joined us along the way.   I was ahead of the group until Callahan when hell broke loose and they overtook me.  However I did HID and overtook them on the way to Morong.   They regained the lead at Namay and never relinquished the same.  

Only I and Nolite were battling it out at Biak na Bato.   We arrived at Pisong Kape at 7:20 which was a furious pace.  We waited until 8:00 am for VM,
Joel, Master E, and Vec (the market master)

When they arrived, they had the following reasons for not joining:

#VM -   loose pedal
Vec - galing sa sakit (ako galing sa sakit din)
Master E - #bagong bunot
Joel - kulang sa ensayo
Nolite ??

We rode to Bugarin and were there by about 9:00 where we got some water from Manang and then proceeded to Famy.  The rest were way ahead:  Gerry, Jess, Pres Luis, Ed Valdez, Richard. etc.

Those who were at the tail end were:   Peter, Ed (7days) myself and Engr. Ariel  I guess most of them were at Manays Resto by 9:30.  We started eating at 9:45 and were done by 10.  We left by 10:30 and were in Pisong Kape by 11:30.  I and Weng were behind (he accompanied me out of pity)  I did not exert more effort in order to conserve my health and energy.   I even bought rambutan which was only P25.00 per kg.

I was with the troops from Biak na Bato until Tanay where I started seeing them leave me behind.   Cardona by pass junction I turned right, to pass at diversion;  however as I was buying BJ (buko juice) Meong called me and joined the group who took a pit stop and waited for the shower to stop.

However Alan said we would do the diversion and so he Richard and I did the diversion.  However I was not very fit for this ride and was left again.  I caught up with the group at Island gas and URS where I overtook them on a sprint.

It was raining hard and my bike and my jersey were all muddied up.

#GreatRide though

At Sacred Heart Church

                                   Nolite, Jess V and  Meong at Sacred Heart

                                          Richard checking VM and others whereabouts?  Where na u?

                                         Still waiting at Sacred Heart Church

At Pisong Kape, Pililla

                                        Richard and Meong

Monday, October 3, 2016

This province PPO leadership went on a biking spree yesterday round Jalajala

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 3, 2016

Yesterday, we were troubled by Wangwang of a group of bikers who had police escorts and Mahindra Patrol Cars. I thought them to be sponsored by the PPO (the provincial commander loves biking and he likes that station commander bike too:  our town and other neighboring towns station commanders have top of the line bikes)  In one of the towns, where our comrade Gerry met an accident, the investigator told me that the station commander owns an expensive mountain bike.

As we passed at Cardona, we saw the hordes resting;  while the Pisong Kape, they passed by.  They were about 2 dozens.

At Jalajala, at Bagumbong, the sound of Wang2 startled us and the presence of 3 police MC escorts signalling us to stay at the side.  Of course, I we did not I overtook them on many occasions and I recognized the guy in blue and light green shirt who was leading the troops sponsored the Cardona 4x loop  He was very much improved rider.  Now leading by fast pace.   We learned from the other riders that:    1.  It was biking with business;  while biking the PPO inspected the station commander.  2.  Most of those who were riding are police officers;   only 8 are civilians.

They of course could not match the speed of the road bike;  Meong overtook most of them after we left Jalajala.  The civilian bikers rested and stopped just before Pisong Kape;  some of  them rode the patrol vehicles (laspag na)

P.S:  from what we heard, they are stronger because they do #hardinterval training at Hill Top often (from Tikling up to Hill top)

May be it is a great way to develop higher fitness level among cops to:

1.  To arrest criminals especially the drug pushers and addicts
2.  To organize bike patrols (to save on gas and patrol vehicles maintenance as in NYC.

But we rode on.

Jalajala ride by Recylists Super 8 yesterday October 2, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 2, 2016

Many committed to join and showed apparently showing they will join but only 8 persevered to join: Pres Luis Meong, the promoter, Angel, Peter, Gerry K, Ed de los Reyes (7 days) Netoy and Jorgeus Biker.  The others who showed up:  Nolite, Val, Joel, Richard did not join the long ride.

We met at 6:00 at Sacred Heart and left at about 7:20.  We were at Pisong Kape at about 7:20, a pretty fast pace.   I led the group up to km 57 where the group overtook me.  For me km 58 was the end point of the ride.  And then at 8:30 we went up hill up to Bugarin.  I found out I left my water bottle that is I why I have to buy water at Manangs at Bugarin.   Those who were left were me Edgar (he jingled) and Peter.  We looked for the troops (tropa) at agreed rallying point:   near the waiting shed after Bugarin (near Angelito Roans resort) and after the bridge en route to Pakil/Jalajala.  We did not find them

We continued pedalling furiously at about 28 to 32 km pace until we reached the Jalajala cemetery.  There we had lunch and left at 11:30.  We pedalled at 11:30 and chased the PNP bikers.  Meong caught up and overtook them.   Angel and I were left behind and I was left behind however I caught up with them at Morong.   We rested in Morong for quite a while because it was a hot day despite the overcast skies.

We were in Calumpang Binangonan  by 1:45 and rested there until 2:00 pm.  Still a very hot day.; I rested in Binangonan munisipyo.    However there was traffic at Granspan till Tagpos.  I wonder what the cause of traffic was.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great day to bike today, slightly overcast (neither hot nor raining) September 25, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 25, 2016

                Nolite, Alan, Pangskie, Master and Gerry resting at Maybancal Barangay Hall after

My goal today is to ride 90 to 100 km.  It is a great day to ride today.  Despite the announcement that typhoon Helen is making a landfall today (in Batanes) it did not rain this morning (although it rained last night). The skies were dark at the West side but the rain did not fall.  I saw Jess, Meong, Luis, and rest of the guys at Jollibee at about 6:30.   I rode ahead of them to say a little prayer at Sacred Heart.  I saw them pass and leave me.   Then I gave chase but never caught up with  them. Saw them in Morong for the breakfast of lugaw and buchi.  Those who were there were Joel, Master, Meong,  Nolite, Gerry, Pangskie, Alan, Luis, Jess

Along the way to Morong I played with a group of MTB (about 8).  They were fast.  I passed them before Looc, and I left them but they gave chase downhill from  Callahan.  I raced with them again passing them before Morong market, then I overtook them at Namay (later in Tanay as we biked to Pisong Kape, I overtook them again)

They stopped at Pisong Kape to go to Jalajala so that I would reach my mileage.  I reached Jalajala in 30 minutes but stopped along the way to have buko and take coffee at Pisong Kape (where else)  I had conversation with Pablo and somebody, an MTB from Batingan Binangonan.

I passed at Cardona bypass going home

Going back, I passed other bikers going home but I chased somebody in road bike. He was wearing red jersey.  From Binangonan, I chased somebody who was on MTB but had thin tires.  I let him go near Tayuiman elem school.

It was a great day for a ride.  I think I pushed myself to the limit to be stronger.  I am distressed anymore by riding MTB for 100 km distance.  Just spin it

                                           Ginigiba na barangay hall; naiinis na sa bikers?

                                  Pangskie, Master, Gerry and Meong showing his boobs and tatoo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gerry Cataps wrecked wheel set repaired for lower price than the damages he asked from tricycle owner

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                  The wrecked  wheel set

                                                   Ang nakabangga

Gerry C rode with us today, with the repaired wheelset.  It was wrecked about two weeks ago in ride to Majayjay:   a tricycle bumped him from behind in Namay, Morong Rizal. He was thrown several feet away but his RD and rear wheel were wrecked.  I estimated for the investigator that the damage was P30t. Before they departed, Gerry lowered the damage to P5t.  Later on when they settled, Gerry accepted only P4t for the damages.  Sa awa sa Ms. who works in the munisipyo.

Today I learned that he spent only P700 for the repair.  Edward of Muzon did the repair.  I suppose Gerry must return the P3,000 to the tricycle driver if he is truly kind?

Or the rest should compensate him for the pain and anguish he suffered.

Ang gaan ng Bianchi bike mo.!

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

For my bike ride today, I had at least 3 admirers who tried to weigh the Bianchi bike.  One of them was the pan de sal baker at Bo. Kalayaan.  He said it must weigh only 3 kg.  The other admirers were Jess and Jericho.

Truly  I am happy with my Bianchi bike (repainted matte black)  With carbon fiber crank, and XT 11 to 32 cogs, and FSA carbon fiber crank and Campy wheel, it is truly light.

I was able to solve the last two remaining problem:  the bearing of the head set, the allen head screw for the head set, and the flower (which I was able to work better by punching it down through the steerer with a  drift

No return no exchange policy, higher credit card price, non issuance of OR contrary to law

Wheels of Happiness

Image result for no return no exchange philippines

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

Today, I had a spat with now a very big store (that is owned by a relative pamangkin) for not refunding to me the purchase of bearing which did not fit.  It is a small amount but it is contrary to law and contrary to the business relations I had with the store.  I had referred customers blogged about the store, and bought two bikes from the store.   I do not know whether I will continue doing business with them, or even endorsing them to friends.

My biggest concern is about the violation to law, meaning to say this practice is patently illegal.  It is a violation of DTI policy and Law RA 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines, and DAO (Department Administrative Order, No. 2, Series of 1993  -  Title III Chapter 1 Rule 2, Section 7.

Another practice  of bike store and bike shops that we should not tolerate (and they should respect us the consumers) are the following:

1.  Non issuance of OR (a store in Marikina is notorious for this)

2.  Higher price for credit card purchase (from 3 to 7% depending on the mood of the owner/store clerk.  This is disallowed by DTI under DAO No. 10, series of 2006:  From JLP law com - DTI 
prohibits higher price for card purchases

The concern of this post, is someday, and may it not happen,  that these stores be caught by DTI and heavily penalized.   It is not going to be business as usual.

And social media post like this may make more people aware of their rights as consumer and of decency

To quote:

Last month, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Administrative Order No. 10 (series of 2006), which prohibits, among others, the imposition of a surcharge, extra charge or additional charge in the use of credit cards, automated teller machine (ATM) cards and debit cards for payment of purchases of consumer products or services. In other words, stores cannot impose any extra charges on top of the cash price for purchases of goods or services paid via credit card. Violators face a penalty of imprisonment of up to six months. Here’s the full text of Administrative Order No. 10. It takes effect 15 days from publication.

My bike ride today with the Recyclists from Pililla

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                             King Richard

I biked today and it was late setting out at 7:00 am.  I passed by the Sacred Heart Church, prayed and asked for the blessing of the priest.  I brought my Bianchi bike today.  I passed several MTB at Darangan, and Montevideo.  There were no other cyclists until  past km 55.  After that there were two bikers who chased me:   one roadie, the other MTB, and the other one Bubuy who appeared at km 57.  I biked ahead of the MTB in white and green jersey MTB in black and red jersey. And Bubuy up to km 59.  The guy in MTB (friend of Ed Valdez) told me that I was "Ang lakas" for my my age because we were doing 35 kph and up and he could not get past me.

Then I stopped at Pisong Kape and met the other bikers:   Master, Val and Chito.  They said they were there some ten minutes earlier.  I had lugaw and brewed coffee of Chris (great tasting at P30 per cup)  And then others who rode to OL appeared:   Jess V, Edgar (7 days) Angel B (on a MTB) Alan A, and Jericho M, Richard A, Joel J, Nolite  and Gerry C. ( 12 in all, I was the 13th)  Weng B later joined us

Then we rode back until Maybancal.  I was left behind with Val (a couple of seconds) for we too were speeding.  After spending some time at the Maybancal barangay hall, drinking cold water and some conversation, we biked home.

Four of us decided to try the Cardona diversion:  Alan, Richard, Weng and I.  On the way up I was ahead then Richard, Alan, and Weng went ahead of me.  I was able to chase Richard, and Weng past Crystal East entrance, and  Alan past the last summit before going down.   Alan retook the lead as we descended.  He was ahead of me uphill by some 50 meters and he lost me going down from Montevideo.   Chito Jericho and Jess who passed by Cardona were suddenly behind me and Chito and Jericho overtook me and I chased them again.    At Calumpang highway, I sprinted and overtook the two but later retook the lead at Island gas.

It was great Sunday ride with hill climb and plenty of sprints.  Great way to keep fit

                                                 Joel "Talap"  J

                                                     Richard and the rest of the Recylists

                                                 Angel, Val and  Ed (7 days)

                Richard shows off his teats and boobs, ignoring morality and decency (he6)

                                      As a result, the Maybancal barangay building collapses (ha6)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How the 6 drops of oil saved me P6,000 (buying a new STI)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 13, 2016

I am very much bothered by my malfunctioning 6700 Ultegra STI.  It was a very new 2nd hand when I bought it 5 years ago from my brother (it came with an FSA carbon crank)  brakes, FD and RD.

The main problem is with left STI (for the FD)  It would shift to the large chain ring.  But shifting down the small chain ring is a sometimes affair. Kailangang timingan.

What were done:

1.  I tried to overhaul it (I opened the guts but found nothing wrong)

2. Ibinababad sa WD 40 at gas.  But nothing much improved.

3.  Looked at the groups selling STI.  I was tempted to buy even 105 STI

But yesterday, I put 3 drops of oil to each of the STI, and lo and behold they worked perfectly again.

Just 6 drops of oil

Monday, September 12, 2016

Keeping the bike always in tip top condition

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

Today I went to Villamayor Bike Parts to have the Bianchi road bike put in tip top condition.  There were two tasks to be done:

1,  Add length to the chain.  It would not shift to 53 x 32 because the chain was stretched to the limit.  There was an extra length that I cut.  I wanted the mechanic (Betoi) to do this for me to lessen the likelihood that there would be cut chain in the rides.

2.  Adjust the bike wheel, or derailleur so that it would shift to 39 x32.  The shift was no longer possible after I had the rear wheel re aligned for slight wobble and up and down play.  The alignment of the wheel was correct but of the cogs not ok.

#1 was easily and effortlessly done by Bitoi. But the #2 job took a while about almost an hour.  He reversed the axle, and realigned the wheel next. After reversing the axle, the wheel stayed close to the right side.  So he realigned the wheel by increasing the tension to the left side so that it would stay away from the right side to the left side.  That meant he would release the tension on the spokes at the right side (now I am learning about truing)   The increasing and release of tension was about one turn only.

It was job well done. I can fully use all the cogs and there would be unnecessary tight tension on the chain

I spent an extra P100.00 wasted on earlier alignment and truing.  The mechanic was not well experienced  yet and could not think of the solutions to the problem he created.  Always go for the best, albeit the most expensive mechanics.  You save more money that way

Riding the Bianchi road bike again after two months of MTB rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 11, 2016

We commemorate two events today:   99th birthday of late Ferdinand Marcos and the crashing of 4 passenger jetliners piloted by suicide pilots at NYC Trade Center, Pentagon and  Pennsylvania where 3,000 Americans perished.

Yesterday I rode solo to Pililla on my Bianchi roadie After saying little prayer at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman (which we usually do for to praise, thank the Lord and guide us in our biking so that we arrive home safely) I tried to chase some MTB which I did so successfully.  There was one in blue jersey who also chased me again.  The last time he did that was at Island Gas and then never saw him again.   Then I chased somebody at Callahan, but I never got past him when he overtook a long truck going down from Callahan.  I was able to pass him and another MTB who was in pink and black jersey.   He passed me at Morong market, but I retook the lead at Namay.   I was solo again up to km 55 where a large thighed rider on a roadie with back pack passed me.  I chased him and road by him side by side until km 58 which I planned as the limit of my ride.

On the way back after seeing that there was no food in Tanay Gardens, I gave chase to two riders one tall and one short and caught up with them on the way up the hill at the Baras Tanay boundary and overtook them.  They caught up with me again and chased them until past the PNP station and towed them until Maybancal where I peeled off to look for lugaw.

In Angono, I saw the group of MTB riders (group of Armin).  They said they toured from Antipolo Teresa., Morong, Cardona, Binangonan and home. They recognized me on my roadie and said hello

The heat was overbearing yesterday

Wawa in Angono is now becoming a bikers destination

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

I noticed that many MTB riders are now going to Wawa for stop over, stand by and food.  About 3 dozen or so bikers from Binangonan and Cainta were in Wawa this morning.

This is good for Angono especially for the food vendors at Wawa.  It means more income and livelihood. I asked why bikers drop by here.  They said this is part of the package when going to Petroglyphs.  Some bikers say Wawa is a great destination too.

Planned Ride to Real and San Felipe Zambales for the long weekedn aborted

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 12, 2016

Since it is a legal holiday today, a feast for the Muslims (sacrifice - when Abraham agreed to sacrifice his eldest son to God) Meong suggested that we have two days ride (overnight) either to Real or San Felipe. When I verified with Jeff, he said it is going to be the weekend before All Saints day (as was last year)  Besides, we just had the long ride to Majayjay

So last Saturday, I thought there would be a long ride.  Meong texted me that he was at Jollibee at 6:00.  I went there and other Recyclists appeared:   Jeff and  Pres. Luis.  They said they would text me later if we were going to have a ride after all.

Later they texted me that there would be no ride.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Missing my Road Bike - lighter and faster than MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 4, 2016

I had long lasting fatigue until Friday ever since I did a long ride to Majayjay on a MTB.  May be because of the weight of the bike (although it is a carbon fiber) the wind resistance or the road friction, I had to exert more effort and energy.

Yesterday I rode up Eastridge using my Ti MTB.  Now I no longer fear nor hesitate climbing up Eastridge.  Kayang kaya ng MTB.

But for today;s weekend ride, Sunday, I brought out the Binachi road bike.   The difference in the ease of riding was very much felt.  I had not ridden a road bike for about a month.  The tires of the Fuji carbon fiber were flat.

I passed about 3 dozens MTB and they were riding 29 ers and were not slow.  But in the end I was ahead of everybody on the way to Morong.   On the way back, I passed at diversion (kaya din ng road bike) and the MTB whom I passed (from Taguig - Ridley club) were still there. That is what you call the road bike advantage

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Questions about your motivation after a hard ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 31, 2016

My thigh still ache two days after the ride to Majayjay.  (220+  km in all out and back) and it was a two day ride with overnight stay at Majayjay.  Before we had day ride, which was was done in speed. I ask myself why did this happen to me?

Am I finished as a long distance endurance rider?

Am I getting old for this?

Was I wrong in choosing to have  this long ride?  Why did other younger riders not join this ride?

Or was it because I lacked long distance run, or that I used a heavier less aerodynamic bike (a mountain bike?)  Should have I brought the Fuji carbon or the Bianchi road bike instead.

Maybe when the pain is gone, I would no longer doubt my motivation.  It is still good, and I get good dividends from biking

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Natuloy ride to Majayjay August 28 to 29 2016; 4 Recyclists completed the ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 30, 2016

National Heroes day everyone.   (We celebrated this yesterday)

Yesterday, 4 of us, Jeff, Angel Gerry (he met an accident though in Morong - he was bumped at high speed in Namay Morong and his beloved bike was crushed, - the rear wheel and the RD were bent) the planned long weekend ride to Majayjay.   Armin and the MTB biked since Saturday to Atimonan and we met them Saturday at 10:30 Sunday in Paete.

It was raining at 5:00 still, but I still went to the appointed place and time at Jollibee and only Jeff, who is from Majayay, the host was there at 6:00  Then Vhen came and off we went.  We were joined by Alan in Pag asa and later by Gerry in Tayuman.  That was about 6:30

We arrived at 7:40 in Pililla, the first pit stop and at 8:00 + we rode up to Bugarin.  Angel was there at Manang;s food store/resto. It was about 8:40   Alan and Vhen begged. off.   And we rode down Bugarin to Famy.  No further stop was made.  We were in Pagsanjan by about 10:40  It was kind of slow ride but Jeff said relax we have the whole day to ride.

We were in Cavinti by 12:00 and in Luisina by 1:00 pm We arrived in Lucban by 2:00' we went ,marketing and were in Majayjay by 3:00 pm at Bo Bitaoy.  At 4:30 we went to Taytay falls for sightseeing (for me to experience the place.  We were done seeing the place by 6:30 and were back at 6:30.  Each of us had to spend P60.00 to see the place - P40.00 for the tricycle ride and P20.00 for the entrance fee.  It was worth the trouble.  We ate dinner at 7:00.  From there on till 9:00 we shared Empi light and slept soundly till 4:00 am  yesterday.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Riding up Gate 2 of San Carlos on a MTB with relative ease

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 27, 2016

Biking up San Carlos even from Gate 1, Tolentino.   You have to be in your lowest gear.  Most of those who I see riding up use their granny gears : 24 x 32 to 36.   (I try to ride 32 x 28 or 32)  As a matter of fact single motor bike offer a towing service who are less inclined to suffer.

It is even more so riding up from Gate 2. From Ynares st, it is a hard steep ride.  Not many attempt riding up this path.  I have seen only 2:   MTB from Taytay and Smith.   They all use granny gear.

First time I rode this path, I had to stop and walk.  I had difficulty in breathing and pedalling.   I am able to ride this up with relative ease.  This morning in our PE I rode this route again.   Less hard breathing compared before.  Mabuhay

Tuloy ba ride sa Majayjay tomorrow?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 27, 2016

There is supposed to be a ride by MTB led by Armin Zapanta to Atimonan.  I did not join the ride because of the heavy rains till early morning today. The weather forecaster predicted rain for the next two days.

Now the Recyclists have a planned rain too to Majayjay tomorrow. and it will be for two days.  Ride to Majayjay day 1 and then bathe at Taytay falls.  We ride back on the second day (Monday - a holiday).  What bike shall I bring:  roadie or MTB.  It will be a reunion with Recyclists because I have not rode with them for a long long time.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hard training yesterday and today using the SAVA titanium MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 21, 2016

Today, I am supposed to join the group of Armin Zapanta ride to Tagaytay,  But he called it off because of the rains.  They will to to San Mateo instead.  But I did not join.

Yesterday, I rode up to SCH via gate 2. That is a hard and steep climb.  I shifted to 24 of the chain ring x 28.  I accomplished the ride without much difficulty.

Today I rode to Morong.  These were the hard stuff  I did today.

1.  I rode with Sec Noe and did some intervals while biking with him.  I waited for him at the summit near Montevideo, and then Callahan. He said he could not keep up.

2.  Gerry Y passed me at boundary of Morong and Cardona and I chased and passed him before reaching the municipal hall of Morong.

3.  I rode up diversion with 42 x 32 gear. (I rode the SAVA titanium)  I thought that I had the 32 2nd chainring

4.  Two fixie young riders passed me at Calumpang but I was able to chase and pass them near URS.  So I was perspiring profusely after this mini race.

I guess these stuff make me a fitter and stronger rider.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Riding short distances can also make you stronger and faster

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 7, 2016

Before I used to think that only long slow endurance ride can make you fitter. So on week ends, it has to be only Jala jala, Famy, Sampaloc or Bugarin ride.  Not so. I read that some short rides can make you fitter and stronger:

1.  Interval training  .  Say hard anaerobic efforts near 90% of your max heart rate:   say 5x of 20 to 30 seconds each which can be:

     1. Sprinting up the last part of hill climb (that you are nearly out of breath)

     2. Hard effort sprint

2.  The interval can be made to have shorter rest periods

3.  Or changing pacing of rides.    You can chase some fellow riders and overtake them

So for instance my ride today consisted of:

1.  Chasing keeping pace with a roadie (I had a MTB with me) from Bilibiran to  Mambog

2.  Not letting an MTB a 29er pass me at Callahan Cardona and led him downhill to Cardona.  I time trialled the two km up to Morong mun building doing something like 30 to 40 kph

3.  Climbing  the Diversion of Cardona and accelerating the final 500 meters. I did the climb using 32 x 32

4. Sprinting at Calumpang very hard effort from one end to another.

I was sweating profusely after doing the run.  And the test of whether I did it hard was when I had 3 hours nap after lunch

I am happy with my ride today

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fixing the newly bought MTB of Vhen Apran

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 27, 2016

Vhen just bought a Merida MTB with SRAM FD and RD. However he said, when he biked last Sunday he was troubled with its shifting. He had trouble with the shift at FD (would not shift up and at the back.  It would not go down to #11 cog) He showed me his bike and found out that both shift cables, for the front and back had slack and the low limit needed some loosening.  The drop out was slightly bent and needed straightening.

So we went to his house, tightened the cable and everything worked fine again.

Simple solution to what sometimes can baffle us.

Monday, July 25, 2016

We rode to Jarrel's Peak yesterday, it was a great and challenging ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 25, 2016

               The 7 Jarrel's peak conquerors from Angono

                The ride distance as per Earl's cyclocomputer

We (7 in all:  Armin, June B, Earl, Bryan, Lenard, Louie and Jorgeus Biker) rode to Jarrel's peak in Infanta Quezon via Marcos Highway yesterday, 5 am to 5 pm.  It was distance of 72 km (144 km out and back in the cateye of Earl)  It is a ride with no  bonus both ways.  One thinks that like Tagaytay, there is a bonus -  hard going up and downhill on the trip back home.  Jarrell is unforgiving:   tough going up and tough going back.  At one stretch from Saksak (which I tried earlier) it is 15 km going uphill to Sampaloc.

No wonder what they say about Jarrell's peak:

1.  Taytay MTB riders say that of their elite riders only 3 have made it so far to Jarrell

2.  It was good I did not join the Audax ride.  They say that many wasted their entry fee of  xxx amount because 50% did not finish.  The first trip down Sampaloc was 1 hour overdue because of the difficulties.

                               Rest at JenJen's bukohan

        Posing time at Marquez bulalohan, about to depart

The ride out was supposed to start at 5 am.  I arrived at 7 11 at 5:05 and nobody was still there so thinking that I was left out, I rode even though it was dark (I did not know that they still waited for me until  5:20. According to Joe, the first one to arrive was Brian at 5:10)  And though it was dark and my bike light was not functioning well I rode on.  I was in Cardona by 5:30 and in Morong by 6:00.  I thought I would have lugaw at Simples but they were not open yet.  I had my breakfast at Lugawan sa Halaman in Tanay where I stayed there until 6:30.  And then to Sampaloc

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bike ride with Vhen Apran this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016.

Happy birthday Ms. Apran.

Today I and Vhen, as was agreed yesterday at Wawa, we biked to Antipolo.  Three others were supposed to join:   Reymond, Gelo and the third one.  At agreed time of 6:30, the three were not there and then we decided to go.

Vhen led most of the way until Mercury Taytay.  In  the uphill, I spun and overtook him.  Up to Tower Hills and then to Marian Hills Seminary up to Beverly.   I waited for him before Beverly took his picture and then chased him and waited for him until PNB.  Took his picture.  Chased him again and then overtook him just before the Antipolo City Cathedral premises.  We heard mass for  a while and then descended.

There was all ready traffic up to Tikling from Marian Hills seminary.   And we counterflowed.  Left him again from the Manila East and downhill. to SM.  I was probably doing 50 kph going downhill.  And then waited for him at Shell Taytay before Villa.

It was a great ride.  Plenty of hard efforts and sprint.  He said his perspiration smelled of the drugs he was taking.

Proposed MTB bike ride to Jarrel's peak this Sunday? Come on let us join?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016

Armin Zapanta, an ART member, (Angono Recyclist Trekker) invited me to join his group ride to Jarrel's Peak in Real Quezon along Marcos Highway.  I have been there with a neighbor, on a vehicle, while he was still strong (he is now fighting for his life vs Stage 3 cancer)

Sabi ni Armin, suave lang walang iwanan.  Look who is talking.  In our Tagaytay ride, he left us.

I said I will try.  Let us join them and try.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hey hey the gang was here at Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 17, 2016

It was a great day to bike today.   Many ART were at Simples Lugawan this morning:    Ed de los Reyes, Meong, Master, Pres Luis, Angel Balubar, Pres Luis, Jess Verchez myself, Gerry Cataps, Vic. Tsalap Joel.

On the way, I did tempo and even race like ride with Meong. (Before going up Mambog, Buboy was pulled from behind.  At Callahan, Meong raced up but slowed down at the ice plant.  I stood at the Queen Mary and chased him and overtook him at the crest.  He was ahead downhill but I raced ahead of him at munisipyo.  At Namay, he and Ed de los Reyes coming from nowhere raced up and gave up before the crest.

We ate lugaw at Simples.  Gerry Y arrived when we were about to leave for Pisong Kape. It was a great day for bikers. About 3 dozen bikers ate lugaw at Simples today.

Then we went to Pisong Kape.  I chased the lead group consisting of Gerry, Meong.  Then Angel went up ahead and followed him  He left me when he got ahead of a Reymond bus and the rest overtook me at the Baras hill.  They left me and could not get in touch with them.  I turned back at Pililla municipal building. And went home.

I saw Secx at Simples who just arrived. I decided to depart.  It was hot day today for a ride.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interval training today using a Road Bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 14, 2016

I biked today to Morong using a road bike, the Bianchi up to Morong.  I did at least 8 interval.  Sprints of at least 15 to 20 seconds, some of them going uphill.

I did not stop at Morong (until Emmas Resto only) and continued going home.  I passed at Cardona diversion.  I used initially 39 x 28 but since I was recovering from Tagaytay City long ride, I used 39 x 32.  It was great  It was easy hill climb.  I was happy with today's practice ride.  Going faster and stronger.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I joined Angono MTB riders to Tagaytay yesterday; they are very strong riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 11, 2016

          Group picture at Bicutan near the Camp Bagong Diwa

I joined the Angono MTB riders upon invitation of Armin Zapanta.  I did not get their names but most of them were 29ers.  We were ten in the group and we assembled in front of Jollibee Angono. We left at almost 6 am although it was announced that we would depart by 530.

The pacing was quite strong reaching Alabang by 7:30 am.  I tried to pace at floodway and at C6 (which was quite rutted) but then Armin and Jun Balbin sprinted at about 2/3 of C6 and so with others and tried to catch up until the pit stop at near Camp Bagong Diwa.

The same was true at the service road. I had to do a lot of catching up until we reached at Alabang.  But I managed to join the paceline at Daang Hari and stayed with the leaders until we waited for others at Bacoor intersection.

We had breakfast at  Silog resto in Bacoor. It took sometime for the food to be served.  We spent some thirty minutes there which delayed us a bit.

And then at Paliparan up to GMA.   Armin and Jun led and I think I was the third or fourth until the deignated pit stop.  Then to Greenwoods.

I considereably weakened at this portion and was at the middle of the pack.   And then to Silang
and finally the last 10 km to Tagaytay..  I was left behind before the Robinson intersection and had to catch up.  Some  3 kim to Tagaytay, is passed 3 riders and about 1 km I passed 4 more others but a bus tried to push me off at the side of the road.  I have to stop and relax and there 3 others passed me. again.   But I was happy with that.

Then we had lunch at Papa prito resto near rotoanda after the others arrived.  The Papa prito had a nice ambiance and decor. We ate at the 2nd floor with garden like ambiance.  But the service was spotty.  The food was pricey, although there was unli rice. The free soup did not arrive soon enough and the portions were quite small.

We rested until 2 pm and prepared to ride home.  But two had a flat and we were delayed by some 20 minutes.

At Aguinaldo highway, every body was zooming with speeds ranging from 40 to 47 kph.  I tried to chase everybody and tried to be ahead some 3 km before Silang. The ride going down took only 20 minutes.  The ride up took one hour.

And then to Greenwoods and Paliparan.  At Paliparan from GMA to Dasma, I led the front, but at Dasma at the traffic, I was left behind until Daang Hari.  I was in the middle until the Vista Center and then dropped. I chased the front runner and managed to overtake 3 until Alabang where Armin broke his chain (he had problem with his RD an XT early on at Bicutan with clutch and had to be reconnected with missing link)

Again led the end from Alabang to Service road until Sucat.  But managed to stay in the middle up to Bicutan up to C6.  At C6 though when we rode at the promenade I had one seizure of cramp and had to really slow down, spinning at 44 x 28.  Then another cramp before the Napindan bridge.  I had to be very careful.

It is nice to know the the group waited for me at the corner of Highway 2000 and C6.  And I told them the cause of the delay. Blame it on the length of the ride and it was the first time I had a long ride with an MTB.  And Armin noticed that my seat was low.  Could it it be the seat clamp is loose. I kept getting low.

And then up to floodway. I had to ride it slowly.  We were at Holy Gardens by 6 pm.  And I thanked them for waiting for me.

Great ride although my butt is sore and my left calf and back of the knee is still having spasm.

                           Assembly at Jollibee Angono

                            Installing a new bottle cage

           The shadow XT RD of Armin was malfunctioning

                              Group pic at waiting shed in Bicutan

                            Brief stop at Alabang

                         Inspecting the RD of Armin

                          Breakfast at Tapsihan

             Waiting for the rest at corner of GMA Paliparan

                    Near Tagaytay rotunda only 500 m away

At Tagaytay rotunda

We had lunch here at Papa Prito

                         Nice Decor but not great food

                          Ready to depart but two had flat tires

                         Rally point in Silang

                             Assembly at Daang Hari

        Stopping at Alabang; someone had chain trouble

                              Final stop at C6