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No return no exchange policy, higher credit card price, non issuance of OR contrary to law

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Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

Today, I had a spat with now a very big store (that is owned by a relative pamangkin) for not refunding to me the purchase of bearing which did not fit.  It is a small amount but it is contrary to law and contrary to the business relations I had with the store.  I had referred customers blogged about the store, and bought two bikes from the store.   I do not know whether I will continue doing business with them, or even endorsing them to friends.

My biggest concern is about the violation to law, meaning to say this practice is patently illegal.  It is a violation of DTI policy and Law RA 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines, and DAO (Department Administrative Order, No. 2, Series of 1993  -  Title III Chapter 1 Rule 2, Section 7.

Another practice  of bike store and bike shops that we should not tolerate (and they should respect us the consumers) are the following:

1.  Non issuance of OR (a store in Marikina is notorious for this)

2.  Higher price for credit card purchase (from 3 to 7% depending on the mood of the owner/store clerk.  This is disallowed by DTI under DAO No. 10, series of 2006:  From JLP law com - DTI 
prohibits higher price for card purchases

The concern of this post, is someday, and may it not happen,  that these stores be caught by DTI and heavily penalized.   It is not going to be business as usual.

And social media post like this may make more people aware of their rights as consumer and of decency

To quote:

Last month, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Administrative Order No. 10 (series of 2006), which prohibits, among others, the imposition of a surcharge, extra charge or additional charge in the use of credit cards, automated teller machine (ATM) cards and debit cards for payment of purchases of consumer products or services. In other words, stores cannot impose any extra charges on top of the cash price for purchases of goods or services paid via credit card. Violators face a penalty of imprisonment of up to six months. Here’s the full text of Administrative Order No. 10. It takes effect 15 days from publication.

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