Friday, January 31, 2014

Triathlon Held in Iloilo City last January 25, 2014 in Oton and Iloilo City

Wheels of Happiness

January 31, 2014.


Keng Huei Fat Choi.  Happy New Year of the Horse.

Triathlon in Iloilo last January 25, 2014

From Aktib - Iloilo Triathlon

Today is holiday, but business and teaching assignment tells me I should make the trip to Iloilo.  As we were travelling to Iloilo city from the Sta Barbara International Hotel, I noted that there was a triathlon held here at Iloilo city, and had 3 events:  l.5 km swim at Anhawan beach resort (owned by Mr Lim of Toyota Fame), 40 km bike run from Oton to San Miguel and back and 10 km run to Iloilo city from Oton.

It was the first triathlon event held in Western Visayas.  Petron sponsored the event. The triathlon is part of the Dinagyang festival in Iloilo

It did not seem to have much publicity nor mention.  There was no mention as to who won?

Triathlon results in Ilollo last January 25, 2014

Photo: What a successful event this morning.  The 2014 Inaugural Petron Blaze Triathlon was indeed a blast for all Ilonggos! 1.5km Open Ocean Swim, a Hilly 47km Bike and a 10km Run in passing thru the city's night spots.  The icing on the cake was the buffet at the finishline!!!...Thanks so Much Petron Philippines!!!  Check more pictures from the files of Karen Go.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Warning to those who like to visit condo invitation of young things at FB or texts

Wheels of Happiness

To those who like tsalaps;  filter and investigate what your going into.  It could be ruse or trap, a mata hari or black widow blackmail.  

A celeb fount it the hard way.  There maybe plenty of similar rackets/traps.  The hitch trap before.  The lady teases you while in your car, entice you to do this and that and then cries rape... And you are in for a big trouble.

As usual, beware of strangers.  In the FB, and SMS game, this racket is too familiar.  Beware.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A convenient (but expensive ) safe way to take pictures - helmet mounted camera

Wheels of Happiness

                        That is the very expensive helmet mounted camera to the right of his helmet

Rizal Philippines |  January 26 2014

This is the second time we saw somebody with a helmet mounted camera.  This time this is Boyeth from the Taytay cyclists.  A lot followed him but unfortunately, the battery was dead.  Hahaha.  Always charge your batteries.

That is the problem with these cameras:  they are very expensive  (say $500.00)  P20t plus and drains battery fast.

The last time it was Rolf, an ROV pilot at Singapore who is from Paranaque. I never saw him again?  He was with Edgar.

                                   If I can copy the mount?!

Will you tatoo yourself like Gerry?

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines   | January 26 2014

Gerry Cataps showed us his tattoo on his leg.  He says it can be erased in 7 days with a  skin planer. Gerry is carrying personal branding to extreme.

Would you tattoo your brand on your leg, arm, or.....

Nice to see you again Sec Noe

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines   |  January 26 2014

                                      Secx Noe also so happy to see us!

It is so nice to see Sec Noe at Morong.  I am glad that people are rejoining us and enjoy with us the medicine for long life and good health.  Well Secx Noe rides my old Fuji bike.  So his bike reminds me of a nice bike of yore.

I hope he stays with us every week end.

Our ride next week will be at Lucban.  That will on Feb 2 2014.  I will be in Iloilo because of a teaching assignment.  So sorry to miss this ride.

                                          Joel and Secx on a secret talk

                                                     Noe is patriotic

                                    Noy ping2 ang dating

UCI World Cycling Championship colors and new helmets with the colors

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal   |  Philippines   |  January 26, 2014

                  My helmet at the bottom;  VMs expensive helmet on top with WCC colors


I tried to redecorate my old helmets with stickers.  What I did not know was that the trendy helmet colors came from the World Cycling Championship.  VM showed me his Specialized helmet. And it bore teh correct colors:


In that order.   So I have to change my stickers to look trendy.


                                        VMs new helmet (P10t daw)


                                  Can you afford this;  but we can copy the stickers right?

Your helmet has an expiration; you have to regularly replace/upgrade it?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  |  January 26, 2014

                                    Humiwalay ang outer skin/shell

Look at what happened to Jeff's helmet  - the outer skin separated from the main styropor body.  Was it because of the cold and heat last Sunday ride at Tagaytay?

Whatever it is, Jeff's helmet is begging for replacement.

We follow the suggestion to replace helmets every two years, or everytime it bangs in a crash.

Be safe;  wear your helmet always.  We heard there was a crash near the Vemar resort and the cyclist does not have a helmet.  It was his second crash, and each time he did not have a helmet.  According to Peter Francisco of Taytay.

                                  The other half of Jeff's helmet

Happy Birthday Joel! Engr. June ! (Where are you?)

Wheels of Happiness

Morong, Rizal  Philippines  January 26, 2014


Many many tsalap birthdays to come.

Joel feted the Recyclists to free breakfast at Simple's lugawan in Maybangcal Morong. He must have treated about 10+:  Gerry, Edgar, Jess, VM,  Albert, Jorgeusbiker, Secx,  Chito, Jeffrey, Ven, Master, Choco2, Gerry Y  (13) It was his birthday yesterday, January 25, 2014

How old is Joel. He say he is 29.  I am sure he is lying (He looks much younger than that, maybe he is 20 years old. only hahaha)  (In reality he is a golden boy + 1)

Engr. June is supposed to be celebrating his birthday this month too.  But he is nowhere since June 2013 celeb in Los Banos


From Recyclists and other fans....admirers.

                                   Joel was the first to arrive at Simples lugawan

                                    Pres Luis and I wore orange jerseys

                                   Gerry Y, Jeff and VM

                                   Chito, Pres Luis, Jess, Albert, Master, Gerry and Edgar

                                         Gerry Y choosing what goes in his Lugaw

                                Joel and Secx

                                 Boyeth of Taytay had a camera on his helmet but battery is dead

                                 Pres Luis Jeff and  Albert
                                  VM  and Gerry

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tagaytay ride took heavy toll on the Recyclist riders

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  |  Philippines   |  January 21, 2014

                          Ven seated at the extreme right, resting while waitng for Ado to repair his flat

I came across Ven early morning at Wawa and he told me he ached all over. It was the same experience.  I slept the whole afternoon and evening last Sunday nursing fatigued body, painful thighs and legs.  Gerry told me his thighs swelled yesterday.  For riding too hard.

I guess everybody went too fast and did not want to be left behind.  If you are left behind, and because of the strong headwind, you suffered as I did on the way home.  I struggled alone at Daang Hari (from Gen Emilio Aguinaldo side up to Bacoor and at C6.

Ven told me that I was one of those who initiated the hard ride:  at C6, at the service road, and going home at Amadeo.  As we are of the same age, he and Vic had to catch up and did not want to be left behind by another senior

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                                    Ven back to the camera, Armin over there

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rendezvous again with Jethro Garcia

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines |  January 20, 2014

                          Jethro with his Cannondale bike;  talking with VM in Amadeo gasoline station

Jethro Garcia, our host for the Lemery, and Kaybiang ride again met us for this Tagaytay ride. He joined us in Amadeo.  He joined VM Jun Vic for most of the time.  We stayed with him in Tagaytay for sometime, and then we parted ways along C de los Santos ave, going to Silang.

Thanks Mr. Jethro.

Tour de Calabarzon

Jethro is planning a Tour de Calabarzon

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                               Eating at Tagaytay city;  Alan elbowing it out with Caloocan riders

                                  Food for the motor and bike riders - cheap

                                   Our new riders

                                The sign belies the cold wind blowing

Other activities as an educator

Pit stops on the way home yesterday

Wheels of Happiness

                                    Arrival at Tagaytay

Rizal Philippines  |January 20, 2014

We were at Tagaytay by 10:45 had lunch there and  descended via Amadeo by 11:45.  Nevetheless, we were home by a little over 4:00 pm.  The question was could we have come back earlier?

Did we have too many pit stops?

As far as I know there were only 3 stops we made:

1.  Jingle stop at Gen Trias near Lyceum and to treat the wounds of Edgar  (12:30)
                                        Jingle stop at Gen Trias  Read about Jorgeus biker as a professor



                                    The wind was blowing strong

2.  Petron food stop (ah this took long.   Maybe l:30 to 2:19)

                                    Eat and rest stop at Petron: Jess, Chito, Choco2, Joel and Armin

                                       Angel, Luis and Alan

                          Master and I were late comers because we assisted Ado with his flat

                                 We left Petron by 2: 19

3.  At Bicutan (about 3 pm)

                                     At Bicutan at 3:11

In general, the pace was fast and furious.   Some argued that we need to rest because of the distance and difference in fitness.

                              Waiting for me at Highway 2000 at 3:56;  maybe they arrived 3:45?

                                       In Angono by 4:20

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