Monday, December 31, 2012

Repaired bike today, before new year

Biking and health

I was not up to biking today, although it is a holiday.  I must have taxed myself yesterday when I did a 2x climb to Antipolo.  I drove right after the ride to Calamba to attend the funeral of the mother of one of our staff.

Today, I fixed the bikes:

l. Inflated the front interior of the trainer.  Has been flat for the last 2 weeks;

2.  Cleaned the carbon fiber Fuji bike.  Has not used it for maybe 4 months.  I inflated the tires too;

3.  Replaced the outer cable housing  of the front brake of the SARS bike.It is short and braking makes for the braking action.  Replaced the cable too.    Oiled the cable.

4.  Cleaned the bikes.

5.  Rearranged the parts storage.  I realized that I have accumulated 3 chain rings and cranks, two sets of brakes (including a  an old center pull durace, 2 seats and assorted parts.

Unserviceable interior:   about 10

Dr. Breslow Lived to 97 Using 7 Health Habits, Find His Secrets

They are ordinary advice:  sleep early, do not smoke etc.  Sensible advice

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Jorge U. Saguinsin

"Be the best, do your best, expect the best"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 1 Exercise you must stop:

It is over exercise;   hour long spincycling scavange your body of anti oxidants.  Better do high intensity exercise for short period.  Always have days for recovery. 

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Jorge U. Saguinsin

"Be the best, do your best, expect the best"

I rode up Antipolo 2x today

Biking and health

I started late today about 6:45;  it was dark still at 6:15 to 6:30.

I rode up to Antipolo;  at Muzon I came across Master who was not in his useful uniform because he said his bike needs tuning (out of true  - 8).  And I rode alone to Antipolo.  I used 39 x 25 and at Beverly Hills 39 x 27.  I arrived at Antipolo church probably 7:45.  I met  Jose of Cainta going down for the Cainta race. He said VM was there.

True enough I met VM.  They were supposed to ride up Baguio with Luis on the 28th but they cancelled at the last minute.

After the mass, it was sort of bitin.  I rode down up to Tikling and did another climb.  I was up before 9:00.  I was at home by 9:30.  I had to go to Calamba by 11 am to condole with family of one of our staff in Calamba.  His mother died last Thursday (of complications from diabetes, I heard today).  Again it was easy ride, because I used low gear 39 x 25 or 27 at times.   Great ride

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My visit to Baguio yesterday; Baguio no longer a nice city?

Biking and health

There was supposed to be a ride by VM and Luis yesterday at Kennon road December 28 as tune up to January.  However, at the last minute, they cancelled.

According to the people I talked to, the most difficult ride route is the Kennon road ride;   Naguilan is easy;  there are no steep climbs.

I found out too that Baguio has become dirty.  (Enforcement of anti littering ordinance is not strict).  And there are no new attractions.  (Through infrastructure development Are there enough new developments in Baguio.  Or is it behind?

                                       City of flowers

                                Landscape/vs hardscape

                               City of trash

                                   More trash

                                       Nice sculpture;   lot of trash around

                                More trash

                                  More garbage left the part (by tourists?)

                               Did the flyover destroy the skyline of Baguio city?

                                      Burnham park boats


                                     Cordillera fighters monument

                                   Boat ride at Burnham

                                    Aerobics at Burnham park

                                Road slopes at Naguilan are less steep than Kennon

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More suggestions on weight reduction and flab loss

Biking and health

One of our aims in cycling is having fit and slim physique.  I have noticed though that 1/2 of the cyclists in our group have large belly.  Large belly means there is fat in:   lungs, heart and liver.  And it does not  help at all in physical fitness and health.  These fats can lead to:  heart disease, and fatty liver.  We can have healthy looking bellies and even 6 pack abs by:

l. Planking exercises -  you assume push up position for 16 counts  say 6 reps.   You try having  that position with one arm.  Then raise one leg (can you try both legs)  Then raise one leg and diagonally the other arm.  Alternately. Planking exercises

2.  Ghrerlin leptin -  You can control the leptin by:   eating 3 hours before meal;   limiting each meal to 500 calories (normal meal maybe l,000 to l,500 calories);   graze dont feast. Eat more foods in natural form.  Avoid diet rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Take leptin preparations  Leptin and ghrelin role in weight loss

3.  Use of metformin and corosolic acid (from banaba) for weight loss.  Taking metformin or corosolic acid  reduces insulin which causes ghrelin level to go up.  Ghrelin we know cause fat metabolism and loss of appetite. Dr Mirkin on use of gluchophage for weight loss (and PCOS).   
You do not have to buy expensive xenecal.  Our family physician prescribed this to my overweight daughter;  I even heard this from a CEO of a big hospital.

Why dont you try, reduce weight and be healthier

Consult the google maps first so you will not get lost

Biking and health

I understand some guys got lost going to Atimonan about a month ago.  They made the right turn to Bondoc peninsula.  One can get lost easily.  The van and several other riders who have gone before to the same place got lost.

It is best to consult have google map with you.  When we went to Calauag last year, I had a google map printed.  It makes a good sense.

Here is an Atimonan google map (if you are in Gmail, you can just click maps at top bar)

View Larger Map

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Really we should really really be careful when we ride....

Biking and health

I asked again Master about Gerry Santos -  his office mate in Taytay LGU who rides a Trek bike and whom we learned met an accident about 2 months ago.

Yes he still cant go to work;  he is using his sick vacation leave.  His bike is a total wreck.  The Mavic Kysirium is gone;  his leg is cast broken in three places.  He has filed criminal and civil cases against the motorcyclists (he cant pay anything because his MC is on installment -  what there is no insurance? and they drive deadly missiles?)  The jeepney driver also cant pay.

 He stopped at the intersection as a precaution,  but he was bumped anyway and ran over by the jeepneye  At the moment of impact, he said his shoulder was gone from the usual place.  His biking shoes prevented his feet from being crushed.  The stiff construction of biking shoes saved him.

We are careful but the other riders and drivers are not!!!!!!

The accident happenned near the triple A intersection in Angono. Site of many accidents  Ingat po always.

Let us ride safe always.

Let beware of the road condition always.

Let us not ride when we just came from a drinking session or is sleepy.

Beweare of MC riders, jeepney and tricycle drivers -  they are bearers of accidents.

Some hearsay news from Master re Atimonan Ride

Biking and health

As we were resting at Pisong Kape, Master Edwin told some more stories re the Atimonan ride:

l.  They were not able to cross the bridge at Pagsanjan near the church to Cavinti so had to make a long detour via Magdalena and Majayjay.  They had to walk a steep ascent there.

2.  They went to the house of Jeffrey in Lucban.  They spent about an hour there waiting for foood preparation.

3.  The group of Joel, Diego, and Armin got lost;  they made the wrong turn to Bondoc peninsula.  They must have gone 20 km eastward when they discovered they were lost.  They had to be picked up by the truck to get to bitukang manok.  It was almost 3 pm when they were all accounted for. 

4.  7 days they said, DNF again.  (2nd time?)

Many rode today Christmas December 25

Biking and health

Despite that it is Christmas today, about 3 dozens rode today.  Some would be hiding from their god children. Or simply, they love to bike.

Only Pisong kape was open today. Most of the stores/eateries are closed.   I met Master and Tito there.  Tito said he came from Quisao "Titira sana" (ng alin joked Master Edwin) But there was a slight shower, hence he turned back.  I ordered boiled egg for breakfast.

I rode to Malaya and expected that I would not catch with them.  I caught up with them though near Maybancal (near the Simples Lugawan) and rode until home.  There was shower in Cardona.

Tito said he was going to his piggery "Magpapaligo" as we descended the Cardona LLDA hills.  It was Master and I till Angono,  Traffic was heavy in Darangan and Tayuman Barrio Rd.  (I just got the word that Nolite did a round Jalajala.  He arrived  l pm)  He said he had to stop 3 times because it was raining. 

I arrived almost 12.  NO more namamasko by this time.  Only hearty lunch and cold drinks.  Merry Christmas

Too much fruitcake - counter with leptin

To those with large tummy, please read this for better riding and longer life.

One of the most important hormone that affects our fats and metabolism is leptin.  If you have much fat, the leptin goes up.  High leptin level metabolizes fats and decreases appetite. Get that relationship? (Low leptin level does not metabolize fat and increases appetite.

If you diet,  your leptin level goes down and what happens, you go on an eating binge and thats the end of dieting.

If you have your fat removed via liposuction, your leptin level goes down, and your appetite goes up, you do not metabolize fat and the fat comes back and you end up in square one.

Some cheat:

l.  Occasionally fast;

2.  Sleep early regularly (lack of sleep decreases leptin level:   naturally the body has to get back what it lost from lack of sleep;  thus you have to eat more)

3.  Over eat occasionally (this will cause leptin level to go up;

4.  Add carbs say 30 to 40 grams before another binge (to rev up leptin level a bit)

Or you can buy the leptin preparation being pitched.

N.B - sharks are rich source of leptin.  (Have you seen a fat shark?)

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Jorge U. Saguinsin

"Be the best, do your best, expect the best"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Calauag ride would be one year old by Thursday

Biking and health

I texted Christmas greetings to Gerry Cataps and he reminded me of our ride one year ago to Calauag Quezon.  How fast time flies.  It was a two day adventure.  And our night at Atimonan by pass was a frightening experience.

Our ride then is on the featured slider post at Picasa album

Safer rides for 2013

Biking and health

Ingat.  Take care.  Ride safe.

That is our constant wish whenever we rides.   Some riders are not so lucky:  they crash and sometimes fatally.  Some have serious neck injuries that see them vegetables for life.

Judging from the bike riders that flock to Antipolo Our Lady of Good Voyage every Sunday, some exhibiting their brand new knee rashes, and the rosary we display on our bikes, we certainly deserve more safety.

Our roads, and traffic must be made safer for bikers.  They are not at the moment.

So beware of unsafe road conditions:

l.  Pedestrians  -  they just dart from between parked vehicles or from alleys.  So beware of this risk when you see vehicles, traffic, urban thickly populated areas.  They cross the street after alighting from jeep; or block your path when they hail jeeps who load in the middle of the street.

2. Road hazards:    broken glass, nails, stones, garbage, sand on the street.  signs that protude on your path;    deep pockmarks, gratings that invite your wheels to sink. (and for you to suddenly stop.  I met my accident at Shang Mall in  Edsa in front of Starbucks after coming from a Baguio ride..  I did not go to Shang for 3 years) I lost consciousness and I had to be hospitalized for a face fracture.  Beware when you ride the newly asphalted roads.  There are even road surfaces:   between the old and the new pavement (John Wilkes broke his leg for not being so attentive to this) or transistion between asphalt and concrete.  The difference could be as much as 7 inches.  And if you are not aware, you could crash and worse still....There are open manholes, invisible cracks on the roads, missing manhole covers, water meter covers.... and many more to describe.   Be aware always as you ride.  They could even on top.

There are sometimes rebars protuding from side of the road.  (That is how Jun Polistico died - he was impaled in a protuding rebar on a flyover side whose sidewalls were being constructed)

3.  Motorcyclist who do not know safety and  traffic rules -- They buzz you millimeters away;  they overtake in double yellow lane road;  they just dart from intersections;  they overtake from your right or between bike riders;  they overspeed;  they ride unsafely. not carry insurance especially if their mc is on installment (how odd  how can the owner of mortgage protect their assets from loss -  they should insure comprehensive -  it makes sense

4.  Utility vehicles:   tricycles, buses and jeepneys -  Your life and 200t bikes mean nothing to them.  For just mere 8 pesos they will do all stupid and unpredictable things just to get their passengers:

       l.  Most do not know how to signal (caveat other motorists riders):  stop, left and right.  They just go whenever they want to.  In Morong, you have tricycle drivers who make sudden U turns right in front of you.

      2.  They load and unload in the middle of the road.

      3.  They will buzz you or even squeeze you to the side of the road:  when they overtake, or pick up or unload passengers.

      4.  They will overtake even if they meet you head on.

      5.  They, like the pedestrians just dart our  from nowhere.

5.  Pollution  it is our biggest enemy.  Many will suffer in the long term:  will have COPD or even lung cancer by l0 years down the road.  Smoke belching is largely uncontrolled;  the operators blame the diesel quality.  But we modern diesel engines that are Euro 3 compliant and do not smoke belch. It is a silent killer. No scars or wounds now but when we succumb, nothing can save us.

Ingat na lang, pray

I rode today December 24, Christmas eve

Biking and heal

I lacked mileage last week;  I had many trips and social obligations:   Christmas parties etc.  After my ride yesterday around Morong, Teresa and Antipolo, I rode in reverse:  Antipolo, Teresa, Pililla (Pisong Kape and back to Morong, Cardona, Binangonan and homebase.

I was at Antipolo by 7:15.  I met Mr. Elias Medina who looks like he is my relative;  he hails from Rosario Pasig but lives in Taytay.  Then there is another biker from Mandaluyong.  I finished the mass;  the Archibishop said the mass today.  By 8 I rode to Morong -  I met Richard, Joel and Master. near Holy Angels Memorial park.  I think they are riding to Antipolo.  Simples Lugawan was closed and therefore I rode to Pisong Kape and there I had my lugaw P20, 5 pesos dearer than Simples.

I met Bayabas (Mr. de Leon - the cousin of Master). He rode ahead of me.  For some strange reason at km 36 near the Convention Center of Binangonan, he rode beside me.

Over all I am happy with my ride:  I rode the right gears.  NOthing ached;  no injuries or accidents. But there were near misses -  I nearly struck a young lass who crossed the street walke up beside a jeep that stopped at the middle of the road (I could not avoid her far enough because there was incoming traffic.  whewwwwww - these jeepney driverssssss...)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ms. Andrea del Rosario video

Biking and health

Earlier we made some post in Calatagan re house of an actress.

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A new study in the journal Sleep finds that forgoing a full night's sleep could sabotage your efforts to stay slim.

Normal-weight men and women were studied under two conditions: getting a short amount of sleep (4 hours--which I'm lucky to get on some nights as Christmas gets closer) and normal sleep (9 hours--oh, if only!).

The researchers found that, in men, short sleep led to a spike in levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. In women, short sleep reduced the hormone (GLP-1) that makes you feel full.

So, getting too-few hours of sleep had different effects on men (increased appetite) and women (reduced feelings of fullness), but with the same result: a tendency toward overeating.

Of course, that's particularly dangerous right now. Case in point: I'm staring at a gift tin of holiday popcorn right now. Over on the counter, there's a box of chocolates. I bet you're facing a similar minefield of food temptations right now. And it turns out that our reduced head-on-pillow time is increasing our chances of being hit.

The obvious solution is to get more sleep. But that's just not always realistic. So here's my strategy for fighting those munchies: loads of cut, easy to grab, veggies in the fridge; a full bottle of water by my side at all times; and taking the stairs when I come back from those shopping trips (bonus--that "step" could actually add a few years to my life).

I hope you're NOT going through the same holiday-induced sleep deprivation as I am. But if you are and you're concerned about what it could be doing to your waistline, these tips might be just what you need to sidestep those extra holiday pounds.

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"Be the best, do your best, expect the best"