Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Cali (Raya) Ride Sept l8, 20ll

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

As with all other hard rides, only a handful joined.  The brave riders initially were Gerry, Angel, Luis, and Me, Jorgeus biker.  The others did not join because they said they would watch Mayweather Ortiz fight.  Netoy eventually caught up with us at Caliraya.  at about ll am.  He got a flat tire at 6 am and we thought he would just quit.

For me and Jerry we did the following hard rides in succession:   Sierra Madre, Real, Tagaytay and Caliraya.  Wow congratulations.  Alan got fried from Morong to overlooking and had to excuse himself;  Master Edwin did not join too.

We were wondering whether we would call ourselves:   Araya Men, Cali Men, or Panese Men (that was after we posed at the Japanese Memorial Garden and somebody covered the Ja)

We left at 6 am and got home at 7 pm.  That was partly due to staying long at Caliraya, picture taking, and me being slow. We are all sunburned.

Some pictures:

                                          Netoy Wanted to See Caliraya Bad that is why he Pursued Us

                                           Gerry and Luis Posing with Lake Caliraya as Background

                                                         Jorgeus Biker with a Solo Photo

                                               Luis Solo Shot with Lake Caliraya Behind

                                              Angel With Great View of Laguna Lake Behind Him

                                           Gerry In Front of the Japanese Memorial Garden

                                                     All Posing at the Japanese Garden

                                            The Panese Men? Haha (No Longer Gay Men?)

                                                          Luis, a Panese Man?

                                                We had bj (buko juice! you) at overlooking

                            We had Pancit (noodles) and Bun Bread Prior to Climb at l030 in Pakil

                                      Our Post Climb Meal at about 230:  Pancit and Fried Chicken

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