Sunday, June 30, 2013

The issue about the heart attack of actor Gandofrini is his waist line

Real Cyclists

From Hollywood reporter | June 27, 2013

Actor James Gandolfini was buried after dying abroad while on vacation of heart attack.  A TV feature on the actor's death mentions that many have heart attack during a vacation for unknown reason.

But the real issue on James heart attack is not the vacation but his large waistline.   The person's health and  longevity are inversely proportional to his waist size

Doing something for our belly flabs to be healthier and faster

Real Cyclists

Rizal   PHL |  June 30, 2013

Our birthday bash pictures in Pansol showed the majority of Recyclists to be having belly flabs.  Now that is a handicap because this means there is fat:   at the liver, heart and lungs.  MDs and wellness experts are saying that your longevity is inversely proportional to the size of your waist.  Those whose waist size is beyond 40 are not very likely to live beyond their mature age.

A leaner weight means we can bike faster.  We spend much to have lighter bikes;  we can be lighter too we can do this by having less.

So let us do something about our bellies:

l.   Do planking exercises

2.  Mind your diet;   avoid softdrinks, sugary drinks with high fructose corn syrup;  drink beer in moderation.  Avoid carbs before sleeping.  Avoid food that turn on your fat switch (like the high glycemic index) This has something to do with your leptin level.

When you take low GI food, you produce less insulin which makes your leptin level go up.  High leptin level ---> metabolizes fat and makes you lose appetite.  The same action from taking metformin

3. You can take metformin an anti diabetic drug to shed fat.

4.  Do these type of exercises: (to up the basic metabolic rate;  even at rest you will be burning fat

     l.  High intensity exercise (interval training) in biking.  30 secs of high intensity efforts;  one minute rest, 5 to 8 reps

     2.  For other exercises do the exercise longer;  say you do an exercise for 4 seconds, double the time make it 8 seconds.  You will get stronger and fitter.

There was this typhoon Gorio that forced us to stay indoors; Gorio Go Away

Real Cyclists

Rizal PHL   |  June 30 2013

Just as anticipated, it will still rain today.  It is all ready 730 and despite the fact that the pump, spare interior, the toolsets, the jersey, the bike, the water bottle, the gloves are ready, all we can do is fume and maybe just ride the stationary biker.

I hope the weather gets better tomorrow.

What are you going to do today, Recyclists?   Fellow biker?

Just watch TV?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

There is typhoon Gorio and signal no 2 is up in Rizal; can we bike tomorrow?

Real Cyclists

Rizal   PHL    |  June 29, 2013

I just watched the TV and learned that typhoon signal No 2 is up over MM and there would be  rain tomorrow due to Typhoon Gorio.  Will rains continue tomorrow?

Shall we just do with the stationary trainer?

I biked for two consecutive days: June 27 and 28 2013

Real Cyclists

Rizal PHL     June 29, 2013

I biked for two days:  Thursday and Friday.   They are recovery rides.  I rode up to Tanay km 54 last Thursday and yesterday up to Cainta Greenland and Greenwoods in (where else)  Cainta.  It was surprising that in Cainta Greenland, there too was Jasmine cor Magnolia;  as there was too in Greenwoods Cainta.

The ride yesterday dirtied me and my bike;  it rained the previous night and there were plenty of puddles especially at the Delta area.

The village enclaves were tree lined, were shady and it was quiet and peaceful

                                   Wide roads and avenues

                                      Pine trees;  many houses are being built

Monday, June 24, 2013

Will you have this bracelet? Made from Mavic spoke

Ernie, who joined us at the June 23, 2013 ride to Pansol showed us this bracelet. It is made from twisted Mavic spokes,  nice isnt it?  He has given several to some Recylists all ready especially to VM.  It costs P100.00 if you want to acquire one.

Recyclists June 23 2013 Picasa web album slideshow ( group pictures)

Real Cyclists

Enjoy this post of Recyclists on their ride last June 23, 2013 to Los Banos, Laguna.

Recyclists June 23, 2013 ride picasa album slideshow - individual

Real Cyclists

Enjoy the slideshow from Picasa Web album of the June 23, 2013 ride and birthday celebration.  This slideshow individual riders.

Assembly for the Recyclists June 23, 2013 ride

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL   |  June 23, 2013

                A large number of Recylists all ready gathered as early as 5:00 am at Jollibee Angono

These are some of the pictures of the assembly of Recyclists yesterday June 23, 2013 for Pansol Laguna

                                     Bluish hue from the early morning sunlight

                               Saying a little prayer at the Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman


                                It rained hard the night before

Thanks Engr. June for honoring well the June birthday celebrants

Real Cyclists

Rizal, PHL  |  June 23, 2013

 Engr June with Gerry K

Thank you Engr. June for coming to join us at Morong to celebrate the birthday of June celebrants.  You are busy for the week and this is the only time for you to spend the family and yet you chose to spend this with us.  Thank you so much  (my wife had tampo when I joined the group last year for the Real Ride.  She would have birthday bash at Intercon the following day). I chose to spend the birthday eve and her birthday early morning with Recyclists.  That is what Recyclists are for....

June birthday celebration at Golden view hot springs in Los Banos, June 23, 2013

Real Cyclists

Laguna, PHL   |  June 23, 2013

How does biking affect the local economy?  I think it affects the places that bikers visit.  When it is not a biking day, the places we visit are dead - very little business.

At Pisong Kape, we would have probably ordered before 7 am yesterday about P1,000.00 plus in terms of softdrinks, lugaw and sports drink, and banana.  At an average of P40.00 per, we would have bought P1,200 worth of food.  At the buko store, the 31 or so cyclists buying P20.00 each would have bought P600.00 worth.  That could have provided enough income for the  family for the day.

                          At Manay's we paid Pl,100 for canton and monay;  this excludes softdrinks

                                  Food and drinks gone in a little under 5 minutes at Manay's


                                  Several thousands more were spent at the hot spring resort

                                 P12.00 for a banana at Pisong Kape, masyadong mahal?

                                  Recyclists enjoying their meal

Buko - nomics at bike routes

Real Cyclists

Laguna PHL     June 23, 2013

                                 Buko in Calauang:   P12.00 for large and P6.00 per small plastic cupful

We have heard about burger- nomics (prices and economy based on burger prices) or bottled water economics , or petronomics (where price of petroleum determines price and economic activity.

The prices of these products determine parity of value and exchange rate.
17 a pice even
Thus if you a Big Mac in US at $3 each, then it should be about P120 to 140 locally.  (that is burger eoconomics)

Bottled water economics.  A 500 ml bottled water cost P20.00 in the PHL but that would be at the same outlet (711) cost P40.00 in PHL currency.

What about buko - nomics?  The price of buko reflects the supply and demand situation in the market.  Thus in December, buko would cost P15 to P17.00 each because many of them are either exported or used in buko salad.  The price would also reflect the abundance of the  buko, or the ownership of buko.  tree.  Thus a coconut tree owner in Jalajala would sell his buko for only P10.00,  At OL, buko would be at P15,00 each.   In Bugarin it is at P12.00.  At Mabitac it is only P10.00

                                  The buko juice vendor could not keep up with the demand

Interesting sights along the route on the way to Pansol Laguna June 23, 2013

Real Cyclists

Laguna, PHL   |  June 23, 2013

                                      Palaisdaan new structures

Taking of photos took much of my time and distracted me from joining the fast paced cycling which sometimes reached speeds of up to 40+ per hour.  It was a solid peloton and I was the only one left. And these were my alibis.

However, I learned that I they arrived at l2:00 exactly and was late by mere 2 minutes.   Angel fetched me and the site was nearly across the Max Fried Chicken in Calamba.  And I hesitated and I had to make a call to verify.

                                         Zebra and lion near the Calauang road

                                 Palaisdaan front view

                                Snow white and the 7 dwarfs figurine at Calauang

                                    More super heroes at the store

                                 Giraffe, elephant, lion and horse

                                      Garden, landscaping decor

                                     Duck figurine


                                   New Los Banos municipal building



                               Shady Calauan highway

                                Sun City at Pansol


                                       Nice flowers

                               Sun city

                                 Sun City plant box
                                        Vertical gardens

The Recyclists riding was a sight to behold

Real Cyclists

Rizal, Philippines  June 23, 2013

                           Chito, Ado, Jess V and Peter A

The large group of Recyclists riding caused roadside comments that there was race.  Indeed, it was sight to behold.   Imagine a large group of cyclists wearing the same uniform.

We are proud of you Recyclists!

We love you Recyclists

                                   Zapanta brother and Choco2

                              Going up Bugarin near the Manggahan

                                      That is Jorgeusbiker in the middle

                                   Jorguesbiker and Jess




                                  That is Joseph wearing the Trek Jersey, Angel beside him

                                 Exequiel Villadiego,  Rey and 7 days

                                       Rey, and Ex Villadiego

                                  That is Gerry Y in his brand new Ridley - superfast bike

                                    Weng and Armin

                               Nolite, Tito, Ben, and VM Jun Vic

                                  Past KM 62 near the LPG refilling plant

                                     Approaching KM 63

                                  Joel up front

                                 At Mabitac