Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Enough is enough

Biking and health This is just like a statement of boxer who said on the ring "No mas" No more. The guy was fighting Sugar Ray Leonard.

So Lance says of the USADA and the accusation made by Travis Tygart, "enough is enough"

The rest of Lance statement.

Other Iloilo city views

Biking and health

Much has been done to improve through landscaping, the downtown Iloilo city.  I show here the places with nice views.  The other are pure concrete and building jungles.  These are the more handsome sights of the city.



 x                                   Fence decorative, geometric design


 x                                       Yucca

                               Flyovers galore at Iloilo city


 x                              The flyover from the hotel lobby

 x                                      White bougainvilla

                                  Fire tree, flowers on fire


                                  Water tank watering the plants

Nice river views at Iloilo and Riveside Inn

Biking and health
                                    A study of water reflection

In the 75th anniversary to be held in Iloilo city (I do not remember the occasion but was repeated in the TV shows in the hotel) the Iloilo city prides in its river view projects.  I took photos of the river views.

                                          The bridge dusk view

                                   View from the hotel window

                                River reflections of the hotel





                               The building and the mangrove

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rode up to Bugarin today.

Biking and health

I built up my mileage today.  I biked up to Bugarin Pililla.  For the past two weekends, I biked up to Morong and went around Teresa.

Those who joined the ride today, August 26, 2012 were:   Allan, Gerry Cataps, Tito, Joel, Master Edwin, Tommy, Edgar,  and Ado Gonzaga.

I left at 6:30 and arrived at Morong about 7:10.  Diego was all ready there and just after I arrived excused himself for his Sunday service.  They Joel, Ado came, Gerry Alan and then the guys from Taytay.

We left Manang Simple at a little before 8:00 and were in Pisong Kape by  8:15.  I paced from Morong to Pisong Kape (passed 2 other groups)

We were at overlooking by 9:00 and I went up further to Bugarin.  I went down by a little before l0 and fortunately they waited at Maybancal by l030 we were together going home.

We had some softdrinks at Binangonan near Titos place.

We were  at home by 11:15

About Bicycling: Katy Trail Ride Day 5

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Katy Trail Ride Diary - Day 5
Last May I took a five-day bike trip with a couple buddies across the state of Missouri on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile former rail-to-trail conversion, the longest in the United States. This account details the fifth and final day of the trip, which included locally famous scrambled egg sandwiches, a pair of men who may or may not have been twins and the realization that it is in fact possible to have too much orange Gatorade... Read more Earlier episodes:
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Think about it: if you average 12 miles per hour (a very comfortable pace), you can cover a hundred miles in just over eight hours of easy riding. But there are important factors to keep in mind when planning for a century ride or other long day of touring... Read more
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