Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kabayan Kept Many Bikers at Home

This is an uneventful day for bikers.  It has been raining hard since last night.  The arrival of  Kabayan, a new typhoon may have been responsible for this unfriendly weather for bikers.

Well, the sun is shining now but it is kind of late and the roads are still wet and slippery and dangerous.  Time to mount the saddle of the stationary bike.  Anyway, it is the 3lst birthday of my daughter today.  I need to be with her.  And the time for last day stand for the sales campaign.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just 8 Short to Hit the Magic 500 visitors Required

We now have 492 visitors to this blog; just 8 short to reach the magic 500 number  Maybe we can really invite and ask our friends and relatives to visit this site.  The only reward that the blogger has will be for this site to be visited in sufficient numbers.  It also entrenches the blog in the blogsphere if must survive.   So please read and visit jorgeus biker more often, especially those with facebook accounts to like this jorgeus biker blogsite,