Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ascending Teresa on 42 x 32

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 29, 2017

I practiced going up Teresa solo after going to Baras last Friday January 27, 2017 and then to Antipolo. There was heavy traffic before the town proper (before the town market  They must improve the traffic management there, the tricycle, the loading  and unloading) And then up the hills.  I used only 42 (which Pareng Luis says unduly stresses the chain) up to 32 and 36.  I am surprised that I could manage the climb (as I managed the climb to Sampaloc and I did not have to get down. Engr. June said he did get down)

On the final hill, a roadie caught up with me .  He had a Litespeed titanium.  He said he is from Town and  Country, and a systems engineer in Makati.   But having an MTB gave me an advantage over his bike.  I could surge;  he could not

Thereafter I went to Antipolo church where I heard mass

Keeping up with the Roadies on a MTB to Famy today January 29 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 29, 2017

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                                            The Mosso MTB

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                                              Vhen was the sparring partner at the rear; at OL

We rode today, 10 strong to Manay's at Famy on Etoy Mariposas invitation.  Since most of them had round Jalajala ride yesterday (Engr. Francisco, Master, Gerry Pres Luis) not many were enthusiastic to proceed with a longer ride once were at Bugarin.

Those who were with us were:   Meong, Gerry,Pres  Luis, Etoy, Joel, Vhen, Chito F,  Ambet Jeff and , myself

Those who joined the ride until Morong were Master, Engr June, Alan.  Am just wondering if others who have low mileage and non participation in this long rides can finish the ride:    Jess V, Echo, VM?

As usual, we did not proceed with Caliraya ride because it rained hard in Famy.  Some suggested that we go back to avoid Bugarin by going via Jalajala but I told them Jalala loop is 40 km  while Bugarin going up is less than 10 km. But it was cold and wet as we went up Bugarin. However at the other side, it was hot and humid.  Expect the different weather all the time.

I had a Mosso MTB with with me and I had some challenging times keeping up with the rest.  However, the Mosso was whistling as we negotiated some stretch of the highway of 42 x 13 gears.  Although the bike is a little bit heavy (the wider tires and heavier weight) I think I can manage the difference.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Which type of bike to bring to Baguio City ride: roadie or MTB?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 25, 2017

There is an ongoing internal debate going in my head:  what type of bike to bring for Baguio City ride for February 10, 2017.  For the last 7 rides, it has been roadie.  5x on the Sars bike and 2x on Fuji.   (We rode to Banawe Rice Terrraces last June 2016,, did we not?)

I used compact x 25 and compact x 28 (Zip tires of VM on last two rides)

However since January of last year, I bought MTBs and have been riding most of the time on MTBs. I did a long ride to Majayjay covering 200 km out and back on a SAVA carbon fiber MTB, I did a Jarrel ride on an MTB about 140 km   Most of Recyclists suggest Road Bike;  some suggest and even Long Henson road bike on flats, and MTB at Baguio City.    Meong suggested. bring two bikes :  one Roadie up to Urdaneta and MTB from Urdaneta till Baguio.

MinZap who will join with Jun on MTB suggest MTB kaming tatlo.  He says any way I have been doing MTBs lately.  He says kaya ko
                                                     Bianchi roadie or

                                                         SAVA titanium?
Which of the options will be best.?

Today I did several loops at Medalva (Botong Francisco Avenue) in Angono using the SAVA and only 42 x 36 as the lowest gear. up to the peak.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting ready for the Baguio ride on February 10, 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

As we waited for the food to be served at Manay's, Richard who is serving as the coordinator of VM (he is in Baguio City now) announced the following:

1. We depart on February 10, 2017 5 am.  Assembly is at Holy Gardens Angono.

    Estimated time of arrival at various points:

February 10, 2017
    7 to 7;30  Ayala Hts Balara

     8 to 8:30  Marilao   breakfast /snacks

    10 to 11 San Fernando for refreshment

    12 to 12 30  Dau for lunch

      2 to 2:30 Hacienda Luisita

      4 to 4:30   Sm Rosales

      5 to 5:30   Urdaneta at Engr. June's place

      7:00 dinner courtesy of Engr June

February 11, 2017

      5:30 am breakfast courtesy of Engr June

      6:00 depart for Rosario

      7:30 snacks at Rosario

      8:00 depart for Baguio

      11:00 arrive at Camp 6.
        1:00 arrive at view deck

        3:00 arrive at Baguio city;
        ayos gamit and then lunch

        7:00 pm dinner

        9:00 to 12 socials

February 12

      7:00 breakfast

      8 to 9:  empake

      9 go to bus station

     3 to 4 estimated time of arrival at Cubao

    5 to  6 pm -  Home na

2.  Damages:   P500.00 for lodging at Baguio, P100 to 200 gas;;  Total between 600 to 700

     Food at Dau,  lunch, dinner , breakfast at Baguio;   kkb;   your snacks and refreshment on the way are for your own account.

    Bus fare.  KKB

3.  Bring two sets of jersey, and your own toilereties at sleeping clothes adopted to cold weather.

4.  Engr June will take care of lodging at Urdaneta, dinner and breakfast.  (Wow.  Thanks Engr - just quoting you)

Next week, the last tune up will either be at Luisiana (it usually rains there) or Tagaytay.  Then light ride one week before February 10

If you are not ready, please think of the ride in 4 stages (the first day is the toughest ) divided into 4 segments of 50 km each.  If we ride at 20 kph, we can cover the entire distance in 10 hours (that is from 5 to 3 pm.  Kayang kaya

The Baguio portion is only 74 km: 40 km from Urdaneta to Rosario.   the 33 km is the climb.  The hardest part is only from Black Mountain to Baguio City proper only 10 km.  Parang Bugarin ride lang.  If at any point you are distressed, get off and rest.  It is not a race

Kayang kaya. if we practice well and set our mind to it.

We rode today to Famy and Jalajala, Echo this time crashed due to a wayward golden colored Vios

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

We were eleven  (Recyclists Eleven)

Eleven of the Recyclists joined the tune up ride for Baguio ride on February 10 (not 2 as previously posted):  Engr June, Master E, Echo, Edgar (7 days) Vhen (very hesitant joiner), Meong, Gerry, Richard, Tito Fabay, Netoy Mariposa   and myself       There were some whom I saw at Morong where had the mustering point:   Ado, and Jeffrey.  But they did not join us.

We initially wanted to bike up to Manay in Pakil  but when we were in Famy rain fell in the direction of Pakil and Paete, thus we called off the ride.  We ate instead at the first Manay (a branch) where 50 to 60 MC riders also ate. I had to chase Tito who was ahead of the pack.

Engr June a very strong rider

Engr June was the strongest rider today, riding an inspired pace on his brand new Wilier carbon fiber bike,  joining the peloton at Km 62 in Bugarin, and at 1/3 of backward route at Jalajala going back to :Pililla.  He must be doing 17 at Bugarin and 35 at Jalajala.  He will be our host in Urdaneta:  will provide the board, and food dinner and breakfast.  Wwwoow

The sweepers

Edgar, Vhen and I decided that we would be the sweeper. Our goal was to finish the ride.  As in Baguio.  No strain and hard breathing.   Pedal smoothly say 20 kph.   I was ahead though at the start of Jalajala route but the rest caught up with me  Engr June, Richard, Gerry, Meong:  then Tito and Eco.  Then Netoy.  At 20 km point of Jalajala (at town proper)   came Master, Vhen and Edgar.

130 km distance covered

My estimate is we covered 120 to 130 km which is past halfway mark of bike to Urdaneta (that should be Dau all ready or Luisita) That is a good carga according to Richard for the Baguio ride

Echo had a crash, had only some scratches

One uninteresting note was a way ward Vios appeared out of nowhere behind a tricycle head on with the peloton at KM 55+ (near intersection of Tanay Sampaloc and Manila East Road)  Echo was squeezed between Richard and he had to break hard to avoid colliding with Vios.  He went airborne halfway and fell to his right side, thankfully away from the Vios.  He had scratches on right arm (which bled) and on a very small portion of right knee.   He fell slow motion as he was halfway airborne.

It was I who suffered a gruesome crash with Alan 2 weeks ago on the same route (reverse)  Thankfully the rashes are gone thanks to sili

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fast and furious hard anaerobic rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

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For the past 3 days, I do not have a decent long ride.  But yesterday and this morning I did fast and furious hard anaerobic rides.  I am tired and spent from this ride and I have to sleep early.

Yesterday I raced with the jeep using an MTB I must be doing 30 to 32 kph which is fast for MTB.  An indicator that I was fast was that a jeep whom I overtook and observed arrived some 4 minutes later.

I also overtook a car

This morning we had PE at Taytay MEG.  The ladies hired bikes and we went around the technopark (where there are races)   We did 2 loops.    On the way back our staff rode on the jeep which I led until Valera.  After Valera and up to Angono, I did not see the jeep again.

Hard rides like this I think develop speed and strength..  They also leave you very hungry and tired and in need of deep sleep always

(K)night riding and without helmet is really really dangerous

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 21 2017

Image result for bicycle accident

Last night I saw a man with a BMX bike sprawled on the street near Bahay Kawayan - unconscious.  .  He seemed to have figured in a collision with some MC riders  He had no lights, reflectors, nor reflective clothing.   Earlier they were riding side by side with the Jeepney I was riding, overtaking the jeep.

I hope his injury is not serious (nothing on the head)  He could have avoided riding at night, avoided the MC riders (who are uneducated on proper riding and road safety) used a helmet, and wore clothes or anything that would make him visible

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making up for the missed Sierra Madre ride last Sunday 84 km

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 18, 2017

I made up for the ride to Sierra Madre last Sunday.  Wearing only slippers and ordinary walking shorts, I biked up to Sampaloc Tanay.  I had lugaw at Simples at 7:30 and started my journey by 8:00.  I was at peak of Sampaloc by 9:30 (it is a hard ride) and started my descent by 10;00.

At Jen jens bukohan I met a rider (MTB) from Baras, an education graduate,  who has a Mosso MTB  His name is Von (Tanto?) from Baras near the cemetery.    He was behind me on the descent and then lost him on the plains.  He said he was afraid of high speed descent and I said he must master counter steering on descent to control his speed.

One of the things I could be proud on this ride is I used only 42 x 36 lowest gear on the ascent which meant this is still high gear.   I used to use 32 or 34 on the ascent up to Jen Jen

And then I totalled the distance.  I rode 42 km one way (70 - 28 km reading at Angono).   Total distance is 84 vs 94 they rode last Sunday.

Is this a good substitute make up ride?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Great looking Wilier Roadie of Engr. June Francisco

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 15, 2017

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                                     Available at Sabak and Unison

Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle and outdoor

How fast time flies. It is all ready the middle of January.

This morning, while I tried to see off other kapadyak for their Sierra Madre ride at Simple Lugawan, I spied on the bike of Engr June a Willier shod with Zipp wheels and Durace group set.  He bought this from VM at a mid 6 number figure  But it is a great looking bike,  He sold his Look Bike for this purchase.  Congrats Engr. June.

Let us see that climb Baguio:

Wilier Bike at FB

Unable to join the Sierra Madre ride, although I reached Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 15, 2017

                             Rapid healing of the rashes after one week;  no pus and infection due to sili
                                  (the left one hood)

                                 The skin around the wound are healing and stretching causing the
                                                very slight pain

I was unable to join the ride to Sierra Madre this morning.  I intended to ride only up to Sacred Heart to see the kapadyak off but they were not there. I spun up to Calumpang and there I saw Richard and Vhen and I was motivated to bike further.  I said I would join them up to Morong as I had no tools, no money, no uniform, wearing only slippers and my knees were aching a little bit (the skin around the wounds was stretching and causing a little bit of pain).  But the troops were in full force:   Meong, Master, Jess, Alan, Pres Luis, Vhen Engr June, Joel Ambet (and even saw Gerry Y) riding up to Morong in Morong highway (near Cardona)

So only 3 weeks to go before the big ride to Baguio.  I hope I got the mileage from the Jalajala ride.

On the way back, I rode with Reymond Pactao from whom I bought the Bianchi frame of my road bike, via diversion road.  That is developing the lungs and legs for the Kennon road ascent.   And the confidence.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My rashes from the Jalajala crash have healed; I biked to Antipolo this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 13, 2017

My rashes (deep scratches from the crash) have healed.  They are now dry and thanks to the advice of Gerry to apply sili on the wounds (owwwwww how painful) they healed without pus and watery discharge.

The pain was gone and hence I biked to Antipolo using a MTB though I used low gearing.  32 was the the chain ring I used through out spinning from 17 to 28.  I was a little bit off by about 5 mins in the ascend.  But on time for the descent.  I descended until Angono in 30 minutes.

I might be able to fully recover by Sunday and join the Sierra Madre climb this Sunday..  I may use an MTB though to be sure.

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Saw Long Henson at San Jose Bakery at M. Diaz, first street with his new passion, a Roadie Look with Durace group set.   (Is he leaving the MTB route?)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fixing the damaged bike from the crash last Sunday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 10, 2017

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While my wounds were still aching, I attended to the fixing of the bike that was damaged in the crash with kapadyak Alan in Jalajala. The left side of QR (that is the direction of my fall)  the left pedal were badly scratched.  The handle bar and the wheel were misaligned (not at right angle)  the STI were misaligned and the cover of the STI,  The rear wheel and the axle has a slight play also (the plastic that are coated metallic) was badly scratched too.  No use crying over these ugliness that has befallen the bike.

So although limping, i picked up the hex  wrench and adjusted the STI, handle bar, removed the rear wheel set and tightened the  axle.  It was opportunity to clean the chain and the cogs.

I hope I can have painless knees soon so that I can join the ride this coming week end.  I may use an MTB maybe.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Home remedies for crashes and wounds

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 9, 2017

Siling labuyo

After the crash in Jala jala, some home remedies were suggested:    applying sili (pepper) from Gerry.  He said that is what he used when he crashed.  As first aid, while taking Lomi, I squeezed calamansi on my rashes.  Ohhhhh  was it very painful.

Siling labuyo in wound treatment

Garlic for external wound care
Then when I got home, I cleaned the wounds with hydrogen peroxide (the wounds were dirty as they were foaming with the hydrogen peroxide) Then I had garlic (another antiseptic, anti biotic  to treat the wound)  Later in the evening, after another washing I placed the sili on the wounds.   Ohhhh.

In descending order, the severity of pain were:

     1   Calamansi
     2   Garlic
     3    Sili

But the wounds were healing rapidly maybe because of the sili.  There was no swelling and inflammation.  I rapidly gained mobility of my knee and legs.

If it is hard enough to ride that distance (many complained ) and ride up back to Mabitac, then you could just imagine how hard it is to ride back with painful knees

Alan Astorga and I collided in Jalajala, we crashed and I have plenty of rashes to show.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 9, 2017

Happy new crash accidents for Alan and myself.

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor
                         Moments after the crash;  note the
                         rashes on my knees:   4 on the left, and
                         two on the right.

The Jalajala ride could have an uneventful ride for me/us were it not for the unfortunate incident that involved Alan and me.  We were negotiating a half lane of a road undergoing construction near the boundary of Jalajala and Mabitac.   A Honda just met us head on. some riders who included Alan, digressed into the newly concreted portion.  I and the rest negotiated the left lane.

Alan tried to swerve into our path, his rear wheel hit a rock crashed into me (he must be 80 kgs) and was thrown off with the impact and he was all over me (my pagnanasa)

It was good that the wheel were not twisted but the head post and the STI were thrown off the usual places.  The chain jumped and fortunately for many of the Recyclists around us, repaired the bike pronto.

As for me:   I had rashes on my right wrist on my right knee (two places) my left knee (5 places) and my left arm (one place but 1.5 inches long.

Uhhhhh ang hapdi.   I could not move my left leg and had trouble when waking up.   I spent the whole night and early this morning, dressing my wounds with peroxide (putting garlic juice and sili as per advice of Gerry K) to disinfect the wounds.  I also sprinkled anti biotic powder to supplement the alternative medicine  methods.

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor
                            Alan is just recovering from a crash
                            in Antipolo

Image may contain: 4 people, outdoor
                            Nanding, Me, VM and Vhen

Image may contain: 2 people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor
               The Balubar bros, I and VM (the Saguinsin bros)

Image may contain: 2 people, bicycle, tree, outdoor and nature
                              Press and me at Punta

My injuries:  both knees and left arm

                      Ginamot ng sili as per Gerry's advice;
                very painful but rapid healing, no inflammation

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Practice ride around Jala Jala and Bugarin - we had to look for Nolite

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 8, 2017

We had a practice ride to tune up for Baguio ride.  Some 14 souls answered the invitation:  Nolite, (whom we looked for in Mabitac - he was missing)   Alan, Weng, Angel Balubar (brothers) MinZap (Armin Zapanta - who said walang kakuwenta2 ginagagawa ng MTB)  Luis Genavia, Master E,  Meong, Vhen, Ambet Mateo, Tito Fabay. Gerry K, Jess Verchez,  and myself

Two did not join the ride:   VM Jun Vic and Joel.    7 days they said joined but he elected to ride up Bugarin first and we did not see each other.  (Master E nearly committed the same mistake)

Unfortunately for me and Alan, we collided somewhere in Jalajala where there were road construction. We crashed and Alan was all over/on top of me.  I got multiple rashes and wounds and they are painful.   We ate Lomi in Mabitac and during that time we were looking for Nolite (he turned out to have passed at the short cut from Jalajala to Mabitac.  The peloton caught up with him at Km 69.

The ride is about 130 km long and a good tune up.  We finished about 3:00 plus.  

I had to go home on a limp mode.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Riding to East Ridge on 32 x 36 today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 7, 2016.

Today we had PE with the rest of the office staff.   We walked up to Unamonte and Eastridge until the entrance gate. They have finally demolished the guard house before the left bend (I think that was illegal, the road being a provincial road) We had PE at the ground level gate of Unamonte where we had discussion on the benefits of healthful living and exercise, and the wishes for 2017.    Then we asked for support comments from the rest of the staff.

I tried riding up the hill on hard gear.  Most the other MTBs there were using the granny gear sagad.  Since I had two phases of the ride, (I was able to rest at the second Unamonte gate with the rest of the staff for further discussion) I was able to ride up straight ahead and several times too to wait for the co workers who were walking up the hill.  I felt confident of using these higher gear (not sagad to granny) because I was able to ride gate 2 before using the 32 front chain ring.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Riding for speed and strength - sprint practice

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 4, 2016

I had short rides last January 2 and 3.  But I practiced sprints.

On January 2, 2017 coming from Binangonan, I saw 3 riders two on roadies, and one on MTB at fast pace before  Bilibiran.  They must be doing 30 kph and I gave a chase.  (I was on Mosso MTB) and did 30+ kph and with the tires squealing.   I overtook them before the bridge but then past Grandspan, and after the elevated road, they overtook them again.  Before the Gate 2 of SCH, I had more speed and overtook them.  I peeled off from them at Budget Lane.

On January 3, 2017,  yesterday, I did three hard sprints at Calumpang road.   I shifted to 42 x 17 and pedalled hard first doing 34 to 37 kph.   and then at Island gas Pantok (hill) managed to do only 30 kph max and then ran out of wind.  Experts say that efforts like this develop your energy system and anaerobic capability.  

It shows.  Later during the day, I am bone tired and fatigued and sleep for at least 2 hours in the afternoon.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bike ride to Antipolo Church and Tanay on New Years day

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 1, 2017

My first activity for the year  was riding to Antipolo Church to listen to the mass, and get blessing for the new year.  I shook hands with about 8 bikers, mostly oldies and seniors like me who waited for the mass to finish.   We finished the mass by 8:30 and then biked down to Teresa, Morong, Baras and Tanay.  I was in Tanay by 9:30.  Oh I missed the free food at Pisong Kape which according to other kapadyak is done annually during New Year.

I looked for place to eat and there was none at Tanay and Morong.   In Morong  I guess it was group of Jeff, Val and Ed Valdez who overtook me between Lagundi and Maybancal  I did not catch up with them

I found my food:  crackers, coffee, and BJ (buko juice) at sari sari store right before the diversion.  There the group of Mambog riders arrived with Mr.  Aragon  very much ahead.  They all brought roadies with compact chain rings. (I had 53 39 chain ring and still rode via diversion road. Now I find it easier to ride home via diversion. Just short hard effort and no traffic hazards)

I did not realize that it could be that long and I will be home by 12:00.  Well any way I left by 7:30 am.

Happy and healthy living for 2017 to kapadyaks and all our readers

Wheels of Happiness

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