Saturday, January 7, 2017

Riding to East Ridge on 32 x 36 today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 7, 2016.

Today we had PE with the rest of the office staff.   We walked up to Unamonte and Eastridge until the entrance gate. They have finally demolished the guard house before the left bend (I think that was illegal, the road being a provincial road) We had PE at the ground level gate of Unamonte where we had discussion on the benefits of healthful living and exercise, and the wishes for 2017.    Then we asked for support comments from the rest of the staff.

I tried riding up the hill on hard gear.  Most the other MTBs there were using the granny gear sagad.  Since I had two phases of the ride, (I was able to rest at the second Unamonte gate with the rest of the staff for further discussion) I was able to ride up straight ahead and several times too to wait for the co workers who were walking up the hill.  I felt confident of using these higher gear (not sagad to granny) because I was able to ride gate 2 before using the 32 front chain ring.

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