Sunday, January 22, 2017

We rode today to Famy and Jalajala, Echo this time crashed due to a wayward golden colored Vios

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 22, 2017

We were eleven  (Recyclists Eleven)

Eleven of the Recyclists joined the tune up ride for Baguio ride on February 10 (not 2 as previously posted):  Engr June, Master E, Echo, Edgar (7 days) Vhen (very hesitant joiner), Meong, Gerry, Richard, Tito Fabay, Netoy Mariposa   and myself       There were some whom I saw at Morong where had the mustering point:   Ado, and Jeffrey.  But they did not join us.

We initially wanted to bike up to Manay in Pakil  but when we were in Famy rain fell in the direction of Pakil and Paete, thus we called off the ride.  We ate instead at the first Manay (a branch) where 50 to 60 MC riders also ate. I had to chase Tito who was ahead of the pack.

Engr June a very strong rider

Engr June was the strongest rider today, riding an inspired pace on his brand new Wilier carbon fiber bike,  joining the peloton at Km 62 in Bugarin, and at 1/3 of backward route at Jalajala going back to :Pililla.  He must be doing 17 at Bugarin and 35 at Jalajala.  He will be our host in Urdaneta:  will provide the board, and food dinner and breakfast.  Wwwoow

The sweepers

Edgar, Vhen and I decided that we would be the sweeper. Our goal was to finish the ride.  As in Baguio.  No strain and hard breathing.   Pedal smoothly say 20 kph.   I was ahead though at the start of Jalajala route but the rest caught up with me  Engr June, Richard, Gerry, Meong:  then Tito and Eco.  Then Netoy.  At 20 km point of Jalajala (at town proper)   came Master, Vhen and Edgar.

130 km distance covered

My estimate is we covered 120 to 130 km which is past halfway mark of bike to Urdaneta (that should be Dau all ready or Luisita) That is a good carga according to Richard for the Baguio ride

Echo had a crash, had only some scratches

One uninteresting note was a way ward Vios appeared out of nowhere behind a tricycle head on with the peloton at KM 55+ (near intersection of Tanay Sampaloc and Manila East Road)  Echo was squeezed between Richard and he had to break hard to avoid colliding with Vios.  He went airborne halfway and fell to his right side, thankfully away from the Vios.  He had scratches on right arm (which bled) and on a very small portion of right knee.   He fell slow motion as he was halfway airborne.

It was I who suffered a gruesome crash with Alan 2 weeks ago on the same route (reverse)  Thankfully the rashes are gone thanks to sili

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