Sunday, January 29, 2017

Keeping up with the Roadies on a MTB to Famy today January 29 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 29, 2017

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                                            The Mosso MTB

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                                              Vhen was the sparring partner at the rear; at OL

We rode today, 10 strong to Manay's at Famy on Etoy Mariposas invitation.  Since most of them had round Jalajala ride yesterday (Engr. Francisco, Master, Gerry Pres Luis) not many were enthusiastic to proceed with a longer ride once were at Bugarin.

Those who were with us were:   Meong, Gerry,Pres  Luis, Etoy, Joel, Vhen, Chito F,  Ambet Jeff and , myself

Those who joined the ride until Morong were Master, Engr June, Alan.  Am just wondering if others who have low mileage and non participation in this long rides can finish the ride:    Jess V, Echo, VM?

As usual, we did not proceed with Caliraya ride because it rained hard in Famy.  Some suggested that we go back to avoid Bugarin by going via Jalajala but I told them Jalala loop is 40 km  while Bugarin going up is less than 10 km. But it was cold and wet as we went up Bugarin. However at the other side, it was hot and humid.  Expect the different weather all the time.

I had a Mosso MTB with with me and I had some challenging times keeping up with the rest.  However, the Mosso was whistling as we negotiated some stretch of the highway of 42 x 13 gears.  Although the bike is a little bit heavy (the wider tires and heavier weight) I think I can manage the difference.

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