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Monday, April 13, 2015

Riding up the bypass in Cardona

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Just like Majayjay hills

I rode back yesterday March 12, 2015 after riding from Morong via the bypass in Cardona.  The bypass from Morong side going back to Binangonan could be more than a km long, the steep portion would be about 500 meters long and could sap your energy. It mostly anaerobic after the first 100 meters and all you could hear is your breathing.  Your legs and thighs might take it but your lungs would complain.

Yesterday, standing up reduced some of pedal effort but not the breathing.

I think the ascent from the Cardona side is too steep and DPWH must reduce the height by say some 5 meters. A lot of vehicles meet accidents because their engine power could not match the steep grade.

But I would like to add that riding the bypass could increase your leg power, strength, and anaerobic capacity

Traffic hazards when riding - a reminder

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                      Who is at fault, the taxi or the MC?

One can not help but again remind fellow riders of the hazards that confront us when we ride (of course we are seen as hazards by others)  We would like to classify the hazards as those coming from:

road obstacles
other two wheeled vehicles and
four wheeled vehicles

Road obstacles:

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter ride today, April 5, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Happy Easter greetings today

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We rode today, right after the salubong at 6 am when the procession just was leaving Bloomingdale,   I met Pres Luis at Jollibee Unishoppe aid he was waiting for Armin Z.  I was able to leave at 6:40.  I did not see the two but I saw Nino and another rider from Taytay.  I passed them at Tagpos.  However they caught with me and Weng at Convention Center and the three of then rode their pace (30+ or 40 kmh thereabout)

I was in Simples lugawan by 7:10 and there I met:   Pres Luis, Armin, Archie, Master E, Alan, Weng, Angel, Jess, Joel. Meong At about 7:40, the group decided to ride  to Pisong Kape Pililla..  I rode ahead of others, and they caught up with me (the Halimaws) at km 56 (that was 2 km to destination.   Normally they catch me up at km 52