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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Attending appointments riding bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   May 19, 2015

I attended a meeting yesterday at Tiendesitas Motor City area.  The meeting was scheduled at 7:30.  Knowing that it was a Monday morning, and knowing how traffic at C5 has been bad lately (ever since they allowed a traffic light at Lanuza - who thought of that?  It was better during BF's time  C5 was a haven for motorist, and respite vs. Edsa.)

I decided I would go to the meeting site,  riding a bike.  True enough, I was there at 7:30.   Traffic was all ready bad near the Megawide factory (there is an on going road construction, and the curve is a bottleneck), the Highway 2000 (the automatic mode was over ridden by traffic enforcer), at Stella Maris, and of course at C5.

In the days to come, bike ride would be a better alternative to MC for commuting.

Dont you think so?  For many factory and construction workers, bike ride (MTB) has been their way of commuting.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Preparing for the Sagada Ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  May 17, 2015

My rides, I hope would prepare me for the 370+ km ride to Sagada.  So I left yesterday at 6:30 and arrived at 7:40 in Pililla.  The tropa who were at Maybancal (Simples Kape) chased me down and caught up with me at Km 57. Meong caught up with me in uphill between Baras and Tanay however  I overtook him at km 53 and he was with the peloton several km later.  They were ahead of me by seconds at Halayhayin.   All in all, I would have passed two dozen cyclists, mostly MTB

It was big chain ring ride.  I stayed at 53 and went down to as low as 25 even when climbing hills. (It is to develop strength)

I proceeded to KM 74 in Jala jala (Halayhayin or Pisong Kape is KM 60)  It was light pedalling and easy ride.  I was at km 74 at 8:30 and back to Pisong Kape by 9:30.  I was in Morong, Maybancal by 10:00 and caught up with the troop.  There was free tea and lugaw at the Barangay to celebrate the win of the youth there.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hill Climbs this week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines    May 16, 2015

As we prepare for the Sagada ride, we need to hone up our hill climbing skills.

Last Tuesday, after missing a ride the entire week, I rode to Morong (up to the market only) and did a hill climb via the diversion in Cardona.  This was the third climb in a month and as it was  still early and cool, the climb was not very difficult.  I did the climb in 34 x 23 with still plenty to spare.

Earlier at Callahan, on the way to Morong I overtook a 26 wheeler lorry, chugging up the hill.  I stood up and attacked.  The lorry overtook me at Morong all ready.

Last Thursday, I climbed Antipolo.  Going up Tower Hills and until fibertex, I climbed 53 x 23, and occasionally 53 x 25.

I dropped to 34 at Beverly but 34 x 19

Over all, I could see over all improvement in my ride.

At Antipolo church, a 60 year old guy who rode an MC inquired about my age, and when I replied I am almost 64 (by June) he was quite surprised.  He too rides the MTB to maintain good health