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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Death and illness of kapadyaks due to energy drinks?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

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Warnings issued vs energy drinks

A rider who was buried last Sunday in Teresa was rumored to have taken 4 energy drinks named after a venomous snake after a  a race.  He collapsed going home between  boundary of Taytay and  Antipolo.  Another rider whose health suddenly went south since six months ago takes a lot of energy drinks during every ride (again named after another deadly venomous African snake.)

I remember having written about the dangers of energy drink. They contain 4x the concentration of sugar, and 4x caffeine in a bottle.  It may set you back only P20.00 and give you a lot of boost but it can stress your heart because of the caffeine and  damage your kidney. (The ill kapadyak needs dialysis;   therefore his kidney was damaged.  He does not have any known disease and therefore the damaged kidney could only be attributed to the energy drink.   My brother who owns a mortuary tells of stories of those having fun time with alcoholic drinks dying after they took energy drinks about  taking alcohol,  They do so because they say there is no hang over after taking energy drink.  That is right. They die.

Therefore, before you take an energy drink in your next ride, be careful.   Weigh the pros and cons

Top 14 Energy Drink Dangers

Climbing Botong Francisco (Medalva) yesterday together with office mates

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

Our PE yesterday was jogging to Medalva (Botong Francisco highway)  I took the opportunity to test the Sava Ti bike with XT group set, WTB wheel set  and  Manitou fork.  I did 3 x ride up the hill.  I used 32 chain ring and max of only 36 for the steepest part.  For the hill, I used 32 x 32 and it was easy riding.  I did not have to catch my breath, nor be in distress.

I rode it 1x before the ladies climbed;  then I climbed it again as they were walking at the climb;  Then as they were descending, I descended and climbed again the hill  (that is the 3x time)

The weight and  the gears of Sava Ti were perfect for the hill climb.  There were others whom I saw negotiating on an MTB with platito gears (24 chain ring) walking.  The others used 24 chain ring for the climb.

Bike ride today, July 23, 2017 to Bugarin; rode together with Gerry and Vhen

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

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Sava Ti Bike at Ali Express

I rode to Bugarin today. I brought out my Sava Ti.(MTB)   On the way from Tayuman to Morong, I rode with Gerry Cataps. We tried to chase a roadie with white and blue Jersey.  I overtook him for a while in Cardona, but he overtook me at Callahan and so with Gerry.   We had lugaw in Morong   and those who came were:  Alan, Netoy and and  Echo (long time no see)  We decided we would ride to OL.   And so we rode together with Taytay riders.   I did not see much of Gerry, but I remember overtaking Alan.  And towed  Gerry for a while.  At Baras hill, the tropa overtook me and may be they were ahead by about 500 meters at Pililla.  I did not see Gerry  and Alan but later on I saw them  going down all ready at km 67.

I rode up to km 68 (Bugarin na) and at heavy gear.   42 x 18 to 28.    That was a hard ride on a big chain ring.   On the way back I saw Vhen.  He said he was chasing me from Morong, and then from Pisong Kape to Bugarin and from OL up to  km  57 of Pililla.  We rode together alternating tranco.  We had some buko and turon at store near the intersection of diversion and road from Cardona.  We met many Mambog riders there.

However at  Binangonan Convention Center rain started to fall, and we had to seek shelter from the rains, after being exposed to very hot environment. We spent about 30 minutes for two episodes or rain.  We were home by 12 noon