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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great day to bike today, slightly overcast (neither hot nor raining) September 25, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 25, 2016

                Nolite, Alan, Pangskie, Master and Gerry resting at Maybancal Barangay Hall after

My goal today is to ride 90 to 100 km.  It is a great day to ride today.  Despite the announcement that typhoon Helen is making a landfall today (in Batanes) it did not rain this morning (although it rained last night). The skies were dark at the West side but the rain did not fall.  I saw Jess, Meong, Luis, and rest of the guys at Jollibee at about 6:30.   I rode ahead of them to say a little prayer at Sacred Heart.  I saw them pass and leave me.   Then I gave chase but never caught up with  them. Saw them in Morong for the breakfast of lugaw and buchi.  Those who were there were Joel, Master, Meong,  Nolite, Gerry, Pangskie, Alan, Luis, Jess

Along the way to Morong I played with a group of MTB (about 8).  They were fast.  I passed them before Looc, and I left them but they gave chase downhill from  Callahan.  I raced with them again passing them before Morong market, then I overtook them at Namay (later in Tanay as we biked to Pisong Kape, I overtook them again)

They stopped at Pisong Kape to go to Jalajala so that I would reach my mileage.  I reached Jalajala in 30 minutes but stopped along the way to have buko and take coffee at Pisong Kape (where else)  I had conversation with Pablo and somebody, an MTB from Batingan Binangonan.

I passed at Cardona bypass going home

Going back, I passed other bikers going home but I chased somebody in road bike. He was wearing red jersey.  From Binangonan, I chased somebody who was on MTB but had thin tires.  I let him go near Tayuiman elem school.

It was a great day for a ride.  I think I pushed myself to the limit to be stronger.  I am distressed anymore by riding MTB for 100 km distance.  Just spin it

                                           Ginigiba na barangay hall; naiinis na sa bikers?

                                  Pangskie, Master, Gerry and Meong showing his boobs and tatoo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gerry Cataps wrecked wheel set repaired for lower price than the damages he asked from tricycle owner

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

                                                  The wrecked  wheel set

                                                   Ang nakabangga

Gerry C rode with us today, with the repaired wheelset.  It was wrecked about two weeks ago in ride to Majayjay:   a tricycle bumped him from behind in Namay, Morong Rizal. He was thrown several feet away but his RD and rear wheel were wrecked.  I estimated for the investigator that the damage was P30t. Before they departed, Gerry lowered the damage to P5t.  Later on when they settled, Gerry accepted only P4t for the damages.  Sa awa sa Ms. who works in the munisipyo.

Today I learned that he spent only P700 for the repair.  Edward of Muzon did the repair.  I suppose Gerry must return the P3,000 to the tricycle driver if he is truly kind?

Or the rest should compensate him for the pain and anguish he suffered.

Ang gaan ng Bianchi bike mo.!

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 18, 2016

For my bike ride today, I had at least 3 admirers who tried to weigh the Bianchi bike.  One of them was the pan de sal baker at Bo. Kalayaan.  He said it must weigh only 3 kg.  The other admirers were Jess and Jericho.

Truly  I am happy with my Bianchi bike (repainted matte black)  With carbon fiber crank, and XT 11 to 32 cogs, and FSA carbon fiber crank and Campy wheel, it is truly light.

I was able to solve the last two remaining problem:  the bearing of the head set, the allen head screw for the head set, and the flower (which I was able to work better by punching it down through the steerer with a  drift