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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cosmetic improvements you can make on your bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 20, 2018

Everyday we itch to improve see something new in our bikes.   This week, I wanted to put Specialized sticker on the Sworks VV.  And Venge on the  top tube. This were my inspirations:

Sticker job:

                                        Note the Specialized logo on the fork

                                  The name of Peter Sagan on the  bike + Venge on the top tube

I went to the sticker shop an hour ago with a USB of these pictures and the sketches and dimensions of what I wanted for the sticker

                                                Plan for the  name plate

                                                    Proposed dimensions (measurements)

The results:

                                             Specialized logo on the fork  (1.5 cm x 14)

                                         Venge + name plate on the top tube

                                           The name plate


                                                 Sketch of the  proposed name plate

                                           Ang inspiration

                                                              Ang kinalabasan

Repaint works

A very young painter suggested that to improve the appearance of the bike further, he could have this repainted with glitters or blue with pearl effect (irridescent changing colors)

Does S works bike really work?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 20, 2018

Image result for specialized venge vias

Today I am 67 years old.  I will just stay home today.

Yesterday, I biked up to km 58, 31 km away from home. That is all ready Pililla. I only planned to ride up to Morong.  Why did I end up riding that long.?

Because in Morong a young long legged  rider on a Bianchi XR4 overtook me just after the  Morong Gas station.  Of course, this post wanted to test if S works really work.  Just before Laguna junction. this rider overtook  the Bianchi XR4 Oltre and sustained the distance ahead by a some 100 meters until km 51 when the latter overtook this rider again.   I caught up with him just before the ascent to the Baras Tanay boundary (km 52)  but when we crested he overtook me again. That was the original target destination. And so I just let him go.

The cooling down period took me up to km 58 hahaha.

Conclusion:  when driven hard, S works bike really works

Monday, June 11, 2018

Will bikers get depressed and commit suicide like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 11, 2018

Parehong nagbigti!!! Masakit yata yon

                                     From Bloomberg - Details of Bourdain's death emerge

Image result for katespade sale

Image result for katespade death
                                   Medical Examiner confirmed cause of death was suicide (hanging)

The world was shocked with the death of these two celebrities both coming from alleged suicide.Kate Spade founded a bag company which Liz Claiborne bought for $126 million.She was 55 Anthony Bourdain  61is a celebrity chef we often see on TV...He died from suicide too (also hanging using bath robe belt) at luxury hotel in Kayserberg France  while filming for CNN series "Parts Unknown " How could they do it at the height of their career,  apparently very successful famous and wealthy

The early TV show today was filled with news about the sad demise of these celebrities.  The DOH USec Tayag said that suicide comes from depression and depression is a prolonged sadness of two weeks or more.   He gave 8 pointers/checklist when one is depressed like 1.  lack of sleep or oversleeping.  2.  Inability to focus and concentrate 3.  Lack of interest in the job or hobby  4.  Fatigue  see link

8 signs you may have depression    One or two signs that  you see is normal.  4 or more is something that needs professional help.  In the US about 6% of the total population may have experienced depression in their lifetime.

How about cyclists?   Can they have depression or suicidal symptoms?

What do you think?  

I doubt...

Many addicts/cyclists, think nothing more except their ride, even if it rains.  Nothing could be more depressing than a gloomy dark, rainy day. But many cyclists enjoy savor that. Sarap yatang magbike pag malamig at umuulan

There is always something to motivate lift up the spirit of the biker:   a new place to ride two, drinking session after a ride;  good food, a new jersey ordered from Lazada, a new part ordered from Amazon or eBay.
Or a new upgrade

Bikers curse death, or accidents, as it buzzes by as he/she rides.   We hate and curse abusive drivers who put us on the brink of death.   Many of us would want to experience with us on top of  the bike, rather than at ICU or death bed.  We hear of bikers dying from accidents, but have you heard of anyone taking his own life?

As we ride, there is nothing to think about (otherwise we crash) and crashing is painful.   As we glide down a hill, we feel free and independent.  Like an eagle soaring.

There is nothing that will make us feel depressed.  Mababaw ang ligaya.  All we need is Lugaw, Lomi, pansit and mountain dew to be satisfied and happy.

Puwede rin ang bakal na bike at hand me downs. Some of course would get OEM or orig whose price runs into hundreds of thousands.   These are reasons that  make us feel motivated, high never thinking of ending our lives.

So why follow the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain or Katespeed.