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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sa mga fellow Recyclists na balak bumili ng Bianchi OEM, ang preno ay direct mount

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 20, 2018

                                               Yong dalawang turnilyong iyon ang mounting

Please be aware  po na ang preno ng Bianchi X4 ay direct mount sa harap at likod.  May available naman po sa Kings at Cristy's find out kung saan mas mura. Sa Cristy, 10k ang Ultegra, hindi ko naitanong Durace.  Mga 6 daw sa Kings.

The brakes we have,  centrally mounted, cantilevered ay di puwedeng imount sa frame ng Bianchi Oltre.  Ang direct mount brakes have two bolts at the back na siyang isusulot sa front fork, at rear stay.  Baka di kayo naadvice ng seller. Additional expense po yon. Mag inquire na po kayo ngayon.

                                                         Rear brakes po ito

                                                                 Front brakes

                                                                         Rear Brakes

From Btwin (Decathlon) Direct Mount Brakes - the wave of the future in cycling?

Benefits of DM brakes:
he two greatest advantages of the Direct Mount system are a slightly more powerful braking, but also one that it is clearly more progressive.
What is progressive braking? Simply that you can modulate the power of your braking much more easily.
The extra rigidity caused by the two built-in pivots reduces the bending that can occur between the arms of the calliper.
This way, braking power is linear compared to the force applied to the brake levers, while with a traditional calliper, the more force you apply to the lever, the more the calliper will deform, losing power slowly over time.
Another advantage of the Direct Mount is that each arm of the calliper is independently adjustable and once adjusted, the calliper can never lose alignment while turning, unlike a calliper attached with just one central pivot. With just one central pivot, the calliper sometimes turns a bit on its axle. So one of the brake pads can move closer to the rim than the other, or even touch the rim. With a Direct Mount brake, this problem is solved.
Finally, a Direct Mount calliper can accommodate wider tyres, with widths of 28 or even 30 mm. Now, it will more often be the design of the front fork or the rear struts (or chainstays) that will determine the maximum possible tyre width.

Hey hey the Recyclists Gang together again at Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 20, 2018

                                               Jericho, Me, Aries, Joel, Master, Bok and Pres Luis

Many of us Recyclists biked today, but many were on light rides;  only me decided to go to Jalajala to complete my target ride distance today (I made only 47 one way or 94) still short but nearly a century ride.   I did it on a light Fuji carbon.  The effort was lesser and the km come whizzing by... faster

                                                                Peter and Echo

                                                              Etoy and Tagay riders from Taytay
                                                                        (Tagay Tay riders)

                                                 Master,  Boks, Joel and Netoy

                                                                 Gerry having his Lugaw too

Even the house was invaded by the Celeste Green virus

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 20, 2018

Grabe outbreak.  Pati bahay na invade na ng Celeste Green epidemya.  Kayo kaya?

                                                        Dust pan at brush


                                                                 Cotton buds