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Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 30 ride to Real - only for #RealMen

Wheels of Happiness

I was informed by Gerry K that we will have a long ride to Real Quezon on November 30, 2014.  I met Luis at Antipolo City Cathedral today.  He confirmed and said he has not posted this at Facebook.  Will it be overnight or balikan.  He said probably balikan because it is not holiday the following day.  According to Ariel who was with this am at the ride on the way to Taytay, it takes 4 hours to be at Real.  He did this with Bubuy:    leave at 6 am and  be at Real by 10 am.  Take a  bath, eat and ride back by 5 or 6.  We were able to do this before.

Thus:  leave 6 am arrive 7a am Pisong Kape;   8 at Mabitac;  8:30 at Famy.  You will be a Llavac by 9:30.   Then it is easy pedalling to Real.

Will you join the Real ride?

Only for #realmen

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can electro muscle stimulation machine trim your flab?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | November 18, 2014

From Livestrong

From compex

Contour Electro Stimulation Machine

I just watched a TV ad for home shopping that glorifies a electro stimulating machine to build six packs and remove flabs.  

So I googled the benefits and it turned out that such devices as used for physical therapy for those who had stroke.massage and pain relief  And its use and benefits are doubtful.  So what is your pick.  Will you buy the P3,500.00 machine?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#Jorgeusbiker in #KambalnaBato Mountain Resort in Baco Oriental Mindoro

Wheels of Happiness

                   #KambalnaBato Mountain Resort

Last Friday till Saturday, Jorgeusbiker went to Calapan City to inspect a business outlet.   On the following day, he and his staff decided to have an outing in  a mountain resort owned by the inlaw of the manager of the business outlet.

The site is located at Dulangan 3 in Baco Oriental Mindoro at the foot of Mt. Halcon.  Mt Halcon is the tallest peak in Mindoro, and one of the adventure site of Mt. Climbers.  It is a very technical mountain to climb and many were reported to have perished trying to scale the mountain.

The resort is base camp of sort, jump off point to many mountaineers.  The mother in law is the Mangyan queen in that area, she said.  Her store in the resort is aptly called, #Mangyanan

See the pictures.

                   See and hear the whistling brook

               The brook river is diverted to this swimming pool

             The #Lantuyan bridge is visible the background

                          Crystal clear  swimming pool

                    The Mangyan village is atop the hill behind