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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fixing the newly bought MTB of Vhen Apran

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 27, 2016

Vhen just bought a Merida MTB with SRAM FD and RD. However he said, when he biked last Sunday he was troubled with its shifting. He had trouble with the shift at FD (would not shift up and at the back.  It would not go down to #11 cog) He showed me his bike and found out that both shift cables, for the front and back had slack and the low limit needed some loosening.  The drop out was slightly bent and needed straightening.

So we went to his house, tightened the cable and everything worked fine again.

Simple solution to what sometimes can baffle us.

Monday, July 25, 2016

We rode to Jarrel's Peak yesterday, it was a great and challenging ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 25, 2016

               The 7 Jarrel's peak conquerors from Angono

                The ride distance as per Earl's cyclocomputer

We (7 in all:  Armin, June B, Earl, Bryan, Lenard, Louie and Jorgeus Biker) rode to Jarrel's peak in Infanta Quezon via Marcos Highway yesterday, 5 am to 5 pm.  It was distance of 72 km (144 km out and back in the cateye of Earl)  It is a ride with no  bonus both ways.  One thinks that like Tagaytay, there is a bonus -  hard going up and downhill on the trip back home.  Jarrell is unforgiving:   tough going up and tough going back.  At one stretch from Saksak (which I tried earlier) it is 15 km going uphill to Sampaloc.

No wonder what they say about Jarrell's peak:

1.  Taytay MTB riders say that of their elite riders only 3 have made it so far to Jarrell

2.  It was good I did not join the Audax ride.  They say that many wasted their entry fee of  xxx amount because 50% did not finish.  The first trip down Sampaloc was 1 hour overdue because of the difficulties.

                               Rest at JenJen's bukohan

        Posing time at Marquez bulalohan, about to depart

The ride out was supposed to start at 5 am.  I arrived at 7 11 at 5:05 and nobody was still there so thinking that I was left out, I rode even though it was dark (I did not know that they still waited for me until  5:20. According to Joe, the first one to arrive was Brian at 5:10)  And though it was dark and my bike light was not functioning well I rode on.  I was in Cardona by 5:30 and in Morong by 6:00.  I thought I would have lugaw at Simples but they were not open yet.  I had my breakfast at Lugawan sa Halaman in Tanay where I stayed there until 6:30.  And then to Sampaloc

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bike ride with Vhen Apran this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016.

Happy birthday Ms. Apran.

Today I and Vhen, as was agreed yesterday at Wawa, we biked to Antipolo.  Three others were supposed to join:   Reymond, Gelo and the third one.  At agreed time of 6:30, the three were not there and then we decided to go.

Vhen led most of the way until Mercury Taytay.  In  the uphill, I spun and overtook him.  Up to Tower Hills and then to Marian Hills Seminary up to Beverly.   I waited for him before Beverly took his picture and then chased him and waited for him until PNB.  Took his picture.  Chased him again and then overtook him just before the Antipolo City Cathedral premises.  We heard mass for  a while and then descended.

There was all ready traffic up to Tikling from Marian Hills seminary.   And we counterflowed.  Left him again from the Manila East and downhill. to SM.  I was probably doing 50 kph going downhill.  And then waited for him at Shell Taytay before Villa.

It was a great ride.  Plenty of hard efforts and sprint.  He said his perspiration smelled of the drugs he was taking.