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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Climbing Eastridge with 32 x 32 up to 36t cogs

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 2 2016

Today our office PE was at Eastridge.  The ladies walked and I biked.   Before, I could not climb even up to Unamonte.  I feared that the bike would willy or that I did not have enough gear and stamina to make it at least to the gate of Unamonte.

Well today I did.  I stopped inside the Unamonte subdivision, and then rode again just before the gate.  After the gate I rode up to the main gate using 32 x 36.  I did not have to shift down to the granny. The 36t was more than enough.

At the top I met 3 Taytay MTB.  They left behind somebody who had 1 x 10.   32 front and 32 biggest at the back.  I suggested that he go back to the triplet or have 42 t at the back if he wants still to retain the 1 x 10 set.  up.

I am happy with this ride.  This has proven that at 65 I am still strong, and I had levelled up my MTB skills and strength

Friday, June 24, 2016

What a 11 -32 cogs using short cage RD only??

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 24, 2016

                                                   Parang ito na usong set up

                                                A la Contador bike for the Alps

I passed by the Villmayor bike parts in Pag asa Binangonan Rizal to consult Bitois, their and my mechanic for  the last 7 years to inquire on how to remove the chatter on my front Bianchi Campagnolo wheelset (there are some dents, I bought it used;  I would like to think the owner figured in a collision or some accident)

Well afterwards he showed me a road bike which he just assembled and which was price tagged at P120,000.  It has 105 group set, has  Zipp like aero wheelset, and carbon fiber frame.  I could swear too that my Bianchi is lighter than this expensive bike.

What caught my attention was its 11 32 cog set.  But it had a long cage.  And they are no selling long cage RD without the group set.

As soon as I got home, I removed the 6600 Ultegra 12 28 cog set and replaced with xt ten speed 11 to 32.  And I initially thought it would not fit  Its RD is short cage. (The hub is 9 speed only)  It did

The B screw was only set at one half and there is still plenty of room to spare.

Where would I get the P120t to get that handsome bike.  My Bianchi would do.

I now have best of two worlds with this Bianchi bike.   The high speed of 53 x 11, and the climbing ability of 32 cogs.  Just like Contador.  Hahaha

Bike ride to Jalajala today June 24, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 24, 2016

Tomorrow is a job day.  So no chance to bike.  So bringing the Bianchi bike, I rode out to Jalajala, 50 km one way (100 km out and back)  I started out 6:45 and was  in Pililla by 8:10.  And in Jalajala by 9:30.  (That is 2:30 for 50 km)   But I ate Lugaw in Morong and stayed there for about 20 minutes.

I swear I was faster. The bike is light, and perhaps I am stronger.  The weather was fine, there were not too many vehicles. It just rained last night so it was a pleasant ride.

I rode with 39 chain ring and tried to spin as I rode. I tried surging and trying to reach say 30 kph with 39 chain ring.   I however, did not change my cogs much perhaps moving only up to 15 t going uphill.

I did the following:

1. Standing going uphill for say 300 to 400 meters
2.  Riding the drops
3.  Sprints as usual, or HID occasionally say every km post.

Now I realize there are plenty of things I still to have know and experience riding the bike.
Now some hills do not seem so tall and intimidating after all.   The hill going up from Jala jala up to Malaya does not seem too tall.  You have to read the hills well too.  The Jala jala hills seem false flat.