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Monday, March 2, 2015

Altenergy wind tubines up close and personal - new bikers and tourist destination

Wheels of Happiness

Angono Rizal, Philippines   |   March 2, 2015

Please visit Alt Energy

Yesterday my bike ride led me to go to the the 54 mW wind turbine project of Altenergy located in Bugarin, Pililla Rizal.   6 have been installed and the 7th one is being set up.   The propellers are quite huge and the towers are huge and tall.  The site itself is off limits to visitors.

The windmills are attracting a huge throng of visitors and tourists:   bikers, MC, and car owners.  No need to go to Ilocos to see windmills.  Before in USA we saw a huge number in Tracy California.  No need to spend $1,600.00 plane fare to go there!  It is right in Bugarin.

To go to the wind turbine site, ride up to KM 66 (past the Over Looking) and turn left and up before the bridge KM 66 marker.

See it and you will be amazed.!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This street dancing at Mabalacat called Caragan delayed our Feb 20 ride by at least 30 minutes

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | February 26, 2015

We were delayed in our ride last Friday February 20 2015 because of a street dancing celebration called Caragan. It named after an Aeta Chief named Garagan  who was  married to a Mabalaquena.

The entire length of Mabalacat from the poblacion up to SCTEX flyover  held up all traffic at MacArthur Highway to standstill... Mabalacat mayor plans to have this fiesta a national event.   Here is the You Tube video

Mabalacat facebook

Image result for caragan festival 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lessons learned from the recent Baguio climb

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | February 25, 2015

Happy EDSA rev (29th year)

Where is the Spirit of Edsa 1986 (did we just replace the dictators with new ones, the commissioners, but used the old system and values)

In biking, it can never happen that we use the old system to achieve outstanding results.  Certainly we should have learned our lessons.  Some interviews show lead us to some lessons:

1.  Invest in a trainer.  Vhen has one (given/courtesy of Engr. June)   Tito plans to buy one.  You can practice a lot of things on the trainer:   leg speed, sprint, ILT and a lot more.  Not to mention being able to practice on a rainy day.

2.  Hydrate often,  Eat every two hours.  Or bring along chocolate, banana, or even rice cakes.  Drink before you feel thirsty, eat before you feel drained out.