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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Delayed post of Majayjay Ride last September 2017

Wheels of Happiness

I just figured out how to post the pictures from the CP to the computer (pictures from Majayjay ride)

                       Pres Luis, Gerry, Angel Jeff and Alan

                                    Yan ang pangalan
                                    inistambayan namin:
                                    naligo at nag inom
                                    ng lambanog

                                     On the following day,
                                      going to Lucban

                              Mt Banahaw unscarfed

                                     Pres. Luis

                               Jeff Arquiza, our host

                                 Sa Lucban, Pres Luis posing

                                         JB at Kamay ni Hesus

                                 Gerry and Pres. Luis

                          Gerry Alan, Angel and JB

                     Mini of the Kamay ni Hesus complex

                                      Prayer at Gethsemane

                                        The Saints will bless us


Sunday, November 12, 2017

HIganteng Padyak Ride today from Angono, Tikling and Baytown, Higanteng attendance

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 12, 2017

                            Artist and biker Orville Tiamson taking pics of the Higanteng attendance

The Higanteng Padyak took off at 6:30 with higanteng number of attendees present. Most were MTB riders and came from as far away place as Marikina and Quezon City.  One of the organizers I know personally is artist Orville Tiamson.  The estimate was 700 registered (paying riders) and about 200 not registered.  They had to start late (the supposed start was 6:00) because of the hordes that were still coming.

There is a registration fee of  P300.00 which covers the T shirt, a free McDo breakfast.  Part of the proceeds will go to an public art school in Angono. Mr. Orville Tiamson  an artist is part of the group that spearheaded this ride.  It is on the third year.

The Higanteng Padyak comes as a prelude to many Higante event in Angono.  The town fiesta is on November 23, 2017. And then comes a parada, of Higantes.    Land of Giants

Bikes came in many size and shapes:   MTB, folding bike, old bikes, road bikes.  Male, female, children riders.

It was a touching moment to be in touch with wave of humanity, who like you want to save the environment, and have long life.   They want good health, to discover themselves, and to enjoy the fun and camaderie in riding

                                                 They came all the way from QC;  salamat po

                                                 Lenard of RPH and company;  di  nagregister

                                                     Those in green are the organizaers

                                                         Lady bikers participating

                                                   Senior  riders

                                         They are getting off because of the slow pace at the back

                                                      Kagawad on a  fat bike

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Di natuloy Kay Biyang ride to Ternate Cavite, Kay Manang na lang... dahil sa rains

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 5, 2017

The proposed ride to Kay Biang in Ternate Cavite (boundary of  Cavite Batangas tunnel) did not materialize today because of the non stop rains since last night.  As for me, I had lbm;    had 3 before I left, had another one at Sacred Heart Church.

I came across a group of Fixie riders (4) in front of Grandspan. One had a flat, and could not fix it since they do not have portable pump.  I waited for them and said they would  just tag along towards Bugarin.  But since they have superior gear ratios, they left me at Pantok..

It was my hard gear today, and tried to ride up hills, including  Montevideo and Callahan at 44 x 17.  It was hard and I had to stand.  Near the entrance of diversion, I saw Jeff, Alan and  Pres Luis having a drink/snacks.  They said they came all ready from Pisong Kape.  (I started about 7:30 all ready).  It was 9:30 all ready.  Gerry they said and another one went up Bugarin and said they would wait for Gerry Then Edgard came and he said he would bike to Morong to buy a capacitor for his aircon motor.   The shop was closed today or could have transferred to Sumulong St.   We split ways near the old municipal hall and I turned back going home.   The trio were no longer there  when I reached the former spot where I met them.

Was home by 11:00 am