Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Real Hill Climbing Enthusiasts, Here is One for You....

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

On the way back at San Miguel, before Bugarin, I saw this beautiful development called Kota Paradiso.  For someone who really want to enjoy healthful living, and daily practice on hill climbing, why don't you try it out here.  We know for a fact that Lance Armstrong bought a house near the Alp de Huez to practice his hill climb.

The contact person whom I met there is Leila Riomalos tel no. 0906-385-0383.  I do not know her; I am not related to her.  I think she is selling us a product that some of us might need in the pursuit of good health and strong riding

Isn't it cute?

Real Entrepreneurship/Business Ideas Along Real Ride

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

There are numerous ideas for business entrepreneurship that I observed as we rode to real. 

I saw that there is a hospital/medical center being built in earnest in Siniloan.

 For buses plying the route, restaurants and pasalubong stores abound.  Here are the other images:







Dont you think they make business sense?  Would you venture in any of them?  There are great opportunities along the real way... real opportunities.

The Real Road Conditions

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

The roads in Rizal are all  A-OK, as smooth as glass.  In Famy Siniloan, Roads are ok except for stretch between 99 to l0l which are all undergoing concreting. That is the Laguna side.  The Quezon side at Real have just been recently asphalted.  But generally the roads are ok.  Very soon, after the concreting at the Laguna side is over, going to Real will be really uneventful.

From what I recall, the Marilaque project was conceived (it was a road from Cubao to Infanta Real via Marcos Highway - project head was Hon Vic Sumulong) to relive the Galleon Trade Route.  The Mexico Phil galleon trade stopped at the deep ports of Infanta and Real.  How I wish, that Marilaque thing pushed through.

As we know it Japan's eastern seaboard is bustling and handles port activities (as we learn from
the Tsunami disaster)  But with the good roads being developed, that dream can become a reality.  If Batangas port can take the trade from Taiwan and US; so can Real and Infanta and in the process bring progress to Eastern Luzon seaboard.



                                    This portion near the quarry is the steepest and very rutted



Are there other Real Men out there just waiting for their courage to go Real?

It Rained 7 times as we Rode to Real

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

The weather was so unpredictable; sunshine one moment, then heavy rains next. That characterized our ride to Real.  It rained 3x going to Real, 3x going back and very heavy rain in Bugarin.  However, the rains made the ride very cool and pleasant.  I liked it.


Weng, I, and my Bike Waiting for the Rain to Stop at Km 98
                                               My Bike Resting Among Dos por Lapad

Why Real Men?

Some guys are intrigued by the title of the post:  RealMen!!!!

First of all we biked to Real, Quezon.

Second, we biked approximately l00 km one way without back up vehicle or logistics. Out and back that is 200 km, and equivalent ride to Baguio, or a good length lap in Tour de France.

Third, the route was for Real Men Really.  20 km going up to km l00 without recovery; the same going back. That is twice the length of Bugarin.  Only Real Men can do that.

Do we need to say more?  I feel I am a more complete rider after completing this feat.

                                                 Weng, A Strong Rider, Brother of Angel

Thanks To Mr. Ace Tia

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

Mr. Ace Tia, a former Entrep Student at AGSB and former officer of SkyCable, sent me magazine which he bought from Singapore, together with some of the books I lent him The Ultimate Ride by Chris Carmichael (coach of  Lance Armstrong) Bike for Life by Roy M. Wallack & Bill Katovsky.  Now that they are back with me, I can share more on this bike blog.

Thanks Ace.  By the way, Ace owns a fiber carbon bike frame with SRAM red changer.  Wow.

One of the interesting things in the Cycling Plus Magazine is large number of bikes for sale.  But they are expensive because they are priced in British Pounds.  Bikes should be cheaper because we are near the source.
 The two books plus the magazine should be interesting source of ideas to write on later on.

Interesting Views Along the Real Ride last Aug 29, 2011

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

I saw a great deal of interesting things/views in the Real Ride:  place to eat, business, plants, woodcraft, flora, and more.  That is why biking is such a pleasant sports and experience.  Please share with me the views.

                                      Interesting Orchid Flower:  Speckled Like a Leopard

                                Tambo Grass where they get Mat for Tambo Brooms

                                                     A Large Vacation House

                                            Attractions in the Real Eatery where we Ate

Other Nice Things at The Real Eatery

                                                        Other Decor at the Eatery


  I love this sports.  The sights and the experience.