Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Real Road Conditions

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

The roads in Rizal are all  A-OK, as smooth as glass.  In Famy Siniloan, Roads are ok except for stretch between 99 to l0l which are all undergoing concreting. That is the Laguna side.  The Quezon side at Real have just been recently asphalted.  But generally the roads are ok.  Very soon, after the concreting at the Laguna side is over, going to Real will be really uneventful.

From what I recall, the Marilaque project was conceived (it was a road from Cubao to Infanta Real via Marcos Highway - project head was Hon Vic Sumulong) to relive the Galleon Trade Route.  The Mexico Phil galleon trade stopped at the deep ports of Infanta and Real.  How I wish, that Marilaque thing pushed through.

As we know it Japan's eastern seaboard is bustling and handles port activities (as we learn from
the Tsunami disaster)  But with the good roads being developed, that dream can become a reality.  If Batangas port can take the trade from Taiwan and US; so can Real and Infanta and in the process bring progress to Eastern Luzon seaboard.



                                    This portion near the quarry is the steepest and very rutted



Are there other Real Men out there just waiting for their courage to go Real?

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