Sunday, October 15, 2017

Being a biker trains you to really do a lot of repairs yourself

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 15, 2017

Being a biker trains you to be a Mr. Handyman.  Kasi if you have everything that goes wrong with your bike to be done by the mechanic, you are in for a lot of abala and expenses.  Sometimes all you need is patience, focus, pair of pliers, allen wrench (hex) and a little understanding of mechanics of the bike.

Today:   I fixed the following on my bike:

1.  Tightened the cables for the front and rear derailleur of the Sava MTB and the Bianchi road bike
2.  Removed the grating sound of the rear derailleur of the Bianchi (a little 1/4 turn of the low screw of the RD)
3.  Adjusted the cables of the Sava MTB so that it can shift to the biggest rear sprocket (34)
4.  Put loctite on the crank tensioner bolt so that it wont fall off again (as it has several times)

I also washed the bikes and removed the grime from the chain ring and the sprocket.

In the house I was the handyman, the DIY guy:

1.  I replaced the LED bulb outside the house on the western side;
2.  Replaced the bulb of the lighting fixture inside the house

Bike Ride today, October 15, 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 15, 2017

There were a lot of kapadyaks I met today as I went on a ride to Binangonan and Antenna using a road bike (the Bianchi Ultegra):

1.  Armin Zap  -  at Jollibee waiting for other MTBs to arrive.   while the BFP were putting out fire at Angono SaveMore

2.  Jess Verchez -  he passed by us;   he was not riding today.

3  Alan Astorga -   in Tagpos.  He was on MTB and would ride with Gerry Cataps;   I left him at Tagpos

4.  Pablo Tsinelas -  at Antenna.  While I did the antenna using the road bike.  I drew ohs and ahs from the MTB riders because I had high gears.  But I was able to reach the  top.  My lowest gear was 39 x 32.  It was a hard combination

It was the first time I rode a road  bike all the way to Antenna.Only MTBs before

Indeed I perspired a lot today riding up San Carlos Heights Antenna.  My thighs and legs ached and it was a real work out despite the short distance.

Yesterday, I rode up Medalva using the SAVA MTB.  I used 32 x 34 gears.  Since it was raining hard, it was a refreshing ride

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ride to Morong today using FujiCarbon

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 8, 2017

Image result for fuji sl1 carbon road bike

I rode to Morong today using a road bike.  The FujiCarbon. I had not used this for the last 2 months and molds and mildew were growing on the tires and other parts  I decided to use the 50 chain ring and the 13 to 15 sprocket even while going up Callahan. (a hard gear set day).   There is a big difference with MTB ride because pedaling is relatively light and was not left very much behind by a fellow road biker aboard a GTS alum bike

As I saw in a bike contest in Lombard, when the gear is harder, all I had to do was stand up

I met Jimmy and Sec Noe and both wore the same windmill uniform.  There was a slight drizzle as I rode home.   Many I think did not ride because there was light rain/shower early in the morning

Dapat talaga lahat ng bikes ginagamit

2x Climb to San Carlos (Antenna) Heights last Wednesday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 8, 2017

I was training officers last week and part of the schedule was physical fitness.  HR brought them to Marian hills on a hike.  I brought my MTB and rode up via Tolentino. I used relatively hard gears going up.   32 x 17 to 19. I had long lay over and could not manage I think climb up by Gate 2.  I was ahead of every body else.  I met them:   a lady and another senior near Sitio Mangga all ready.

Then I went up again riding the bike.   And then when we went down, I rode down to Mangga and  then climbed again meeting them near the last switchback before Mangga.   I rode down again and met them near the first cross.

They walked down  Gate 2,  and rode up and down again as they descended.   As usual, in the afternoon, I was dead tired and had to sleep for two hours

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Very fast bike ride by the Big 5 to Tagaytay City today, October 1, 2017

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
October 1, 2017

There was a planned ride to Tagaytay City today as heard from Gerry Cataps:   assembly was supposed to be at 5:45 today at Iglesia.   I asked Vhen last Thursday, and said he was in doubt.

This morning, it was still drizzling at 5:30 am.  I decided not to join

However natuloy pala sila:  5:  Alan, Gerry, Pres Luis, Angel, and Jeff (?)

And they did this in a very quick and fast action:  10 arrival at Tagaytay City, and they even went to Palace in the Sky.

They were able to come back at 2 pm.  Gerry still went somewhere else.

Vhen I saw him at 3:00 am near the Angono bridge, Villamayor Bike store.

Today, I just rode to Morong and went home via Diversion. (after a long time.) and it was challenging again. I struggled at 32 x 25.  

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Beware of bike grab ( jacking napping) even in a church even a cathedral yard

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 30,, 2017

Related image

Image result for bike thieves

Yesterday I biked to Antipolo using an MTB on hard gear:  44 x 17 and 19.   I went to the cathedral of the said city.  Because of the presence of security guard, I was compelled to go to the bike parking area.  There I met Romeo who is 66 and senior like me from Manggahan.  And Liz from Balara, Q. C.

I excused myself, left my bike to say a little prayer and was in time for final blessing.  As I came back the two reprimanded me for leaving my bike.

They said that many bike jackers abound in the area.  Those who look as if they are agents for vendors, barkers, etc.  just take off their pants and other  clothing,  are into bikers uniform and simply grab the bike (reminds us of grab taxi)

Someone left his bike at the right wing of the cathedral (beside the parish office) and lost his bike in matter of 3 minutes. (Bike thieves accomplish the feat in 1 minute or less)  They said that even in the lugawan, some 200 meters away, do not leave your bike.

The TV is full of CCTV clips of bike thefts, even in broad daylight.  Even chains and bike locks do not work vs their huge bolt cutters.  They  ply their trade with MC or motor vehicles.   The thieves observe and case their victims.   They go after careless people, just like me at the church yard

Dear bikers, many are aware of the steep price we pay for our cherished bike.  Beware.


Image result for bike thieves

Image result for bike thieves

Image result for bike thieves

From Vocativ - Tips from a bike thief -  how not lose your bike

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Short intense rides vs long slow rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 10, 2017

I have gone two long rides (Jariel's Peak, and Majayjay) doing only short rides:   10 to 15 km one way (20 to 30 km) but intense with interval and sprints up to 37 kmh.  I guess that enabled me to survive the ride without injuries nor distress.   But the minimum is 3x per week.  That would be between 60 to 90 km a day.

Whereas before I do week end ride up to Pisong Kape, 30 kms out (that would be sixty) but may be on slow ride.  Not too many sprints.

Which one is better?

Caring for the bikes; wiping and polishing the same constantly

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 10, 2017

When I rode to Jariel's Peak with Peter Anonuevo and the  rest of Recyclists, I was stunned when Peter A mentioned that the way to make the Ti bike (which I brought with me for the ride)  was to buy a 3M sandpaper probably 2,000 grit. What sand paper?  I do not even wipe this clean nor dry.

And so beginning that day, I made sure  that the bike was thoroughly cleaned and wiped.  And then rubbed with a special towel to make it shine.

Pre Luis also could not resist wiping his Felt bike clean when we reach the destination.  He makes sure he has a rag for this. I being tired after a long ride could not even manage to change my clothes

I think I did not do this before to my bike during the last 10 years I biked.   I have to devote more time for this now that I am semi retired

Why did Aquileo (Jojo) Fuentes die of heart attack despite being a biker (MTB)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 10, 2017

Jojo was buried in the body crypts section of Holy Gardens Memorial Park last Saturday.  I was not in Angono. I was in Calapan for an agent's Sales Meeting.  Now why did he die?  Did his death defy everything we say about exercise.

I found out the following as I interviewed his relatives and from my observation:

1.   He smoked a lot (as we even joked that DU30 may have him arrested for smoking in public)

2.  He worried about many things that are not of concern of ordinary citizens:  the global warming, the oil prices due to Iran Iraq conflict, the setting of the sun, the LGU project on the river and the Wawa;  He talked about Federal Govt of Germany, Queen Elizabeth and many more.May be it was stressful

3.  He had a stroke before.

He would have survived had he been sent to a hospital, ICU during the 1 hour window when he complained of the chest pains and shortness of breath

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I finally got paid for the bike I sold on installment

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 5, 2017

Good news!   After several months of follow up and worrying that I lost a 50% of installments on the SARS bike I sold to a young buyer, I found his father and him at our office yesterday.  He paid P12.000 for the balance of the amount due on amortization for the bike.   He said he had difficulties before on the dialysis of his lolo.   The last payment was supposed to be in June.  And now he finally landed a job as a cartoon animator that does business with Warner Bros and Disney.  Great.

I thought I totally lost trust on people I meet, or young bikers who would try to get some of bikes on terms. But no more selling of bikes nor parts on terms.

Thanks God

Jojo Fuentes, katambay na MTB sa Wawa, died last Monday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 5, 2017

I learned yesterday from Vhen Apran, Alfred when I biked to Wawa, that Jojo Fuentes, our katambay at Wawa (an MTB rider died last Monday in their house  at E. Rodriguez of probably hbp.

Jojo Fuentes who ran for mayor was a very colorful person who had various outlandish theories on many things like solar energy, the Caspian sea,  Queen Elizabeth supporting him and the river rehab at Angono.  He would have garnered  many more votes than the 700+ he got last election for mayoralty position had he not spoken nor attended the debate sponsored by the Parish Council.  We may say he had challenges in his thinking but we never told him that.  We enjoyed his talks

His body lies in wake at their house.  We will surely miss him

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More pictures at the house of Jeff and Goyamalinao Resort

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 30, 2017

Here are more  pictures taken by Pres. Luis at Arquiza residence at Bo. Bitaoy, Majayjay Laguna and at Goyamalinao waterfalls  last Sunday, August 28, 2017. Enjoy

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor
                                            Resting with Dad and Mom of Jeff at their residence

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
                                          Alan, Gerry and myself

Image may contain: 5 people, outdoor
                                             With Jeff and his parents

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, outdoor and nature
                                            Relaxing at Goyamalinao waterfalls

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Long Ride to Majayjay Laguna last Sunday and yesterday, again by the Magnificent 6

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 28,2017

Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle, mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
                                             JB and magnificent Mt  Banahaw at the background

Image may contain: 5 people, mountain, outdoor and nature
                                      JB, Jeff, Alan, Gerry and Cataps.  Pres. Luis took the photo

The long ride to Majayjay, Laguna,was completed yesterday staged by again Magnificent Six:  Pres Luis, Jeff Arquiza, Allan Astorga, Gerry Cataps, Angel Balubar,and yours truly.  This was just 7 days after the Jariel's peak ride Infanta,Quezon. Jess and Peter did not make it this time:  Angel and  Gerry were the subs.

August 26, 2017

We pushed through with this despite the fact that it was still raining by 4 am;  it rained hard from 5 pm until 4 am Sunday.  But I bought a rain coat which marked my determination to join rain or no rain.

It was a two days journey, so Jeff advised us to just have just a riding pace. We assembled at 6:00 at Sacred Heart Church in Tayuman.  We left at 6:30 and were in Pisong Kape (Tia Carmen's) at 8:00. Next stop was at Pagsanjan at 10:00. I thought I would quit at some 4.5 km from Pagsanjan at the widened portion of the highway. There were no more trees and it was very hot.  We rested for some 15 minutes(except Jeff and Alan).  But we resumed, tiis and tiyaga were the keywords. We lunched at Luisiana by 12:00 and we were in Majayjay by a little past 3. Prior to that, four of us Angel, Gerry, Pres Luis had bibingka some  3km  before Luisiana.  Here  we met MTB rider Leonard Cequena and company.  There were 3 of them.   Nag abot din kami sa lunch sa Luisiana.  Tiyak gagabihin sila kung balikan sila. They left  6 Pililla and that meant 6 hours na sila sa road (not including from Binangonan to Pililla)   So if they leave at Lucban at 2 pm.  For a fast rate of 6 hours, they would be home by 8:00 or 9 pm

We passed at the short cut in Luisiana at theY instead of passing at the Lucban 603 highway. It must have saved us about 5 km and 20 minutes of ride. After about 2 km of ascent, it was all going downhill. After buying food and some drinks we proceeded to the house of the parents of Jeff at Barangay Bitaoy.  His parents happily welcomed us. And even prepared lunch. But we were still full.

At 4 pm we took a short tricycle ride to Goyamalinao resort. We took some Lambanog shot with cucumber as pulutan.  Then some bather watching and 4 of us:  Jeff,Alan, Gerry and Angel took a dip.  Pres Luis and I did not since di kami sanay maligo after a hard labor. The cold may enter our body, since we all ready rested and no longer perspiring.   At about 6:30  we walked back home.

At the corner store, we bought crackers,4 red horse large for the evening fellowship.  We had some shakes too and learned of the siling demonyo (reported to be 10x more potent than siling labuyo..Then we had dinner of rice and ampalaya con egg.  At about 7, we had the fellowship.

There was a medical emergency in the house. The father of Jeff unexpectedly  had  hbp and was dizzy and nauseous.   A neighbor nurse was  called in and after taking the medication, we all settled down.

August 27, 2017

 After breakfast, we left at about  6:30 am for Lucban, Kamay ni Hesus religious shrine.   We had picture2 with  Mt Banahaw as the background   Then we stopped by the church of Lucban.   But the road from Majayjay to Lucban was peppered by steep ascents.  My 32 sprocket was all ready working this time (Yesterday, the roller was rubbing into the spokes) and after adjusting the low and high  adjustment screw, the roller worked ok this time.   Then we went to the Kamay ni Hesus shrine. That was about 8:00 am   We were only allowed to stay stop/park at the  Virgin Mary Shrine.    So more pictures.  We left at about 9:00 for home  And the way home we passed by the diversion.  We saved some minutes from the  traffic and narrow road, but   the route seemed longer by about 5 km.  This time I kept pace with the group until midway in Lumban.  But was still together with Gerry and Angel.   We were at Pagsanjan by 10:30.  We arrived at Mabitac by 12:00  and had lunch there. I had plapla and rice.   With the softdrinks, the lunch set me back by P85.00  The plapla was P50.00 (small)

We were at Pisong Kape by about 1:30.  It was struggle to ride up Bugarin because it was high noon and the sun was beating hard on us.  Angel and I did 2 stops (keeping in mind that something bad could happen like a sun/heat stroke)   At the last stop near the dreaded Balite Tree, at the fruit stands, I bought 2 kgs worth of Marang and guyabano.

Then more rides going home some 30 km to go.  This time, there were no untoward incident.  Last time, Gerry was bumped by a tricycle and his wheel (rear was wrecked) at Morong.   Pres Luis, and Jeff waited for us at URS and were togehter until Pantok where we were separated by traffic.   It rained at Tagpos and I had the opportunity to wear the rain coat I bought specially for this ride.   I was home  by 4:30.  Whew, back ached and the butt too for the distance traveled.  200 km back and forth,  100 km one way

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
                                 Selfie taken at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman:  Magnificent 6

Image may contain: bicycle, sky, tree and outdoor
                                                    Going up at Bugarin near the Kawayanan

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
                                                         Angel and I resting at Famy

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle, outdoor and nature
                                               Pres Luis took this picture of Angel and I going up at Kalayaan
              Caliraya   power plant hill

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, outdoor and nature
                                     Resting 4.5 km from Pagsanjan.  It was too hot, and here
                                        I thought I would quit.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature
                                         Sa bibingkahan, 3 km from Luisiana town proper, with
                                           MTB riders on the way to Lucban, led by Leonard Cequena

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, bicycle and outdoor
                                                             JB at Bibingkahan

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, outdoor
                                              Resting at Luisiana town plaze, prior to final phase
                                                                to Majayjay

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, motorcycle, bicycle and outdoor
                                                   Long shot at  Plaza in Luisianna

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling
                                     Just arrived at Bo. Bitaoy in Majayjay

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
                                         Ka arrive lang sa bahay ng parents ni Jeff

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people riding bicycles, bicycle, outdoor and nature
                                        Departing from the house of Jeff's parents;  salamat po sa

Image may contain: one or more people, plant, bicycle and outdoor
                                                     JB descending from the Arquiza house

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor
                                                      Barangay Bitaoy the barrio of the Arquiza

Image may contain: 5 people, mountain, bicycle, outdoor and nature
                                             Jeff took  the picture along the Majayjay Lucban road,
                                             resting  after a long climb

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Still strong at 66?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 22, 2017

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Of the six riders last Sunday to Jariel's Peak, 5 had road bikes.  I brought a Ti Sava MTB.  This helped a bit because it was lighter.

As you can see in the video, I was abler to keep pace with Jess Verchez.   But I was sitting down.

That was great accomplishment for me considering that my farthest bike ride for the last two weeks was only to Morong or Antipolo.

Watch the video taken by Pres. Luis Genavia

Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend trek of Recyclists Magnificent Six to Jariel's Peak

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 21, 2017

Happy Atom Day (August 21 movement)

Image may contain: 4 people, bicycle, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people riding bicycles, bicycle, outdoor and nature
                                         Pres Luis and JB at Rosary Hill

Video by Pres Luis of Jess and Jorgeus Biker at Marcos Highway

Yesterday, despite heavy rains Saturday evening and until wee hours of the morning, the skies cleared at 5:00 paving the way for the planned ride to Jariel's Peak.  Six turned out for the ride:   Jeff, Alan, Pres Luis, Peter, Jess V and I.

The rendezvous was supposed to be at Sacred Heart.  No one was there by 5:40.  However Jeff arrived, and then by 5:45 we left for Morong Maybancal Simples Lugawan.  Alan Pres Luis, and Jess were there.  Soon after we rode to Sampaloc arriving there at the summit by 8:30.   Then we waited for Peter at the Crossing who said he was all ready at Daranak Falls.  (Iyon pala panay ang selfie)

We started for Jariel by 9:00 am.  We did away with snacks planning to have the same along the way.   It was first time for Jariel for Alan, Jeff, Peter, and Jess.  It was all downhill up to km 70 and then we had snacks at km 76.  I had water, Fudgee bar, and RC Cola.  Although the destination was mere 12 km away, I struggled and caught up with the group at Rosary Hill at about 11.   I arrived 11:30

We had lunch at Marquez Bulalohan.  We were fortunate, most of the MC riders had left Marquez and we had a table and was able to get food in less than 10 minutes. When I rode with Angono MTB, we did not have a table,  food was served after one hour.  Iyon pala, pay as you order.  We had Sisig, pansit, lumpiang toge,  and 1.75 Royal Orange.

We departed for home by 1:00 pm.  I could swear we were doing 50 kph +   We arrived at Sampaloc Crosssing by 2:30.  We stopped for snack of Hopia and RC cola.   And then I bought Marang and avocado at our buko stop.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pleasant day today for a bike ride; slightly overcast and light breeze

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 30, 2017

Today was a very pleasant day for biking.   The skies was overcast (not much direct sunlight) and light cool breeze blowing from the south (but sometimes it got very windy) due to a reported typhoon system in the north.  It could have a been fine day for biking at US.

I left later than usual, about 7:30 because of  digestive system disorder.  Again I bought the SAVA Ti and rode side by side by a former fellow Taytay rider (whose name I forgot, friend ni Joel)  He had a Ridley carbon fiber bike and he noted that what I had was a Ti.  I even left him at times.  And also I took the Cardona diversion and he took the usual route. He said it was malupit.  Going up Namay Morong, I left him and another companion.

There was no more lugaw at Simples when I arrived (a little over 8:00 am) and just said hello to the husband of Ms. Simple who is having challenges with diabetes.

And then I decided to return home via Teresa and Antipolo.

I happened to ride with two young MTB riders who had Eagle SRAM group.   I was able to catch up and even overtook them really going up Teresa.    But well they were young.  So a 70,000 gear set can not leave you far enough. It is about strength and endurance.  (Am I beginning to lose some of that)

In Antipolo, and going home there were patches of  strong rain, or showers and dry roads. I was able to get home before real rain started to pour  

Hill climbs with Sava Ti

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 30, 2017

I had 3 hill climbs this week SAVA ti:  2x  Eastridge;   and once for Antenna San Carlos Heights last Tuesday.   And they looked easy for me, because I merely used the low gears.   I was able to climb the sites using only 32 chain rings and max of 36 for the sprocket

I have two other MTB:   a SAVA 580 carbon fiber and Mosso Falcon 4. But this one is the best so far.  It was a good buy

I learned from the video at You Tube that you do not have to over exert nor race going up because you can blow out and not finish the climb.  At East ridge yesterday, a young MTB rider had to stop often and said it was his first time.   Going down was perilous:  the roads which were moss filled were difficult to negotiate going down hill:  the tires skid and the bike despite the knobby was difficult to control - you could ditch anytime. But thanks God,these were uneventful climb and descent

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Enjoying hill climbs with the SAVA ti MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 27, 2017

I did not use the SAVA ti MTB for several months.   But I have been using this since Saturday:  for climb up Medalva, last Sunda for my ride to Bugarin, last Tuesday for the climb of SCH; and yesterday, for climb up to East Ridge.  I relish the ride because of the very low gears (24 lowest for chain rings, and 36 for the rear sprockets).   For Medalva, SCH, and Eastridge, I did not have to use the  24 only the 32 chain rings.  The 32 x 34 or 3 x 36, they were adequate for the climb without being  stressed.    For the Sunday ride, I only used the 42 chain ring even when doing Bugarin.

What did I relish with the SAVA:   it is light and responsive.   The Mosso MTB and the SAVA carbon fiber 580 felt heavy and sluggish.   The SAVA Ti was light and sprightly.  I could even outrun road bike and or run at the same pace as road bikes

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Death and illness of kapadyaks due to energy drinks?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

Related image


Image result for ill effects of energy drinks

Warnings issued vs energy drinks

A rider who was buried last Sunday in Teresa was rumored to have taken 4 energy drinks named after a venomous snake after a  a race.  He collapsed going home between  boundary of Taytay and  Antipolo.  Another rider whose health suddenly went south since six months ago takes a lot of energy drinks during every ride (again named after another deadly venomous African snake.)

I remember having written about the dangers of energy drink. They contain 4x the concentration of sugar, and 4x caffeine in a bottle.  It may set you back only P20.00 and give you a lot of boost but it can stress your heart because of the caffeine and  damage your kidney. (The ill kapadyak needs dialysis;   therefore his kidney was damaged.  He does not have any known disease and therefore the damaged kidney could only be attributed to the energy drink.   My brother who owns a mortuary tells of stories of those having fun time with alcoholic drinks dying after they took energy drinks about  taking alcohol,  They do so because they say there is no hang over after taking energy drink.  That is right. They die.

Therefore, before you take an energy drink in your next ride, be careful.   Weigh the pros and cons

Top 14 Energy Drink Dangers

Climbing Botong Francisco (Medalva) yesterday together with office mates

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

Our PE yesterday was jogging to Medalva (Botong Francisco highway)  I took the opportunity to test the Sava Ti bike with XT group set, WTB wheel set  and  Manitou fork.  I did 3 x ride up the hill.  I used 32 chain ring and max of only 36 for the steepest part.  For the hill, I used 32 x 32 and it was easy riding.  I did not have to catch my breath, nor be in distress.

I rode it 1x before the ladies climbed;  then I climbed it again as they were walking at the climb;  Then as they were descending, I descended and climbed again the hill  (that is the 3x time)

The weight and  the gears of Sava Ti were perfect for the hill climb.  There were others whom I saw negotiating on an MTB with platito gears (24 chain ring) walking.  The others used 24 chain ring for the climb.

Bike ride today, July 23, 2017 to Bugarin; rode together with Gerry and Vhen

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

Image result for sava titanium road bike review

Sava Ti Bike at Ali Express

I rode to Bugarin today. I brought out my Sava Ti.(MTB)   On the way from Tayuman to Morong, I rode with Gerry Cataps. We tried to chase a roadie with white and blue Jersey.  I overtook him for a while in Cardona, but he overtook me at Callahan and so with Gerry.   We had lugaw in Morong   and those who came were:  Alan, Netoy and and  Echo (long time no see)  We decided we would ride to OL.   And so we rode together with Taytay riders.   I did not see much of Gerry, but I remember overtaking Alan.  And towed  Gerry for a while.  At Baras hill, the tropa overtook me and may be they were ahead by about 500 meters at Pililla.  I did not see Gerry  and Alan but later on I saw them  going down all ready at km 67.

I rode up to km 68 (Bugarin na) and at heavy gear.   42 x 18 to 28.    That was a hard ride on a big chain ring.   On the way back I saw Vhen.  He said he was chasing me from Morong, and then from Pisong Kape to Bugarin and from OL up to  km  57 of Pililla.  We rode together alternating tranco.  We had some buko and turon at store near the intersection of diversion and road from Cardona.  We met many Mambog riders there.

However at  Binangonan Convention Center rain started to fall, and we had to seek shelter from the rains, after being exposed to very hot environment. We spent about 30 minutes for two episodes or rain.  We were home by 12 noon

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Repairing the MTB lock out with additional air pressure

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 15, 2017

I noticed that the front suspension lock out of my Mosso MTB is not working;   it does not lock any more.
So I took this padjak owned by a relative to have the suspension checked.  Are they repairing the lock out?  No.   So please check the air pressure. And found there was none.   So the mechanic put in air 85 psi.  And presto the lock out worked.

It is that easy.

Climbing the Church in the Sky at De la Cuesta in Muzon Taytay Rizal, again

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 15, 2017

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Image result for church in the sky

Our staff decided to have  the PE for Saturday (physical fitness) today at Church in the Sky, at de la Cuesta, Muzon Taytay Rizal.  Since I arrived early, I tried to climb the church early.  It is always a challenging task to go to the church.  There is the last portion, only 30 meters long, that is steep. The longer portion about 400 meters is long and medium steep.   But the last 30 meters can take your breath away;   the 68 year old man, a former biker himself, says he can ride that portion up.

Well  I rode down to see other colleagues and climbed the hill again.  My gear was  32 x 28.   for the second climb.  For the first climb it was 32 x 36.

The ride this morning was probably 3 km from Angono x 2, 6 and total up and down the church was 4 km.  I sweated a lot from this climb and must have burned plenty of cholesterol, uric acid, and blood sugar

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Using electrical tape as rim tape

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 17, 2017

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Image result for electrical tape over rim tape

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Electrical tape as rim tape from MTB forum

This post experienced two flats in rapid succession: at his Bianchi bike   while biking, and the other while the bike was parked inside the bedroom.  There was no apparent puncture from outside (as nails, broken glass);  the hole which were large, were seen at the side of the tube facing the rim bed.  So the problem could be the worn out tape on the rim bed. (Masking tape) The masking tape I used before had worn out.   The regular bike tape would set me back by P100.00 at least (or more)   I met Gerry and he suggested electrical tape which Odi, the mechanic at Villamayor used to seal the aberration from the rim bed that can cause puncture  on the interior.

And so I did.  I bought two Armak electrical tape.  (Cost P10.php only each)  And put over the rubber strips cut from old interior. Each one was good for 2 1/2 layer of protection on the rim bed.  I finished the project at 8 pm last night;  I sweated profusely as I completed the project.  The interior tube seem to be holding out well;  no flats again  which I expect on the road.  (But unable to ride because of frequent rains)