Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I am always behind in our bike rides?

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  | July 31, 2013

I used to wonder why I am always behind the bike rides;

l.  First of all age matters (am a senior 62)

2. I take pictures of the ride; for the blog/facebook

3.  I still have the pack one pack all attitude especially the rescue/sweeper mentally in mountain trekking.  You do not mind your own safety and you make sure that your companions are OK.  Hence when master had two more flats, I made sure that I stood by him.

I do not know whether it is a strength or weakness?

I biked today and I saw many having secret training

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL   |  July 31, 2013

Today is a AdeMU holiday;  it is feast of St. Ignatius de Loyola and birthday of my eldest daughter.

I biked today up Callahan Cardona.  I left at 6:30 and even went to church at Sacred Heart in Tayuman, Binangonan Rizal. I managed to pass one MTB and one road biker.

I met on the way back:   Papa Rick near Iglesia in Cardona.  VM near Km 28 and several CME riders from Taytay.  I practiced intervals and hard hills climb.  I was t home by 8;   I still have work to do.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How did I do in the Tagaytay ride?

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  |  July 30, 2013

I am not ashamed to tell that the rest of the Recyclists wait for me.  But before they had to wait for 10 minutes or so, now, it takes 2 to 3 minutes for me to arrive (that is according to Joel)

At the C6 portion I was in the middle of the pack and even was at the front of the paceline for a while.  They overtook me at 3/4 portion of the road.

At the Bicutan to Alabang portion, I was near the front, and reliquished the advantage near the Alabang Zapote road (they were ahead by just 200 meters)

At Daang Hari, up to about 4/5ths of Daang Hari, I stayed with the lead pack.

I and master were behind at Paliparan and Greenwoods up to Silang

At Silang to Tagaytay, we (Master and I were behind) but overtook Ado at around km 48.  Ado though overtook me at km 52.  (That was near the rotonda all ready)

What did I do as we climbed?  I tried spinning which I watched at You Tube as an Alberto Contador strategy.  The climbing was much much easier and I did not feel tired.  I was able to stay close to the leaders.

Accident at Paliparan rd - a brand new pick up turned belly up!

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Angono, Rizal   |  July 30, 2013

We saw an accident along the bike route last Sunday at Paliparan road about a kilometer away from the corner opposite an indie gasoline station(I could not remember the name). A brand new pick up turned turtle.  It must have been totalled.

 Several other pick ups (Ranger etc) were near the accident site.  They would be probably have been travelling at a convoy and traveling at high speed and maybe avoided a vehicle going to or exiting the gasoline station.  The avoidance maneuver, I suppose must have caused the pick up to flip upside down.

I did not take picture because the accident picture may instill negative images in the minds of the reader, Recyclists.

The vehicle was gone by 12 noon when we went down from Tagaytay

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pinarello Dogma, the best bike in the world

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VM has one;  we Filipinos can own the best bike in the world.

What is the truth behind the real cost of bikes?

Real Cyclists

This video compares the cost of ordinary bikes with the top end bikes. What is the real score?

Are the more expensive bikes faster and better?

Cavite request from Gerry at RJ eatery - he got Laguna instead

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 We had fun as we ate at RJ eatery at GMA (near Wilcon) because there was videoke at the eatery.  And all we had to do was give 5 pesos to the one singing.  Gerry requested for Cavite (by Sampaguita) and the singer, in a very passionate way belted out Laguna.  She even asked Jorgeusbiker to shout out Laguna.

The singer admired the physique and muscles of the riders.

Master E had multiple flats yesterday as we return from Tagaytay

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We had to wait for a while for Master E at the corner of Bacoor and Daang Hari.  We found out he had a flat.  His Hutchinson tubeless tire (installed at Campagnolo rim) at the rear must have had a glass puncture at Paliparan.

He finally arrived in Daang Hari, but near Cerritos  he again ran a flat.  This time he had to install tube.  We did well until we arrived at Belluvue Hotel Alabang center on the way to service road.  He got another puncture and he had to use his second interior.  That was about l:15.   But then the rain came pouring down.  We had to sit out the rain for one hour plus.  We had to ride in the rain.  We caught up with the group near Jollibee just before C6.

By this time, we were all wet and shivering with cold

                                   Master E was saddenned by the flat

                                It was a challenging day for Master E because he had multiflats

                                      Master E and I sat out the rain at lobby of Belluvue hotel

                                     Rain rain go away

Other pictures of Tagaytay bike ride July 28, 2013

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These are the other bike  pictures of Tagaytay city bike ride:

                               Gerry Y after lunch riding down Paliparan

                                       Master E butt view

                               Master E side view;  my ride mate

                                  Gerry K at the right

                          Waiting for Master E and me at the corner of Daang Hari and Bacoor

                                  Albert's Argon bike

Our bike ride yesterday to Tagaytay City July 28, 2013

Real Cyclists

Rizal PHL   July 29, 2013

 Just entered C6, that is Master e to the left and Joel to the right

We rode to Tagaytay City yesterday.  We left early, we rode fast and reached Tagaytay City earlier than usual:

I was at assembly site in front of INC by 5:10  Pres. Luis, asked us Gerry.and I to go to Taytay;   Master E joined us at CME.  We were there by 5:30.  First to arrive was Ado and then Joel.  The bulk of the riders arrived by 5:45 and we had to wait for Gerry Y.

We left Taytay at 6:00 am and we were in Bicutan before 7:00; were in Daang Hari by 7:30 and were in Bacoor by 8:00 am. Our snacks/breakfast was at Aling Bert. We were in GMA by 9am.  about 10 am, we had lunch at 11 am at Paliparan near GMA (near Wilcon) at 11 am at RJ and even enjoyed some Videoke singing there, and we were at Daang Hari by 12.  However, from Daang Hari, Master E had flat and I assisted him  We were in Alabang by  1 pm however it rained so hard and we were marooned until about 230.  At Alabang master had flat again.

I was with Master and assisted him in flat at Daang Hari (the 2nd flat) and at Alabang (at Belluvue hotel)

We left the hotel by about 2:30 despite the rain.  The wind though had subsided

We caught up with the group near Jollibee in Bicutan just before C6 by 2:45  They said Nolite had left for Angono.  We took off at 3:00 pm.  I caught up with Nolite at  the Highway 2000 bridge.He said he had to bike slowly because of the splatter.

I stopped to take picture of the leachate at the Taytay dumpsite.

We were in Angono by 3:45.  I dropped by Puregold to buy some drink.  I was tired and and thirsty

Without the rain and the flats, my ETA was 2 pm.

Those who joined the ride: (17 in all)

Pres Luis, Master E, Joel J, Choco2, Nolite, Gerry K, Alan, Angel Balubar, Jericho, Albert and Jess Verchez, Alan, Ado, Gerry Y, Jeff, Jorgeusbiker, and Richard

                               Was at CME by 5:33

                                Master e climbs up to his place of work

                                   The facade of the Taytay municipal hall

                                     Gerry with his new look

                                    The bulk of the riders came at 5:45

                                      Gerry Y arrived at 5:53; the last rider to join

                                    Gerry Y signs the waiver presented by Pres Luis

                           Albert V riding his Argon carbon fiber bike ready to take off for Tagaytay

  Emerging from gates of CME to highway 2000; there was motor event and they had to close the gates

                                  Fast and furious pace at C6;  Albert had a flat at end of C6

                             Riding up from Camp Bagong Diwa;  note the time; we waited for Albert pa

                                  All ready at Daang Hari by 7:00; we were fast and early

                                  Gerry K and Tito rest in front of Metrobank

                                      Jorgeusbiker pose with handsome Joel

                                    Jorgeus biker;  shot courtesy of Gerry Y

                                    At corner of Daang Hari and Bacoor

                                   Bikes rest after a hard ride at Daang Hari

                          Fresh vegies on a cart in front of Aling Bert gotohan near Wilcon at GMA

                                  Richard at Aling Bert's Gotohan, prices were OK

                                   Taking breakfast (!) with the bikes

                                 Filling the fuel tanks after 50 km of riding

                                 Aling Bert is a she;  they are from Bicol

                                      Richard and Choco2

                                    They waited for me because I had a command conference

                                They waited again for us:   Master E and me

                                    Note the time;  by l0:10, we were in Tagaytay city rotonda

                               Gerry and Master E relaxing;  they rode up together to Tagaytay

                                    Tito and Angel

                                    Tagaytay city signages

                                Who opened the door for the gorgeus lady?

                                Which road to take:   Aguinaldo or the old route

                                I advised to take the old route because guys may get lost

                                      Gerry Y requested for Cavite and got Laguna instead

                                  Jeff in front of the RJ eatery

                                         Our breakfast was over there at Aling Bert