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Congratulations to Recyclists for the 5th Successful Baguio ride

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Baguio City, January 26, 2013.

2nd Angono to Baguio ride (280km)

The Recyclists successfully completed the 5th edition of the annual Baguio ride;  this is the second Angono to Baguio ride of 280 kilometers.  They touched down at the Kennon road view deck at a little over l pm.  They arrived at their hotel accommodation Pines Breeze Hotel at about 3 pm (there was too much traffic at downtown because they paved the Session road.

Of the 13 who joined all but one DNF;   he stopped at the Camp 6 and refused to go any further although he just started at the second stage. (There were two stages:   Day l Angono to Urdaneta a distance of over 200 km from Angono, Rizal) and Day 2 Urdaneta to Baguio about 80 km.

Certificates, for the first time were awarded last night at the hotel ceremonies presided by Secx Noah Sabado.

       A new style of pose, as if the bikes are armalites

                                  Negotiating Kennon:   Richard, Choco2, Armin and Master E

               From Urdaneta to Rosario Union: at paceline Richard, Gerry, Armin

                           Richard asking the bike to locate itself with the signs?

                           VM leading the pack;  at Sison nearing La Union

                       At head of peloton Choco2, VM, Richard, Secx, VM and Master E

                               Butt view going up to Baguio

                               Recyclists and from Saudi fans  <Tigas aan po sila?>

                       At first bridge photo:  Choco2, Armin, VM, Richard JB(M?) Jess, K taps, Archie

                       Recyclists and team truck at the back

                           Master E at the paceline followed by Choco2 and Armin

                                  Jeff showing the way

                                   Master, VM, K tops,  Secx and JB

                                   Jeff burning the zigzag with his breakneck pacing

                              Another back  (butt view)

                                     K tops, JB trailing VM

                                  Again Jeff showing the pace

                                   Negotiating a turn, a car close by at the butt of Richard

                                    Choco2 and his mentor, Richard

                         Jerome burned the SD card for this trio:   VM, K tops and JB (M?)

        Jeff, Archie, Richard, Jeff and Choco:  with 39 chain rings:  that is tough Urvan waiting to pass

                               Archie showing the way too

                            Jaybee changed VM as the pacemaker this time

                              Great new uniform;  an unscheduled stop and phot ops

                                      Jaybee behind Secx Noe

                                         Archie is way ahead of this group

                                          Diego is all smiles today despite the cramps yesterday

                                  Jaybee a wheelsucker of K tops and VM?

                                    Richard looking so masculine and georgeus

                        A mechanical failure of his bike did not prevent Jess from achieving his goal

                                 The trio subject of Jeromes photo study

                    Master e pedalling side by side with Chieboy after the latter got a flat before Camp 6

                              Diego all smiles as he nears the Lion's head.

             VM negotiating the steep portion of switchback en route to Lion's head;  Secx taking pics

               Armin with bike machine gun pose;  the cameras batt went dead afterwards

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