Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be Extra Careful When Crossing Railroad Tracks on A Bike After it Rains; Its Slippery , Wet and Dangerous

Bike and Save the Earth

I fell on my right side while crossing railroad track in Gumaca, Quezon.  I am aware that it is slippery when traversing such tracks,.  So I slowed down to about 3 kmh, uncleated, put my left foot down.  I touched down my left foot that was uncleated it slipped on the slippery track to my left and rear wheel followed suit and I fell to my right. I had not uncleated my right foot.

Fortunately the AUV that was following me stopped and did not run me down.

So take care and be extra cautious when passing over steel manhole covers, gratings, etc.  They could be slick and dangerous.

Remember, when it is wet, it is slippery and DANGEROUS.!!

Recyclists_2010 Party Yesterday

Bike and Save the Earth

We were invited to the Recyclists_2010 Christmas party held at 300 pm at VMs house yesterday.  Unfortunately for me, my whole body still ached from the Calauag ride.  And remember I fell at the railroad crossing at Gumaca?  My wrist (band??) was still aching and my right knee bone.

I just elected to rest.  I understand there was a lot of drinking.  I went to Cataps shop this morning at 800 am and he was not still there.

I hope you guys had a fine time.


Recyclists _2010 Memorable Rides in 2011

Bike and Save the Earth


As far as I know the following were the memorable rides for 2011 and there were plenty.:

l.  The Baguio ride of January 2011

2.  The Real Ride

3.  The Round Laguna Lake Ride (2x)

4.  The Atimonan Ride

5.  The Luisiana Ride

6.  The Nagcarlan Ride (I was not able to join this)

7.  The Sierra Madre Ride (via Antipolo Hills)

8.  The Tagaytay Ride

9.  And finally, the Calauag Ride by the brave 3.

10.  The June l9 Los Banos Birthday Bash

There were other rides  like Tagaytay Ride, and the Caliraya Ride but not so tough and Memorable

Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Memorable Views on the way to Calauag Quezon

Bike and Save the Earth

There were quite many interesting views on the way to Calauag,  I missed many of them because the memory of the camera was filled up (I was not able to engage the SD card and just used the internal memory of the camera which was good for  l00 shots only)

Here are some of them:

                                Rizal courtyard in Lucban, Quezon

                                   Rizal monument in Lucban, Quezon
                                My Last Farewell (Mi Ultimo Adios)
                            The Hotel Named after the park.  Interesting colors

                                   The giant Christmas tree, simple yet elegant

                         Virgin Mary's Image at Kamay ni Jesus in Lucban Quezon
                    Nicely decorated/lighted Municipal Hall of Atimonan, Quezon

                               The night view of Atimonan church

                                     The nice interior of the church
                         The bikers and the Pacific coast; that is east to our left; early dawn

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Marine Trash is now Everywhere.

Bike and Save the Earth

Before, the beaches here at Quezon were handsome.  But now, I look at the flotsam and they are not seaweeds but trash and garbage just like in Manila bay.  You see the splash on the breakwater and they are plastic bags, candywrappers. plastic bottle.  I hope we do something to save the earth. especially in areas that are supposed to be still pristine (perlas ng silanganan)

Look at the trash.  This is near the bus terminal near the fish port financed by JICA is at the foreground. This is a town in Quezon.  The scene is similar in other beaches..  Will the local governments have the trash removed? Will they have a clean up?  Or countermeasures?  Or shall we wait for an ecological disaster

Our Bike Ride Today to Calauag December 29, 2011

Bike and Save the Earth

We woke up at 4 am so that we can leave early. It rained the night before,.  Fortunately, it stopped raining by 5 am.  We cleaned bikes, put some more air.  Had coffee.  Took a bath to clean yesterdays grime and sweat.  We did not wear anymore the now soiled and sweat filled new Recyclists uniform. At 6 we went back to Joe de Veras place so that we could have breakfast;  but he was still closed.  We ended up having breakfast at Jenkas;  it was on road leading to the AH26.  Fried egg and rice was l6 which was quite cheap;  coffee was l2.

We were able to leave at exactly 630.  We were at Plaridel by 700 am, Gumaca by  800, Lopez by 830 and Calauag by 9:l5.   I towed them and I would say I was doing 25 to 30.  There were about a dozen hills similar to that of Baras Tanay hill climb (km 52) and they would have strengthened us a lot. That solo hill looks nothing to me now.

The stretch between Gumaca and Lopez was long. About l5 km.  (It could not be longer between Atimonan and Pagbilao hehehe)

The delivery truck of Maruja casket nearly bumped me and drove me off the road in Gumaca. Plate Number KFC 788. What the  #?!!.  They are true to their name- early deaths for bike riders?  I hope they do not use their caskets ahead of others. (We run 6 memorial parks all over the country;  Maruja casket is not a supplier we wish to have?!!!)

I saw a bus leaving for Cubao at Calauag and inquired for the departure and fare.  They said it was 30l and they would wait for us and load our bikes for free. They bus left at 930 and we had lunch again at Atimonan, at the back of Kingfisher 2, at the bus terminal.  We had ampalaya, chicken, plapla rice and Mountain Dew.  It would have cost us Pl50.  Libre sabaw.  We were at Lucena by l2, 3 at San Pablo City, and 4 at Sto Tomas.  Too much traffic at Sto Tomas because of fiesta.  We were a Robinson by 530.  And at Angono by 7:00.  Angel had another flat in Pasig.  We lost each other in Pasig but regrouped at Highway 2000.

Thank you guys:  Angel and Gerry Cataps.

                                     By the dawn's early light,  biking towards Plaridel

                   Jorgeus biker and Gerry near Along Coastline of Plaridel
            Gerry along coast of Gumaca,  here, the camera memory was gone

                                    Lunch at Atimonan bus terminal
           Reassembling the bikes At Robinson pioneer after alighting from Lucena Lines bus
                              Bikes fully reassembled

      The only proof that we were in Calauag, Lucena Lines bus ticket with origin KM 228

You are strong, brave, great! God bless.

Brian Caraan of Atimonan Welcomed Us on our Arrival

Bike and Save the Earth

We arrived almost 7 pm (644) to be exact in Atimonan.  We had picture taking near 7ll in front of the municipal building.  Then as we were inquiring from tricycle drivers as to where we could spend the night (we didnt want to be Joseph and Mary not finding a place to stay?!) a group of bikers came and said hello and welcome to us.  It was Brian Caraan who said he was former Prez of Atimonan bikers.  They number 50 in all;  and he has a bike shop.  He showed us around the church and Kingfisher 2 (near the fishport) and Kingfisher  (near St. Peter and the cemetery)  at the back of Kingfisher l is the seashore. They said, it is owned by Jose Mendoza It was good experience for us.

Brian offered us his place to stay in case we could not afford kingfisher.  That was nice.  He said that he often welcomed national cyclist whenever they spend the night at Atimonan.

Thanks Brian.

                                         That is Brian at Extreme Right

                             Brian, Angel, Gerry and the rest of Atimonan Bikers
                           The Lights and Night Views in Atimonan are nice
                                   The Church Yard

                                      The Fountain in front of the Church
          We attended the morning mass,  Superlines spent for the church rehab

                                PNB office is near the church

Some Roadside Troubles on the Way to Calauag

Bike and Save the Earth

 It could not be avoided.  We prayed hard before the trip.  But there were things that happenned on the way:

Angel got four flats:   one in Cardona, after leaving the church, one in Luisiana,  one in Gumaca and one in  Pasig on the way home.

                    Angel had his third flat in Gumaca;  he has 3 spare interior

I got one flat in Luisiana,  I slid and fell on a curve in Luisiana while avoiding a sideswipe with a tricycle;  fortunately I was  able to uncleat.  Then in Gumaca on the way to Lopez, slid while negotiating a railroad track;  I had uncleated, but the track was tall and slippery and fell on my right side.  I softned the fall with my gloved hand and slightly scratched my knee.  Otherwise I was OK;  I was able to average 25 kph towing them to  Lopez, after the fall.  Now my knee is starting to hurt.

Perils of Night Rider

Bike and Save the Earth

I have a student who has a blog Knight Runner;  I have heard talks of MTB doing night stages;  But the one I experienced was a night ride I would not forget.  And there were a lot of perils:

Two buses nearly rammed us head on;   2 long l8 wheeler trailer brushed by almost 3 mm in the darkness.

The night ride happenned at the stage that we were coasting downhill and doing 50 kph and distance of about l0 kilometers;  it was scary;  there were no lights and you could hear were chirping of cicadas.  Occasionally, an incoming vehicle with bright light would blind you and then the lights would be gone;  it was total darkness and you could not see a thing even a fellow rider.  It went on for some 30 minutes.

I would say the distance between Pagbilao and Atimonan via new highway would be 50 km and hard ride at that!!!

It was worse than the roller coaster ride at Space Mountain in Disneyland.

I would not do that again.

We Biked 231 Kilometers to Calauag Quezon: Just the Three of Us

Bike and Save the Earth

We did it!  Angel, Gerry and I biked up to Calauag Quezon December 28 to 29, 2011.  Just the three of us - no back up vehicle, not much fanfare and planning.  Boy are we proud of what we did.,

The journey was divided into parts:   Angono to Atimonan lst day estimated distance  l50 km,..  Second day, Atimonan to Calauag. distance of 70 km.  We planned to visit the sister of Gerry at km 25l.  But that would add additional 2 hours to the journey and we did not want to be late in going home.

Log of our travel:     depart 6:30 Grandspan, 7:30 Morong.  Breakfast.  Leave Morong 8.  At Bugarin 9 am.  At km 60 Pakil  l0 am.  Leave l0:30 Pakil after snacks of Pansit, Minute Maid, and Bun at Manays.  Then on to Cavinti.  We were at Cavinti by l2:00 noon.  We were at Lukban by 2 pm; we toojk pictures at Kamay ni Jesus; and  Tayabas by 3 pm.  At Tayabas, we had pansit Habhab and lumpia for lunch. Obviously, we were late.  We attacked hard and we were at Pagbilao intesection with AH26 by 4 pm.  We thought that we could reach Atimonan by 5 pm, passing through the highway by 5:00.  It said only 3l km.  We did not take the M (bitukang manok because it was 430.  Maybe we should?  The signs were wrong.

We did not choose the Bitukang Manok because it was getting dark.  I do not know if it was a mistake.  By 530, it was dark and were at the summit of Atimonan.  And we had still lot of km to go before the town proper.  Talk about Night Rider.  Huhuhu.  I think were at Atimonan town proper by 630;  it was dark, and we did not have a place to go...

Then came Brian, fmr President of Bikers Club of Atimonan and who owns a bike shop.  He welcomed us and showed us around and chose for us Kingfisher, a 300 pesos a night motel for us to sleep.  We had dinner at an eatery cum bar with live band but we did not stay there.  Gerry and Angel bought a bottle of Emperador so that they I will sleep soundly.

                                    Assembly at Grandspan by 6:22

                                       Netoy saw us off!  How nice

                                       Breakfast at  Morong;  Simples Lugawan

                                    Resting at Bugarin

                            At Cavinti; in front of the Elementary School

                              At Lucban Rizal Court

                        That is the giant Christmas lantern and municipal hall behind

                               Posing near the Kamay ni Jesus at Lucban
                    Lunch of  Lukban Pansit Habhab in Tayabas by 3 pm

                             In front of Atimonan Church with Atimonan cyclist

                 With our Host:   Brian Caraan;  thanks sir for the welcome

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bike Ride to Calauag Tomorrow December 28, 2011

Bike and Save the Earth

Tomorrow, we (Gerry, Angel, and I) will do a trial bike ride to Southern Luzon.  We will bike to Calauag Quezon,(boundary of  Quezon and Camarines Norte some 220 km from Angono, Rizal.  The first day, stage l will be from Angono to Atimonan, some l50 km.

We will have 5 pit stops:   Pililla, Paete or Pagsanjan, Luisina, Tayabas, and Lucena - a distance of 30 km each.  Maybe we can be there in 6 hours.  The following day, we ride to Calauag some 70 km away.  Gerry's brother lives at km 259.  We ride the bus on the way back.  By noon time.

We fell short of another 250 km to Sorsogon (another 2 days ride).  Next time.

Anyone wants to join us?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Locally Made Carbon Fiber Shoes Is Really Feasible

Bike and Save the Earth

Earlier, when I posted on the Scott carbon fiber biking shoes, I suggested that Boy Pepsi make carbon fiber biking shoes.  Boy Pepsi's shoes (SIDI, local) cost only Plt+ yet are more durable than Italian made biking shoes which usually crack.  His uppers are better. (I hope he reads this wonderful amazing comments)

I think he would have problem with the carbon fiber soles.  I just talked to Ado this morning  and he told me that he knows much about carbon fiber technology.  He said his relative makes carbon fiber exhausts which is exported to an ASEAN country.  He said as expected, this just like making fiberglass parts.  It is easy.  He can make the soles.  He is looking for a broken shoe to make a sample.

I can see an opportunity, where Ado supplies Boy Pepsi with carbon fiber shoes.  Ergo, Boy Pepsi has a new carbon fiber line, that is all ready popular and plenty of buyers and follower.

Our Ride Today, Christmas Eve

Bike and Save the Earth

We decided that we will ride only up to Jalajala cemetery today.  Joel conserved energy thinking it was round Jalajala.  We took off at 8:00 am from Morong and was at Jalajala past  9:30.  At l0:30 we were at Pililla.  We took softdrinks and bananas there c/o Engr June.

At ll:00 we were in Morong. and at Angono past l2:00.  As usual, pace was fast and furious. However, unlike before, thanks to my vigorous stationary bike program,  I can keep pace in touch with the fast ones.  New faces there were Jose who was missing for a while and Ado (the guy from Cardona with long hair)


New Recyclist Uniform Is Now Available

Bike and Save the Earth

Here is the latest Recyclists_2010 uniform.  They are now available.  They can be had for installments.  A downpayment and 5 gives:  on  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.   Contact Luis for details.  Many took theirs today and wore them on the ride (to Jalajala)  It costs. Pl,350 for the uppers, and Pl,500 for the cycling shorts.

The uniform looks awesome.  Here is the picture:

                                         Front view

                                        Rear view
        This blog/website is at the back, so with the fighting cocks (hehehe)