Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You can develop your abs and live longer

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  July 30, 2014

"Your life span is inversely proportional to size of your waistline."  If your waistline is over 40 inches, then you expect to have lower life expectancy.  The flabs means fat encircles your lungs, heart, and liver.  And that is not necessarily good. The fats at your lungs and heart can impede your breathing.  The fats around your liver means you have a fatty liver.  So beware.

Just by doing 100 each of crunch,  push ups, steps up on chair, the picture above was developed.  It is not six pack yet, but it is going to be soon.  But I  have a marvelous 32 inch abs and it helps me feel great.

We rode yesterday to Baclaran, MOA and Christy's

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   July 30, 2014

I joined the group of Jess V, Allan, Gerry K, Pres Luis and Jericho who rode to Baclaran yesterday, July 29, 2014, feast of Ramadan.  We left at 6:50 and were in Baclaran by 8:00 am (they said we would just padyak padyak and ride2)  I was not planning to join them and I said I would just ride up to Bagong Ilog owing to lack of rides and the just recovering leg/foot.

However, I thought I could join them if they would not race.  So on the way we traced the route of:   C5, then Heritage, Bayani Road, Airport Road, Villamor Air Base  (we had pics in front of Newport City and  NAIA 3)  then Roxas Blvd, and then Baclaran church.  The Church had few visitors/goers.  We had our picture taking there.  (It all ready posted at FB)  Then we had breakfast at Jollibee MOA.  That was until 9:00 am. Then we went to Christy's.   We bought:  Zefal glue (patches only P2.50 each vs P5.00 here.)   We also bought Panacer tires only at P600.00.  They would be about P900.00 locally.

Monday, July 28, 2014

We are losing some Recyclists

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  July 28 2014

We reached a peak number of 38 at one time for Recyclists.  However, this number has dwindled to less than 20 and the hard core includes:   VM, Luis, Allan, Gerry Cataps, Gerry Y, Choco2, Jess and brod, Jericho, Angel and Brod, yours truly, Master, Joel, Rommel, Edgar, Richard, Secx, Ven, Jeff.

We have not seen the following for a long time:

1.  Willy Cunanan (amigo)  I heard he sold his bike

2.   Tito Fabay (he had hepa)

3.  June F (he comes occasionally though

4.  Chieboy and Armin bros I think now prefers motorcycling

5.  PP

6.  Bubuy

7.  Ado G.

8.  JJ

I hope we can regroup and make Recyclists big again

A day of meeting fellow seniors July 27, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  July 28, 2014

Yesterday I biked to Antipolo City.  This is the first time in 3 weeks that I attempted to ride up Antipolo again after I had painful and swelling feet.  You really appreciate the things that you enjoy and have like ability to walk, ride and be ambulatory on your own, after you experience pain and sickness.  Thanks Lord I am well again.

I attended the mass when I arrived in Antipolo at about 7:15 and caught the Gospel until the end of the mass.

I met the following seniors after the mass:

Domingo Nicolas from Marikina who is 63 (same age as me) He said the Nicolas rider is a relative, and the famous Sicams are riders too.  He has been riding for a long time.

Ado from San Mateo, 66.  Both are mountain bikers.  I met him while eating lugaw at C Lauis.  THey are are of course very strong and young looking.

ON the way home, I decided to visit a barkada (hahaha) who is now 83 but has a bum and painful knee (just like Eraps case;  he is bowlegged  -  the cartilage gave way due to incessant pounding.)   He was advised against having an operation (agree).  He was happy that I visited him after 6 years.  He was tennis buddy and more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My advice to Choco on being better

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines    July 21, 2014

I happened to have Choco2 on a one on one occasion and I had the opportunity to say a couple of things regarding his biking

1.   We are proud that he was allowed to join the Philippine Olympic team screening trials.  It is a great honor to be included in that elite group.

2.  The hope is really in the youth not us oldies and foggies.  Therefore he should aspire and strive to be champion.

3.  It all starts in the heart and the desire to be  a champ.  Since he is young he can be the champ.

4.  If others can, so he can too.

5. All that is needed is disciplined, constant hard practice.  It took Lance Armstrong 12 years before he won (?) his first TDF.  Others say that you need 10 years at least of constant deep practice.   If you were defeated in the steep hills, practice some more.  Maybe a hundred times, and at the hills where you lost. TDF riders, have houses in France where they handle to climb and attack the Alps and Pyrenees.

Maybe  look for a coach.  Have someone mentor you on how to ride great strong and fast

I hope some of this got through Choco2.  (Jimwell Mariposa)

I was not able to bike for a week, reason, I could not walk and my right foot was swollen and painful

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  July 21, 2014

Two Mondays ago, my foot was swollen and very painful. I could not stand nor take a step. For three days I was disabled.  I could not get up from bed and could not go to work.  And that meant I could not bike, even the trainer.

I suspected that I I had gout, or that I had a big toe injury.  The Sunday before, I climbed Antipolo.  But there was nothing that indicated that my condition would deteriorate that fast.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Jorgeus Biker had gout?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   July 11 2014

This author thought that like the giants at TDF, he like Cavendish, Froome would be sidelined because of injuries (or even gout)  The two mentioned bikers had to quit Tour de France because of painful injuries.

Jorgeusbiker was still able to bike last Sunday but Monday evening, he could not walk anymore   The big toe was swollen and Tuesday morning could not go to office.  However on Thursday morning, he was able to have blood exam and X ray.  He even saw Pangskie at the diagnostic center (he has high blood and cholesterol)

And lo and behold.  The diagnostics showed the health of Jorgeusbiker to be normal.  He had an injury with his toes which struck the bottom of the bed while on a travel to the north.

He is now mobile and hopes to bike again next week