Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fellow riders, protect ourselves from extreme heat when outside temperatures can reach 42 degrees or more

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Rizal Philippines
April 29 2017

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Riding cool this summer

Rising heat index in the Philippines

The weather news let us know that temperatures during the day are at extreme.  Before it was unusual to have temps at 40+ during the day.   Our body temps is at 37 degrees Celsius only.  

I observed this and confirmed that outside temp at say 1 pm is 42 degrees when I rode in somebody elses SUV.   I heard that a tricycle driver died, even while in the shade two days ago.   He had a massive stroke.  At around that time, I was going to the office and held off because I was feeling faint because of the heat.

So here are the tips for mc riders which could apply to bike riders too.

As in runners this could be:

Tips for MC riders to keep cool

1.  Ride run at the coolest time of the day.  If possible run at shaded areas;

2. Hydrate drink often

3.  Wear warmers and other clothing to shade your skin from heat of the sun.

4.  Wear cooling vests (?)

My bike ride to antenna this morning at San Carlos

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 29 2017

I rode up to SCH this morning, after passing by at Sacred Heart Parish

On the way to Tolentino, I came across Pablo tsinelas, the strong rider from Leyte who wins in competitions. Surprisingly, he was using 24 chain ring;  I was using 32 x 32 going up.  Well he left me before the water tank;   I got near other MTB riders and even passed some of them  They were in their grannies

On the way down, I met Armin  Zap (supremo) whom I learned will be doing a reverse Jarrel peak ride via Infanta  He said he will say hello to the Recyclists who are going to stay over night at Real.

I said I may not be able to join the group because of the extreme heat at around 10 am.  It is a deadly environment for an elderly because there are news of deaths

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nagbike up to Antenna at San Carlos - asphalted na! No more thrill for MTBs

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Rizal Philippines
April 18, 2017

I biked up to Marian Hills entrance this morning with my Sava MTB.  I had a little difficulty managing the climb because I have not climbed SCH for a couple of months and I stayed using hard gears.   32 x 32 (not going down to the granny)   Lo and behold, the posts made earlier that the road leadding to the site has been asphalted was confirmed today.   After the switchback at the concrete portion that ends after the fork at Sitio Manga, all the way up, a distance of about 500 meters, it is all asphalted.  Thanks to some great LGU officials.  I can climb the same on a road bike using compact gears without much difficulty.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Source of LED lamps and flashlights - NZE in Angono, Rizal

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Rizal Philippines
April 15, 2017

There is no need to go to Quiapo, Riverbanks, Manga or even at MoA to get your led flashlight and blinker safety lights.  They are available right in Angono, at Capt Aliano St., (at the road beside the church coming from Dona Aurora, to E de la Paz)  The flash light is P350.00, the mount is 40.00 and spare batt is P90.00.  The led lamp, is only P150.00 (rechargeable)

Punta na bili na.

Some quarters are suspecting that when I post commercial establishments, like the Bikers World,  I am kasosyo.  No I am not.  I just want our kapadyaks where they can acquire accessories for low low bargain price.  Bakit ako sososyo kung maliit lang ang kita?  Siyempre doon tayo sa big time.  Ha6

Edgar de los Reyes our kapadyak from Cardona is getting better

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 15, 2017

I visited Edgar (7 days) today as I rode with Vhen today, to say hello.  (When we say how do you do, people are really saying "I love you"  from a Louie Armstrong song).

So he is much better now, he gained weight and is color is back to normal.  He said he used to feel faint and breathless even when biking for a short distance.  The symptoms: bum stomach, pain from gout, faint, difficulty in breathing appeared after the Baguio ride.

I also found out that he has been taking energy drink for about a year (which MDs are saying to be bad for the health).  It must have caused his high uric acid, the gouty arthritis, and his problem with the kidneys.

Warnings issued on Energy Drinks

He is suffering from low iron/RBC, pain from gout, and high creatinine (candidate for dialysis)   He is on Chinese and Western medication.  The Chinese medication said it took care of his RBC and kidney.   The Western med took care of his low RBC, his kidney.  But his high uric acid level is not being addressed.

He is 60 years old and I said to him we have to thank the Lord for that long joyful years of life He gave us. We even thank Him for bonus number of years.  If we get sick, He alone knows the best of us and we offer the same to Him, including the pain and discomfort.

But Ed will get better if he wants to because he alone is the best doctor for himself.

Think of good things not bad. Think of HAPPINESS, not sad.

Get better Ed.

Friday, April 14, 2017

How to save up to 74 watts on tire tech

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Rizal Philippines
April 14, 2017

Wheels and tires make a lot of difference in biking (as in Formula car racing)  Here are some tips from a video and may be if we want to ride faster, we can implement some of the tips and suggestions

There is not much advantage/loss/gain on the following:

      1.  Tire weight
      2.  Tire width (which is better 23 mm or 25 mm?)   From competitive cyclist
      3.  Clincher vs tubular?

But much can be gained from:

     1.  Tire pressure  (if you are riding on rough roads inflate your tire to only 60 psi, on smooth concrete or asphalt only 100 to 120 psi.  Wrong tire pressure can make you lose power.  This was aptly demonstrated by a rider in Paris Roubaix race who just inflated his tire to 60 psi on cobble stones and was way way ahead of his competitor

     2.  Tire compounds  you can save as much as 27 watts on modern tires with graphene compounds or cotton  inside.  (the graphs show even more)

     3.  Tire rim combination  (it is better to have wider tires and narrow rims)  They are more aerodynamic

     Observance of science and physics can make you go faster.

 From Velo News - Specialized S Works Turbo Tubeless and Continental GP 4000 S.  (Ano bilihan ba ulit ng bagong tires?)

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.07.02 PM

Watch video on next page

Save up to 30 watts of power from friction loss on chain alone! Use paraffin wax lube. You can do it yourself and cheaper

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 14, 2017

Yesterday, while in the church bisita iglesia our conversation turned to wax (in the candle) and bike lube. Engr. June mentioned that it is the best bike chain lube.  It could save as much as 5 watts on your power.

This video says it is 30 watts.  Whatever the power saved is, the paraffin wax lube is cheaper and cleaner than the most of the lubes being sold at the market at P300.00 per tube. I lubed all my bikes today, using molten candle  wax.  They say that the best way is to dip the entire chain in molten wax if you have power or missing links.  Not adviseable if you do not have this attachment to your chain.  Frequent removal of chain can cause broken chains


I rode on the mtb whose chains I lubed with paraffin wax this morning.   There was marked 0 noise, and the pedalling was smoother.  As a matter of fact, I towed three roadies for 9 km up to Binangonan.  That is less friction.!  More power  I joined a kapadyak on a ride on a roadie but I was not prepared to ride today

Limiting losses tips

Here are the tips one by one
1:30 Quick clean on the bike (12w)
1:43 Quality manufacturer (5w)
2:07 Chain length (4w)
2:35 Cross-chaining (3w)
3:10 Chain specification (11sp) (2w)
4:32 Chain wear (2w)
5:15 Deep clean off the bike (1w)
6:06 Super lube (4w)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

We just finished Bisikleta Iglesia today, Holy Thursday, covering 7 churches

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
Holy Thursday, April 13, 2017

We Rizal Recyclists riders, just finished the Bisikleta Iglesia 2017.  We started out at Sacred Heart Church at 6:00 am and finished the last church  Angono St Clement Church at 11:40.  We capped the ride with a lunch, boodle fight at the house of Jess Verchez in Villa Gloria from 12:15 to 1:20.   It was a great day for penance and sacrifice (except the boodle fight) to bike that long and under the hot summer sun (in the 30's)

There were 14 of us who joined the ride:

1.  Alan Astorga
2.  Jess Verchez
3.  Pres Luis
4.  Engr June
5.  Master E
6.  Ado Gonzaga
7.  Meong
8.  Gerry Y
9.  Gerry K
10.  Jorgeus Biker
11.  VM
12.  Jose A
13.  Richard Ang
14.  Nolite

See other pictures

We were on a fast clip and arrived at Pisong Kape at about 7:05. We couldn't get into Pisong Kape and opted instead at Carmens.  The food price was a  little bit steeper

                                   Engr June chased us;  he just arrived at this pic

At Pililla Mary Magdalene church  (the first church)

                                    This is a funeral procession

                                        Other church visitors:  cyclists and non cyclists

                                            Frescoes on church ceiling

                                         Nazareno image adorned by fresh flowers

                                     Elaborate design on the altar

                                   Richard reporting his whereabouts to... his loved ones

                                       Jose A rejoined us after 2 years of absence

                                       Inventory of images joining Good Friday procession

See Tanay church pics at next page

                                             What is this image at the Church yard of Tanay?

                                   Master E just got off his bike and was looking at...

                                        Jess, Ado, Pres Luis and Engr. June

                                                     Master E and VM at Tanay Church

                                             3 Retablos at Tanay Church full of saints

                                                  Filipino saints

                                                 View from altar as you exit the church

                                                Black Nazareno

                                   Intricate design of the Nazareno dress

Group pics at Tanay church

See the Baras Church pics at next page

                                               Our bikes

                                  The high church bell tower was used to watch for pirates coming
                                   down on town from the sea.

                                   Which row has the brightest student?

See other pics at succeeding churches

At St Jeromes Church in Morong, Rizal

                                   Richard asking for forgiveness before he pounds the thighs of Meong
                                         and Gerry (he was stalking Joel too but latter was ready for Richard)

                                              Dambana ng ...... Happiness

                                       Heavy traffic in Morong from the town proper up to Palengke

At Cardona church undergoing construction. Raising the roof

                                            Nolite arriving at Cardona church yard

                                       Master and former Cardona rider conversing;  the latter
                                           requested us to take care of Master who is the Pres. of....>>

                               What is the commotion all about ..  picture a groupie

                                                Raising the roof tower of Cardona church

At Binangonan church

Riding to Angono, the 7th church