Sunday, April 2, 2017

Di pa laos, di pa gurang? At 65 (going 66)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 2, 2017

After the Baguio ride, I was thinking it quits in biking.  I would just be one of service crew of the support team vehicle if ever.  Reflecting on the ride, I did well in the Baguio ascent;   not so well in the  Angono to Urdaneta  portion.  Why?   My headset was not working very well (it was kind of loose) I failed to have to it repaired on time.  My cleats were not working well, the left did not give the distinctive click as I engaged it.  therefore, I was not delivering 100% of the pedal stroke to the drive train.   Third, I rode behind with a limping fellow rider. So I had to spin at his speed and thus tired out my legs and lost much of my motivation catching up withe lead pack.  And lastly I rode practiced mostly with MTB and not road bike and that was the 2nd time I used a roadie again

However, as I used a roadie more and more and had the defects corrected (the head set is now OK, the cleats are brand new) I found out that more is left with my biking passion and distance to cover.  The proof was in chasing the Recyclists kapadyak up to Pagsanjan and catching up with them, and able to complete the 186 km with nary distress or injury (only sore thigh muscles). I even overtook and ahead of some veteran riders going uphill

Today as I rode, to Pililla, I found out that I can still be rider for another decade.  I passed about 5 riders (a lady included) and chased down and overtook a fellow elderly rider - at Montevideo,  he passed me in Cardona but  I caught up with him before Queen Mary and passed him, then he overtook me downhill and then  I passed him  at near the municipal hall of Morong but he overtook me in the town as he overtook vehicles in the traffic (I did not)

I felt that I could now pedal very hard gears 53 x 15 on the flats (before as MTB the hardest gear I pushed was 42 x 13)  And I think (I do not have cyclo computer now) I could do 25 to 32 kph without much effort.  While I fall asleep fast after I get home, I feel great afterwards.  I still have to ape Val who can climb hills at 53 x 23

Di pa gurang, di pa laos?

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