Friday, April 14, 2017

Save up to 30 watts of power from friction loss on chain alone! Use paraffin wax lube. You can do it yourself and cheaper

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 14, 2017

Yesterday, while in the church bisita iglesia our conversation turned to wax (in the candle) and bike lube. Engr. June mentioned that it is the best bike chain lube.  It could save as much as 5 watts on your power.

This video says it is 30 watts.  Whatever the power saved is, the paraffin wax lube is cheaper and cleaner than the most of the lubes being sold at the market at P300.00 per tube. I lubed all my bikes today, using molten candle  wax.  They say that the best way is to dip the entire chain in molten wax if you have power or missing links.  Not adviseable if you do not have this attachment to your chain.  Frequent removal of chain can cause broken chains


I rode on the mtb whose chains I lubed with paraffin wax this morning.   There was marked 0 noise, and the pedalling was smoother.  As a matter of fact, I towed three roadies for 9 km up to Binangonan.  That is less friction.!  More power  I joined a kapadyak on a ride on a roadie but I was not prepared to ride today

Limiting losses tips

Here are the tips one by one
1:30 Quick clean on the bike (12w)
1:43 Quality manufacturer (5w)
2:07 Chain length (4w)
2:35 Cross-chaining (3w)
3:10 Chain specification (11sp) (2w)
4:32 Chain wear (2w)
5:15 Deep clean off the bike (1w)
6:06 Super lube (4w)

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