Monday, October 28, 2013

Twenty one (21) kapadyaks joined the ride to Lemery yesterday, October 27 2013

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Here are other unposted highlights of ride to Lemery Batangas yesterday.  Oh by the way: those who joined were:    Angel and Weng Balubar, Jerico Magtibay, Jess Verchez, Tito Fabay,  Master E, Edgar 7 days, Officer Amores, Joseph and Uncle Ernie, Eddie Pama, Gerry Y, Richard Ang, Joel Tsalap, Armin Zapanta, Gerry Cataps, VM Jun Vic,  Allan, Jeff,  and the last but not the least Jorgeusbiker (21 in all)

                                      What is Richard thinking of?

                       Assembly at INC:  officer Amores, Armin, Gerry, Alan, Ernie, Joseph and Eddie

                                           Jess and VM

Jorgeusbiker in a Higantes pose

                                 The Taytay riders join us here:   Joel, Master and Ado

                                 Starting off for Bicutan via C6 after prayers led by Jorgeusbiker

Pres Luis was the first flat casualty;  here being helped by Nanding

                                  Assembly in front of Camp Bagong Diwa;  note the time

                                    Jericho and Mr. Amores

                                  J and J

                                    Pres Luis arrived;  he is non worse for the flat

                              Another pit stop, assembly in front of Metrobank to Daang Hari

                                   It is a better name for janitorial services or Laundrymat

Eggs for Eddie Pama and Chito

We met the Taytay riders at Tito Vis lugawan near Paliparan GMA crossing

                                           Joel T

Beautiful pictures of flowers at Tagaytay City from Lemery ride on October 27 2013

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As we rode down to Rotunda of Tagaytay city, there was traffic build up from as far as the Narra market.  It was a busy and prosperous day for business and Tagaytay City.  Although the group was high ahead of me, I took the opportunity to take these nice pictures of flowers. (The ladies must look nice too what with the pleasant weather!)

 This flowershop is near the area where road widening is taking place



Bike rides kitchenomics yesterday October 27, 2013

Real Cyclists

Post for Kapadyak Lemery ride on October 27, 2013

Hungry bikers at Betchay resto near Lemery

Bike rides bring in a large amount of business to stores serving cooked food.  Like yesterday to  Betchay Restaurant near Lemery and Tito Vi  at Paliparan.  They could easily sell a thousand for cooked food and P500 for drinks.  The thirsty and hungry hordes of riders need food and drinks to tank up. Say for drinks alone:    P50 x 20 riders = P1,000.00 and the Recyclists were not the lone riders yesterday.  At Betchay, for lunch, we would have spent P100.00 each and that would amount to P2,000 sales just for our batch.

Aling Betchay was ill prepared to handle our arrival.  The orders came late.  Our sabaw came as we finished our meal.  The coke order I had did not come.  So they must work harder in taking down orders and making sure the orders are served.   Tito Vi I think did a better job of serving our orders.

They make large money on drinks.  The P10 coke sells for P20.  That is a hundred % margin.  Rice sold for P15 each. (We buy from other local point2 for only P5.00 each)

                                  Our bikes resting while we gassed up at Betchay's resto

                                 She knows her order and is very efficient

                               VM, VV and Luis

                                       We had lugaw and Mountain Dew for our breakfast

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The Kapadyaks nearly balked on the Lemery ride from Tagaytay but we did it!

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Post for the Lemery ride yesterday, October 27, 2013

When we arrived at Tagaytay yesterday at about 11 am, there was a lot of discussion as to whether we will continue to  Lemery or not.  Some would just want to go to the Sky Ranch (the big Ferris wheel. It was crowded.  Business models are correct in saying that something unique and compelling would draw crowds.

But many and I am one of them agreed that it was our plan/goal to go to Lemery.  We had gone to Tagaytay so many times, and we had to break out of that mold. Many feared that going back would take its toll, especially returning from Lemery back to Tagaytay.  It was understandable after the  Mendez road torture.

And so we did.  We were in Lemery by 12:00 noon, and we had our lunch by 100 pm at Aling Betchay.  By that time, our thanks were empty.  We left Tagaytay at almost 2 pm

                                    Still debating as to we will go or not;  about to ascent to Lemery

                                    We were in Lemery after 15 minutes

                                        Almost invisible store sign

                                  At the Castle after 20 minutes of ride

                                       Pres Luis and Richard

                                        A much better remembrance picture of Lemery Castle

                                    Postcard perfect picture of Lemery Castle

                                    Jericho and Eddie

                                   Are you admiring the castle?

                                        That is KM 78, my bike at the km post

                                   Handsome buildings, subdivision below

                                        Part of twin lakes complex?

                      The cows enjoying the grass, the cool weather and the magnificent view

                            Nanding patiently waited for me as I took remembrance pictures

                                         Part of Canyon Woods front fence

                                     Canyon woods

                                  Cypress trees at Canyon woods

                                 Canyon Woods entrance

                                      Canyon woods reception building

                             I had to stop often for pictures;  I am the recorder/photographer

                                    Sana they dont display the laundry to the tourists

I am glad that we pushed through with the Lemery ride.  What we planned to do we do.  And that is success.  Now we can tell everyone we went to Lemery, no doubt about it.  We were so near and everybody was balking and changing their minds.

It is a pity we did not enjoy the nice scenery and the cool weather. I did as I took the pictures.  I may be delayed by 5 minutes but I was able to do this task and Ado was only say a 100 meters ahead