Friday, June 29, 2012

5 things men should know about strippers

Biking and health

Fwd: The Truth About Tiger Woods

The secret behind longer golf drives.

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Riding 80 foot wave - that is awesome

Biking and health We bikers think our sports is more dangerous than others. This one will take your breath away. It is awesome It is Garrett McNamara

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ado Gonzaga's wife has been hospitalized; needs our help

Biking and health

I got a text last night from our Kumpadreng Luis/VM  with the news that the wife of Ado Gonzaga, a recyclist from Taytay (with long hair/ponytail) has been hospitalized due to ectopic pregnancy.  Ado said Sunday that he joined the ride despite the fact that his wife had bleeding.

Therefore any financial aid from the members that we can extend to Ado shall be highly appreciated.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Group rides can sharpen you well in riding

Biking and health

Only group riding and trying to catch up with the paceline can make you improve fast.   I know that I am not slowing down, but the group is improving.  I tried to keep up with the peloton for 7 km yesterday.  In the peloton were VM, Tito, Jeff, Choco2, Angel, Weng  And I had to rest.  In due time, I would be able to catch up for  l5 km.

Master caught up with me at km 50 on the way back and he overtook me and I was poofed.  I should improve my resistance and endurance further.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June birthday celebration at Villa Zenaida. in Mabitac Laguna

Biking and health

We rode l00 km today, as we celebrated the birthdays of Luis who is 42, VM who is 5l, Ben who is 62, and Jorgeus biker who is 62.  We did at Villal Zenaida, a spring water resort in Mabitac, Laguna. Last year, we did it Los Banos,  Most arrived past 12.  At Villa Zenaida, we were there past 9.

There was a mishap:  at Cardona, while riding at a fast clip, Cataps (again) crashed when he hit a braking Richard and he was hemmed in by a parked tricyle.  (this is his second crash in Cardona)  This one is minor though.

Flat tires:   Luis had one, Alan had one, and so with Smith.

We had three quitters on the way back:  Archie Z, Smith, and Willy (Amigo)

We had 27 joiners:    Tito, Angel, Weng, Engr June, Ado Joel, Chito, Edgar, Papa Ric, Luis, VM, Smith, Amigo, Jun Yamsuan, Gerry, Alan, Master Edwin, Secx, Choco2, Jorgeusbiker, Jeff, Ado Gonzaga, Archie, Armin, 2Mtbs. Mang  Boy.

We had three new joiners:  Mang Boy and 2 mountainbikers.

Other VIP who was with us:   Atty. Secx Noah Sabado.  He made sure to be with us albeit delayed and although he struggled on the way back.

 Smith took this picture from the middle of the the road.


                               Cooling off at the pool

 x Group picture at Villa Zenaida

 Another group picture

 x                                 Recyclists relaxing

                           The food before the lunch:  all healthy:  okra, talong roast pork

                                The fight is on

 x                                         Delegates from Cardona

                                             Jun Y and Puritan fighting it out

                                                 And the winner is Puritan

 x  The pool boys.

    Wacky  at the pool

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June birthday celebration

Biking and health

The June celebrants will join hands to bring joy to Recyclists tomorrow as we ride in a resort in Mabitac Laguna.  It is bring your own viands or drink for the event.

We may swim or enjoy the hot springs.

The Subic bike ride did not push through

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Metabolism Calculator

Biking and health

Go to this link and find out how you can increase your resting metabolic rate.

Learn how do lose weight and/or increase our metabolic rate.

Metabolism Calculator

What is the knee jerk reaction when you want to lose weight:  exercise more and eat less.

But the reaction of the body is to go on survival rate:   reduce metabolism.  You lose energy and get tired and then you crave more food and get back to normal mode.

Your option:

l.  Stick to the diet and exercise for 90 days; (your body gets used to it and does not go on self preservation mode) Will it work for you.?  Do you have the discipline.

2. Metabolic reprogramming. Increasing the resting metabolic rate by using proven 2l scientifically proven triggers:

     not revealed: (Some of them are known only)

    l.  Eating chili

   2.  Eating low GI food

Your my hero my dad

Biking and health

Your my hero, my daddy

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Songs for Dad

Biking and health

Father's Love

Fwd: This Burns 250(%) More Calories Than Green Tea?


You can drink green tea to slim and reduce.

But there is a kind of green tea that work harder.  Would you know
what is it.  Guess...

O o o o.

Be kind to yourself;   remove the flab you have right now.. For your health and better biking


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Subject: This Burns 250(%) More Calories Than Green Tea?

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I don't have to tell you that it seems like everywhere you look there are people
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rafa Nadal ties Bjorn Borg with 7th French Open win.

Biking and health

Rafa Nadal won an incredible 7th French Open title, tying with Bjorn Borg for the most number of clay court major open victories.  He defeated  tennis No. l Novak Djokovic in four sets:  6-4, 6-3, 2-6, 7-5.  It was good news for Spain for sports, bad news for finance.

Rafa Nadal wins 7th French Open title 

Birthday Bonanza by June 24, 2012

Biking and health

The proposed Bday celeb by Luis for his daughter Shiarmane did not push through because we did not have good weather today.

It seems that the Gapo ride is to be scrapped.

The options are:  Caliraya, Malaya, Mabitac  or Los Banos.

The tentative date is June 24, 2012.  It is a Sunday.  Watch for further announcement.  It is supposed to be a repeat of June birthday bash.l (We had it at Los Banos last year.)

Ala Sais pa umalis....

Biking and health




Nolite, Puritan at the background

Bike Ride Yesterday June 11, 2012

Biking and health

Those who were at Maybancal yesterday were:   Smith, Joel, Diego, Choco2, Jorgeusbiker,  and Master Edwin.  Master was wearing a very pink John Wilkes uniform.  The talk were about Pacquiao, and Galedo.  Then we rode hard to Pisong Kape.  When we rode back, June Llamzon was with us.

We stopped at Manang Simple again and Smith treated us to free BJ.

Then we rode to Teresa.  As usual, I was behind.  Jun was second to the last.

Today, we will be treated to Famy by Luis in celebration of the birthday of his daughter/scholar, Shiarmane.


                               Shiarmane daughter of Luis celebrates birthday today

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Did Bradley attend press con on a wheel chair?

Biking and health
                       The victor or vanquished.

Theses guys are copycats.  Following our own CJ;  attending the conference on a wheel chair.

Why,  was  he badly beaten by Pacman?  Was he injured? 

Or he is going to be impeached?  Ha ha ha.

Who really won based on some pictures?



Mark Lexer Galedo, a bike mechanic, wins Ronda Pilipinas 2012

Biking and health

 Ronda Pilipinas facebook

The winner of this years Ronda (Galedo?) Guvevarra is a bike mechanic, according to my Recyclist bikemates.  A hearsay from Eduard, a mechanic in Muzon says that Galicia is one of their mechanics in their branch in Manila.  But now he has his own shop in Mandaluyong (do we see him in our week end bike rides?)

Mark Lexer Galedo received one million check for the feat.  He never reliquinshed his Lucena Antipolo lead up the last stage.


  Pumuwesto ba mga cyclist ni Bong Sual?

Other bke mechanics we know:

Boyeth  of Haooh

Dante of Life cycle

Odi of  Villamayor.

So with mechanics of John Wilkes.

Are they mechanics because they are bikers?

Or are they bikers because they are mechanics.

Jennylyn Mercado and biking - kuwento ni Smith

Biking and health



According to Smith, his wife woke him up because there was an interview on Jennalyn Mercado and her love of biking.  She said that she was asthmatic which affected her career.  Since she biked, she felt stronger.  She will continue to bike even when she is no longer in showbiz.  Incidentally, we see her biking up to Pisong Kape at times.

She also got a Scott bike gift from a friend.

Read Article o JM receiving bike gift from a friend.

That is her Scott bike

JM should encourage many of us to bike more and harder;   now that she endorsed it, and she herself bikes.
                                        She has also taken MTB

 Running with son.

I did not know that JM graced the covers of FHM and I learned that her son is AJ.  She was awesome

Did this Boston Celtics - Miami game distract Pacquiao?

Biking and health

Both Boston Celtics and Manny lost yesterday

How the Judges Scored Pacquiao Bradley Fight Video

Biking and health

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Video of Pacquiao vs Bradley

Biking and health

Here is the video of controversial Bradley Pacquaio fight.  Did Paquiao win?

Was Pacquiao robbed of victory

Biking and health


When I watched the Pacquiao matched, I had him ahead by the llth round.  The judges decision was rather bizarre and weird.

The video feed commentary also says the match result was controversial.

The only thing we can say is that Bradley is Palm Spring California;  he is not a Mexican

Pacquia should have knocked out or injured Bradley. 

Here I think Pacquiao won;   in the Marques fight, I think Pacquiao did not win.

Here is teh link to the video

Updates of Pacquiao Bradley fight: controversial

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trek Bike with Ultergra groupset on 12 mos 0 interest?

Biking and health


I met a fellow biker who has a brand new Trek bike.  He works in an LGU.  He has a brand new Trek bike which is aluminum and carbon fork with Ultegra groupset.  What is unique is that although it cost him P80,000.00 (which would be cheap it has the new Ultegra group set), it is  on 0 interest for 9 mos with Citibank or Metrobank card (I texted them and they said the 9 months deal only is available)

Life cycle shop is at Greenhills shopping parking lot unit GS l01 and 103, , tels. 584 - 2862, 584 -2442, +639228722124; +6239189222124.

Website:     Lifecycle

Email:      Lifecycle email

Check out life cycle, fellow Recylists.  Contact person is Arlene.

I hope the information is up to date.

That is Dante Valdez, the chief mechanic of LifeCycle.

Giant (also at 0%?)

Trek with Ultegra groupset

Manny Pacquiao finished watching NBA games first and made Bradley wait?

Biking and health


It was reported that Manny Pacquiao finished watching the NBA game first. It was said that he was not happy.  (He was for Celtics?  The Miami Heats won)

It may be a tactical ploy to waste Bradley's warm up and unsettle him.

Jessica Sanchez, another Filipina (Fil am) stole the thunder from the bout with her emotional rendition of Star Spangled Banner.  That song heard world wide is something that should rally Americans whose economy and finances are in crisis.

About the fight:

As I post this, the fight is into the llth round.  I think Bradley took the first  3 rounds. but then the experience took over.  Pacaquiao here is in is element.  5x better than the Marquez fight.

But Manny Pacquiao lost the fight to Bradley.  It was an unanimous  judges decision, the first for MP since 2005.    The Filipinos are sad.

They played the "Eye of the Tiger" (Rocky's Theme Song)

Ronda Pilipinas, Stage 10

Biking and health

Ronda Pilipinas Stage 9

Biking and health

Stage 8 Ronda Pilipinas Video

Biking and health

3 Important Events Today, June 10, 2012

Biking and health

We just biked around Teresa, and  went to Antipolo church because of 3 important events:


l.  Miami Heats Boston Celtic game;


2.  Pacquiao Bradley Match

3.  Feast of Corpus Christi.