Monday, April 27, 2015

Solo ride to Tagaytay to prepare for May 1-2 Nasugbu long ride

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Angono, Rizal     April 27, 2015

        These sprinklers near Bellevue was welcome treat

Although I was tired from Saturday trip to La Union and Pangasinan, I struggled to make a long weekend ride Tagaytay.  Without this practice ride, I will be ill equipped to handle the rigors of long ride with the tropang Recyclists May 1 and 2.

I arrived before 11 at Tagaytay, compared to earlier rides where our arrival was before 12 noon.  It is surprising since I only spun and used mostly 39 chain ring

Friday, April 24, 2015

Biking through the Cardona bypass (diversion road) again (2x during the week)

Wheels of Happiness

April 24, 2015

Yesterday was the birthday of my late father

Yesterday, I rode back from Morong via the diversion road in Cardona.  Despite the fact that I had a 27 sprocket I managed to climb this using 25 sprocket with 39 chain ring.  I went anaerobic (hingal hingal kalabaw) but it was easier than last Sunday since I was going back by 7:30 am.

Last Sunday, we rode the diversion road with the tropang Recyclists at 10:30 and it was hot at that time.  Pangskie did not join and 3 (that included me) were left behind.  (Two others were last and I understand one had to walk)

Biking up steep grades make one stronger and prepare us for the May 1 ride to Nasugbu

Monday, April 13, 2015

Riding up the bypass in Cardona

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Just like Majayjay hills

I rode back yesterday March 12, 2015 after riding from Morong via the bypass in Cardona.  The bypass from Morong side going back to Binangonan could be more than a km long, the steep portion would be about 500 meters long and could sap your energy. It mostly anaerobic after the first 100 meters and all you could hear is your breathing.  Your legs and thighs might take it but your lungs would complain.

Yesterday, standing up reduced some of pedal effort but not the breathing.

I think the ascent from the Cardona side is too steep and DPWH must reduce the height by say some 5 meters. A lot of vehicles meet accidents because their engine power could not match the steep grade.

But I would like to add that riding the bypass could increase your leg power, strength, and anaerobic capacity

Traffic hazards when riding - a reminder

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                      Who is at fault, the taxi or the MC?

One can not help but again remind fellow riders of the hazards that confront us when we ride (of course we are seen as hazards by others)  We would like to classify the hazards as those coming from:

road obstacles
other two wheeled vehicles and
four wheeled vehicles

Road obstacles:

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter ride today, April 5, 2015

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Happy Easter greetings today

Image result for happy easter

We rode today, right after the salubong at 6 am when the procession just was leaving Bloomingdale,   I met Pres Luis at Jollibee Unishoppe aid he was waiting for Armin Z.  I was able to leave at 6:40.  I did not see the two but I saw Nino and another rider from Taytay.  I passed them at Tagpos.  However they caught with me and Weng at Convention Center and the three of then rode their pace (30+ or 40 kmh thereabout)

I was in Simples lugawan by 7:10 and there I met:   Pres Luis, Armin, Archie, Master E, Alan, Weng, Angel, Jess, Joel. Meong At about 7:40, the group decided to ride  to Pisong Kape Pililla..  I rode ahead of others, and they caught up with me (the Halimaws) at km 56 (that was 2 km to destination.   Normally they catch me up at km 52

Jeff, Angel and Val rode to Baguio Holy Thursday, Good Friday,and Black Saturday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines April 5, 2015

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A glorious Happy Easter Greeting to all

Angel rode with us today and we just learned that their trio:  Val, Jeff, and he rode to Baguio during the long holidays

On the first day Thursday, they rode to Asingan.  Since they had only two stops, they were at Asingan by 3:30.  They were in Angeles by 10 am and had lunch at Dau (where we had lunch)

/They left for Baguio at 6 am on Good Friday and arrived at Baguio City by 2 pm (just about our pace).  By 4 pm, they descended for Asingan.

They went home at 4 pm and would probably be in Asingan by nightfall.  They rode home yesterday, and arrived about 8 pm last night.

Let us thank the Lorda for their safe return

Will you buy cheap but difficult to install or expensive but light and easy to install?

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As a usual bargain hunter,  bought on CC two CST (made in China tires) that cost only P480.00 each.- total P960.  Quite a bargain compared to the 1t to the 2t tires we usually buy lately. But lo and behold, I could not not install it at my aero rim.   I make deep scratches on the rim because I had to use a metal screwdriver to force the issue.

So after puncturing two tube interiors, I had to swallow my pride and correct my decision, I returned the two CST tires and had them swapped for a Maxxis detonator.  I had to add P75.00 pa to complete the transaction.

But I had the Maxxis installed in a breeze.  It took me under 5 minutes to install

Bike ride on Black Saturday yesterday, April 4, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  April 5, 2015

I rode to Antipolo yesterday.  It was a little bit late because I hesitated.  I met an accident on a Black Saturday after biking from Baguio on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  The olds tell us that is wrong/bad to leave on Holy Week lest travel accidents befall us during our travel.

And so I rode to Antipolo church when I learned from Vhen's family after biking to Wawa.   As I have said, I felt general weakness since last Sunday due to high BS, and lack of practice.  And so climbing up Antipolo which before was a breeze, was a burden and involved a lot of huffing and ;puffing.  I had a  roadie with 53 x39 chain ring so the more it was challenging.

Overtaken by MTBs  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Group pics of the Biskileta Iglesia yesterday, April 2 2015

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Angono Rizal  Philippines   |  April 3, 2015

Here are the great group pictures of the Recyclists of the Bisiklete Iglesia yesterday, April 2, 2015

View at mainggit especially if you did not join:   Edgar 7 days, Engineer June, Chito Weng (I understand, Jeff and Angel rode up to Baguio)   Di ko na nakikita si Ado?  How about Jimmy?

At Taytay Church



At Cainta Church



At Manggahan church



At Senora de La Strada (not the Ducati model)


At Church of the Abandoned in San Roque, Marikina City

 x                           With Ginebra icon - St Michael the Archangel

With Fr. Nante

I rode well yesterday despite feeling ill last Sunday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | April 3, 2015

               Smith lent me his yellow helmet to complete the all yellow stuff: watch, eyewear, shoes,

I think I did well in the Bisikleta Iglesia yesterday, despite being unable to get off from the bed last Sunday  (March 29, 2015)  That may be due to:   fatigue from Calapan travel Thursday, and Friday and high blood sugar

I was in front, at the peloton at the following stages:

1. From Angono to Taytay (hence I was able to take picture at Iglesia Taytay;

2.  From Junction to Karangalan (together with VM)

3.  From Padre Pio to Sta Clara church  (VM and I were first in the church)

4.  Going down from Balara to Tumana (I was with Gerry Y)

5.  Well I was tasked with showing the way from Concepcion church to the church of the abandoned in San Roque,

and exiiting from San Roque to Tuazon, Sta Lucia and to Junction  (that is why I was able to take their picture at Junction)

Still strong at 64 (senior citizen hehehe - puede pa)

                                jAt Concepcion church

                                                Still strong at 64

Great pictures of Recyclists Riding yesterday for Bisikleta Iglesia

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal   Philippines    |  April 3, 2015

                            Recyclists near Iglesia in Taytay:    Hannah, Vhen, Alan and Pangskie and Gerry

Here are some great pictures of Recyclists as we rode to various churches.  That I was able to take their pictures meant that the author had a good jump on other riders (hehe he - yabang po ba? Iba na ang natanda  nagaling. nayabang)

                    Still near Iglesia Taytay,   those are Echo, Meong, and Vhek

Riding towards Sta Clara Church near flyover

                              VM was all yellow, just like Jorgeusbiker

                                Alan looks formidable just like Hulk

                             Joel too looks like a foreign rider

                                           Master E and Vhek

                                Jayjay, the lone rider in an MTB

Coming down towards Tumana from Grand Villas





                                            Pres Luis

                                      Pres Luis and Jayjay

                               Jayjay on MTB

                                             Vhen and Echo behind Jayjay

                                   Me Ong and Alan



Riding to Sumulong Highway from Concepcion


Recyclists at Junction