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2015 Bisikleta Iglesia of Recyclists Yesterday, April 2, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines   | April 3, 2015

                             Last church to be visited was in San Roque.Marikina City.  Recyclists pose with Fr. Nante Tolentino, cousin of Hanah (pamangkin ni Smith)  He even blessed us with Holy Water and our bikes

We had the annual ritual of doing the Bisikleta Iglesia (visit of 7 churches) to do the Way of the Cross as a form of penitential sacrifice.  However, instead of visiting churches at the Eastern Rizal, the group, decided c/o Pres Luis and adviser VM to go westward and towards MM.  So the FB page said we assemble at 5:30 am and leave for the Visita Iglesia:   Taytay, Cainta, Manggahan, Padre Pio, Sta Clara, Concepcion and Church of the Abandoned in San Roque Marikina City

Assembly at Angono Jollibee

 x                               Gerry, Ed Green Lantern, and Netoy

 x                           Echo, Vhek and Luis

                              Netoy, Smith, Echo and Hannah (na April Fool niya ako na ibebenta niya bike at siya ay quitting)

                                    Father and daughter

                                 Meeting the Black Nazareno penitents in Taytay


                                       At Taytay churchyard

Sone 23 Kapadyaks joined us:

Jun2 Verchez
Jess Verchez
Pres Luis
Hannah Unidad
Rommel Unidad
Gerry Y
Gerry K
Netoy Mariposa
Eddie Green Lantern
Secx Noe
Pangskie Gil

We left at a little over 6:00 am 6:15 waiting for VM and arrived at 6:45 in Taytay

Next was Cainta at  about 7:15 am and we were in Manggahan via Imelda Highway and Karangalan Village. by 7:45 and onwards to  Padre Pio;  however the church was full of visitors, and we could not bring our bike inside.  So we just decided to skip Padre Pio (anyway there is one in Sampaloc).   And we proceeded to Sta Clara.  Secx Noe joined us from Padre Pio but on the way to Santa Clara, he missed us and probably went over pass (it is below at ground level)  We spent some time waiting and looking for him (Richard undertook the chores) and then we rode to Senora de la Strada .  Our target was to have breakfast at Jollibee Petron which is just before the De la Strada.  That was about before 9:00.  By 9:15 we were at the De la Strada.

Instead of taking the long route,back (Katipunan, then going to Marikina town proper and JP Rizal, we went down to Balara, Loyola Grand Villa, and Tumana bridge, turn right to Concepcion and then to Concepcion Church.  That was about 10:00   By 10:30, we biked towards San Roque, I towed the group towards the Sports Center and then to the church.

Hanah looked for her cousin and we had to go to two different places to look for him.  We finally saw him and learned Luis and him were batchmates.   We had group pictures and even blessed our bikes.

We decided to go home via Tuazon to Sta Lucia Robinson.  I did the U turn, before the Diamond Motors (I led the peloton) but they had shortcut at Robinson and were delayed.   I was therefore ahead until Junction.  I was able to take their pictures there.

Then the final rendezvous was at SM waiting shed.

It was a great bisikleta Iglesia.  Happy Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

#1  Taytay Church

                                    Other bikers in Taytay church doing the Visita

                                  Jess Joel and Pangske

#2 At Cainta Church

                               Inside Cainta Church;  Joel and Richard

                                That is Pangskie's broad back

                               Daughter and father, Gerry and Alan, thereafter, Smith leaves daughter for job

                                   VM and I wait for other kapadyak at Imelda Highway

#3 Manggahan Church

                          Jess, Jayjay and Master at Manggahan church

                                 Hannah and Alan at Manggahan church

                             Recyclists gather in front of Manggahan church;  repairs on going

                              Making a u turn at Padre Pio;  maraming bawal

                           Ed, Vhek and Meong;  Master is over there

#4 Sta Clara Chruch

                               The Sta Clara Church

                              The Sta Clara Church altar

                           The Recyclists resting at the Sta Clara Chruch Yard

                               Waiting for Secx Noe;  he said he was all ready near UP

                               Having breakfast at Petron Jollibee

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