Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jeff, Angel and Val rode to Baguio Holy Thursday, Good Friday,and Black Saturday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines April 5, 2015

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A glorious Happy Easter Greeting to all

Angel rode with us today and we just learned that their trio:  Val, Jeff, and he rode to Baguio during the long holidays

On the first day Thursday, they rode to Asingan.  Since they had only two stops, they were at Asingan by 3:30.  They were in Angeles by 10 am and had lunch at Dau (where we had lunch)

/They left for Baguio at 6 am on Good Friday and arrived at Baguio City by 2 pm (just about our pace).  By 4 pm, they descended for Asingan.

They went home at 4 pm and would probably be in Asingan by nightfall.  They rode home yesterday, and arrived about 8 pm last night.

Let us thank the Lorda for their safe return

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