Friday, April 3, 2015

I rode well yesterday despite feeling ill last Sunday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | April 3, 2015

               Smith lent me his yellow helmet to complete the all yellow stuff: watch, eyewear, shoes,

I think I did well in the Bisikleta Iglesia yesterday, despite being unable to get off from the bed last Sunday  (March 29, 2015)  That may be due to:   fatigue from Calapan travel Thursday, and Friday and high blood sugar

I was in front, at the peloton at the following stages:

1. From Angono to Taytay (hence I was able to take picture at Iglesia Taytay;

2.  From Junction to Karangalan (together with VM)

3.  From Padre Pio to Sta Clara church  (VM and I were first in the church)

4.  Going down from Balara to Tumana (I was with Gerry Y)

5.  Well I was tasked with showing the way from Concepcion church to the church of the abandoned in San Roque,

and exiiting from San Roque to Tuazon, Sta Lucia and to Junction  (that is why I was able to take their picture at Junction)

Still strong at 64 (senior citizen hehehe - puede pa)

                                jAt Concepcion church

                                                Still strong at 64

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