Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bike ride on Black Saturday yesterday, April 4, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  April 5, 2015

I rode to Antipolo yesterday.  It was a little bit late because I hesitated.  I met an accident on a Black Saturday after biking from Baguio on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  The olds tell us that is wrong/bad to leave on Holy Week lest travel accidents befall us during our travel.

And so I rode to Antipolo church when I learned from Vhen's family after biking to Wawa.   As I have said, I felt general weakness since last Sunday due to high BS, and lack of practice.  And so climbing up Antipolo which before was a breeze, was a burden and involved a lot of huffing and ;puffing.  I had a  roadie with 53 x39 chain ring so the more it was challenging.

Overtaken by MTBs  

I overtook a bunch of MTB (about 5 of them not in uniform though at Tower Hills.  However just before Camella and Executive Hills they passed me and caught up with them at Fibertex.  At Beverly, all of them stopped.   They caught up again before the left bend;  after the bend they stopped.

Met a Senga Relative

And so I reached the Antipolo Church where I met ;a biker who was from Calum;pang, Marikina City and Tito niya si Angelito Senga.  He is now surnamed Estanislao

On the way down, a group of MTBs just after Fairmaount and Caltex.  They must be doing 60+.  However I caught up with them at Camella and passed them before Rotoanda  (Later when I boughtshaved ice for halo halo, I  learned the shaved ice operator  is an MTB rider who boasts of doing l00+ dcownhill -  He gave me the shaved ice/ for P16 php instead of the usual Php 20

It was a good ride.  I was home by 11 and took the interior tube that I brought earlier for vulcanizing (Icould not patch them using dry patch method)

I also had the 700 x 23 tires I bought from Villamayor/Calingo two CTS but they were hard and heavy;  I could lnot make them fit the interior and in the process punctured 2x the interior (hence the vulcanizing)

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