About Us

The member bikers of recyclists_20l0  is a admixture of various bikers from various places and ages: Some of them are:
l.  Sec. Noe, formerly with office of fmr VM now with Office of the Mayor, owns a Fuji composite carbon bike.  Used to bike often with us; but now goes on secret training.
2.  Richard - with the Accounting Office of Mun of Angono, has also a Fuji bike which costs only 8t!!!??? A very strong hill climber and sprinter.  Started late but has improved tremendously.
3,  Master Edwin - also another VIP from LGU, this time from Taytay.  Has red Sars bike.  Prefers to bike at the tail end; but surprises everyone with his sprint.
4.  Joel Javier - a generous Bombay looking, taga Cainta member.  Works at Mitsubishi; is very generous despite just a three day workweek.  Is a very strong and fast rider. He does daily work out at Valley Golf and Hilltop.  Prefers to spin going uphill.  Take note he was just operated at the gallbladder.
5. Smith AKA Rommel -  the cousin of this blogger, was a diabetic before but no longer now, thanks to biking.  He owns a 28t (as reported to his wife) Orbea bike loaded with shimano Durace groupset. Is often funny and joking.  He is strong and fast rider although he started late in biking.  He advises everyone to ride slowly but will be the first one to sprint at the first opportunity.
6.  Luis -  the bionic man.  Our President.  He coordinates most of the rides. He had an open heart surgery for his heart valves (had a valve job just like the engine) and surprisingly despite the operation, contrary to common belief is very strong.
7. Vice Mayor Jun Vic -  the supremo, fmr vice mayor of Angono.  Owns several top of the line l5 lbs bike:  Scott, Colnago, with Durace and Campagnolo group sets.  Has sold his cannondale and fuji bike to other members.  He has sold parts cheap to other members including the blogger.  He was a  competitive biker (as a teen)before but quit when he had a terrible crash .Just resumed  biking .3 years ago
8.  Nolite Sulit -  has been biking for the last 20 years.  Is as health buff and is very competitive.  Although almost senior he bikes hard and fast.  You can always see him at the pace line.
9.  Edgar - from Cardona.  Is a big guy and has joined us lately.  He is strong rider but sometimes get easily discouraged.
l0.  Ado - Alak Man.  A driver.  Used to live in Taytay, then Angono and just suddenly disappeared.. The latest is that he will now live in Pangasinan.  He has quit his driving job.
ll. Eng. June Francisco - used to be the General Sales Manager of Union Motors.  But just transferred to Sanden.  He owns an expensive Look carbon bike with Campagnolo group set.  As he has to live in Canlubang Laguna, we see less of him
l2.  Bikeshare -  a businessman and a prof at a graduate school.  He is a senior citizen this month.  He would like to ride faster and stronger.  I hope matter does not age.
13.  Cataps (Gerry) townmate of Manny Pacquiao.  Is a superb watch technician and does a lot of great graphics for his helmet, shoes, bikeframe and group sets.  is a strong rider.
l4.  Alan
l5.  Angel
l6.   Val