Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upgrade of my SARS roadie into a Cyclocross (RB and MTB)

Wheels of Happiness

I have finally completed the Hill Climber bike project. I did the following: replaced the chain wheel 53 x 39 with 44 x 32 x 22 Deore with 175 mm arm, installed a 3 way STI (sora), had a long cage RD (sora) and 10 speed 11 to 36 cogs: 11 13 15 17 19 21 24 26 32 36. I chose the STX, the more expensive but lighter cogs (with holes and spider arms) vs Alivio which is heavier.
The whole project cost me P7,800 for the sti, cogs, and the rear derailleur. I still have to find a 3 plet front derailleur. (The one I use is an old sora for 2 chain chain rings only)
Why do I have this project:
1. I have to use friendlier gear ratios as I am not getting younger.
2. When we go back to Banawe and Mt. Data, I will not run of gears.
3. I plan to join the guys who go on island hopping tours using cylocross bikes (I still to buy 25 mm wide tires) O I may go solo in August to Mindoro and up to Panay island
4. Convenience.

Test trial of my SARS Hill Climber

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines

                                               Deore triplet crank

                                       Sora rear long cage roller, and STX ten speed 11 x 36

                                        Rear view of the finished project

Ever since we came from Benguet, Mt Province, and Sagada where we quit some of the stages, I vowed that we would return with a bike with gears suited to the grade.  MTB only will do.

So I upgraded/converted my SARS bike to be my hill climber:

Here are the mods:

1. Removed the FSA 53 x 39 crank and replaced it with Deore triplet with 175 mm arm, 44 32, 22

2.  Outfitted a 3 way SORA sti, removed the front left Ultegra 2 way STI

3.  Replaced the ultegra rear roller with a Sora long cage rear roller

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Practicing hill climb with my upgraded SARS roadie.

Wheels of Happiness

My SARS bike is  now equipped with triplet, 44 32,22 Deore and  12 to 28 105 sprocket.  I used this for bike ride this morning to Mahabang Parang Angono (between Angono and Antipolo)  I did 5x using 44 x 17 to 21 to a hill climb 200 meters from gate of La Farge to the hill crest of Memorial Park.

Then a hill climb of some 500 meters from the river up to the steep Mahabang Parang pass.  I pedalled slowly using 32 x 21 and  felt bette compared to doing this with 34 x 25.   My project upgrade is now paying off. I was not tired doing this.  I could do this 3x.

The only remaining part of the project is to have the triplet work with a Sora 3 x 9 to make the front derailleur visit the 3 chain ring.  I would not with the current Ultegra STI.

I saw one in Cainta but it will set me back by P6,000.  Medyo OP kasi the others sell the same model for  only P4,500.00. I contacted Marauder and promised to let me know by Weds...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

No fear for the Cardona diversion

Wheels of Happiness

Angono Rizal Philippines

July 18, 2015

I used to dread the climb to the diversion.  After seeing many trucks stall climbing from LLDA to the crest, and the difficulty we had climbing this....

But today and lately, this author conquered the fear of the Cardona diversion. This morning, I strayed away from the group and went up well nearly stalling using 32 x 19 (that is 44 gear inches)

Going back I did not shift down the FD. I used 44 x 28. (that is 42 gear inches)  It is a little bit noisy but I got to the top without much effort.  It turns out that 44 x 28 is a low low gear ratio, I could get down to 32 x 23 or 25.   Wow.  I still have two low gears to spare.

Upgrading the road bike into a Hill Climber

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   July 18, 2015

The challenges of the Mt Province, Sagada and Banawe climb made me rethink and retooling myself to handle such difficult climb and I started reading researching about hill climbers bike. So the alternatives are:

1. Shift to an MTB, comes with a triplet and maybe an 11 to 36 gear (Shimano SLX or XT) This will be set you back by P20t.

2.  Buy a new crank with low gear preferably a triplet (I bought a Deore tirplet before 44 32, 22) precisely to hone up my climbing skills at Mahabang Parang (going to Antipolo)  I had one this all ready.  I spent P650 for a Shimano MTB bottom bracket outfitted to my Sars Bike. The mechanic mentioned he could not make the 44 work.  Fortunately for me I did. However, only two chainrings work because the STI for the rear has only 3 stops. (However I learned that the Sora had 3 stops

3. Buy the 105 ten speed 11 32 with long cage RD (this will se me back by P3,800.  2t for the RD and  P1.8 t for the gears.