Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I thought I was alone in feeling fatigued after the Tagaytay ride?

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I talked to Nolite and Gerry regarding the post Tagaytay Ride.  Gerry said he felt very fatigued.  His thighs and knees were sore.

I talked to Nolite this morning and he shared the same sore feelings.  He said could not manage to get out off the bed last Monday.

I had to be absent from work Monday morning.  I was sore all over.

This reflect the high intensity of effort we put into the bike ride last February 24, 2013,  The ride was fast and furious.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Links to Recent Posts

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Links to Recent Posts -  8th week

    Photo album at picasa album of 67 pictures of Tagaytay City ride;  can be full page or played in a slideshow.  For easy and enjoyable viewing.  February 26, 2013

    Jorgeusbiker analyzes his ride progress with Recyclists last February 24, 2013.  Published February 26, 2013

    A list of 10 items that the Recyclists wish for like riding safe, staying healthy, having pets take a bath themselves, ridding themselves of alibis to defer rides, having stronger riders.  February 25, 2013

    These are pictures of Recyclists riding their bikes on the way and from Tagaytay city.  These are proofs that Recyclists can ride.   February 25, 2013

     These are posed and posed pictures of Recyclists at their assembly and rallying points:  Angono in front of Iglesia, Mun Hall of Taytay, in front of Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan,  Daang Hari, Silang, Cavite and Tagaytay. February 24, 2013

      A log/chronology of events for the Tagaytay city bike ride.  What transpired/events took place during the ride.   February 24, 2013

How did I do in the bike ride last Sunday Feb 24, 2013?

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                            At Daang Hari -AZ road intersection, Jorgeusbiker can still smile

I think I did not do very bad nor very well in my bike ride last Sunday, February 24, 2013.

For the first time ever, I did not feel good enough to go to work the following day.  Yesterday am, I had to beg off work.  My legs and whole body ached.

High lights/what I recalled:

> I was at the back of peloton and chased them when they were doing 43 kph at c6.  I think I passed some fellow Recyclists.

>From Bicutan to Alabang, I was with the lead pack,

> At Daang Hari, everybody was just riding until the last 3 km when everybody biked fast and furious;  I relaxed when it was 2 km till Bacoor and I was passed.

> At Paliparan I was ahead for about 7 km or so;  I lost the speed at the last 3 km.

>At Greenwoods, I was at the middle pack

>At Tagaytay last 10 km, I could see the back of the other riders.  I even passed Gerry.  I relaxed at the last 2 km.  Gerry remarked yesterday that I had heavy gear:  39 x 17 doing the Tagaytay climb.

Just to let you know you know the punishing pace, at Bicutan at 711, guys were looking for efficascent oil and were complaining of aching thighs.

I could notice that the pace slackened at C6 on the way back (fatigue set in).

I am happy with this ride considering that a young rider had cramps and had to quit;  and there were guys who had muscle fatigue.  (Mine set in only yesterday)  I had sound sleep last night too.

                                      Posing before a giant wheelset

Link for Picasa web album of Tagaytay City Ride Feb 24, 2013


Please check/clic the link for Picasa web album SLIDESHOW of the February 24, 2013 Tagaytay City ride.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Our wishes and prayers for Recyclists

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Angono, Rizal   PHL   |  February 25, 2013

Here are some of our wishes and prayer for Recylists:

l.  That Choco2 (Jeruel Mariposa) gets well soon and that his bike straighten itself so that he can ride again;

2.  That the bad drivers:  motorcycle, car drivers (like the Getz driver that nearly clipped Ben, and the Mazda zoom2 car that intentionally tried to hit VM) find enlightenment find the light and be better, or that the Lord take them away

3.  That the pigs of Tito learn how to take a bath themselves so that Tito can ride more often with us;

4.  That we learn how to take good pictures just like Richard as we ride;

5.  That Richard be given strong body so that he does not get sick often, so with the children of Pangskie so that they can ride with us more often

6.  That our strong riders become stronger and we all ride better.

7.  That somebody lend an old derrailleur to Joseph so that he wont get cramps

8.  That the oldies can keep up with the fast and the furious

9.  That there will be more riders who will join the Recyclists;

10.  That the Lord keep us safe and healthy always

Other pics of the Tagaytay ride - February 24, 2013

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Link to Picasa Photo Web Album -Tagaytay Ride February 24, 2013 

                                   Engr June thinking of.....

                                 Magnificent trio:    Engr. June, Jorgeusbiker and DV

                                       VV showing the stuff he is made of before lunch

                       Master, whom VM says is very strong posing before the Ferris wheel

                    Jorgeusbiker, Ado, Master and VM pose before the tallest Ferris wheel in PHL

                               The tallest Ferris wheel in PHL

                              What does this symbol mean?

                                    Can I ride this one without a vertigo?

                                    Armin and VM discussing their next acquisitions?

                                       A lot of tall towers

                                    Imposing new tall buildings built by SMDC

                                 Abandoned 401st war memorial

                                Wild flowers at the picnic site

                                 Tall grasses have overtaken the memorial

                                    The dependable Defender

                               Edgar about to cross the highway, very carefully

                                  Solo by Jorgeusbiker before the tallest Ferris wheel

Recyclists ride pics at the Tagaytay ride on February 24, 2013

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Tagaytay City ride route, Rizal Cavite PHL | February 2013

Link to Picasa web album - Recyclist Tagaytay Ride February 24, 2013 

Here are the pictures of the Recylists riding:

 Solid peloton at Daang Hari;  it was like that all the way - a tight peloton (pulutong)

                                Master, Alan, and Archie

                               Edgar on the way to Camp Bagong Diwa

                                 Jorgeusbiker at Alabang Zapote road nearing Daang Hari

                              Master leading Archie, Joseph and Weng

                                 Engr June at AZ road

                               Departing from AZ road: Archie, Luis and Nolite

                                Weng riding at Daang Hari

                                       Dante Varona and 7 days



                                 VM, Jeff and Ado

                                 Ben and Edgar

                                     Ado, VM and Nolite riding up Paliparan

                                     Luis, Armin and VM

                                 Jess V, Gerry Ktops, Luis Wesluk, and Vic V

                                DV, Alan and Ado

                                  Exiting towards service road in Alabang

                                 Not so good picture;  note the time it was only 3 pm

How Recyclists contribute to saving the environment?

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         The cesspool for irrigation came what this  Recyclist is doing! (at GMA highway)

                                   Watering the plants at Meg;  part of water recycling

                                    Blending with the environment, can you see the Recyclists?

Other group pictures of the Tagaytay ride February 24, 2013

Real Cyclists

Tagaytay ride route | Cavite and Rizal  |  February 24, 2013

                                  In front of Taytay municipal hall

                                 Having bibingka snacks at corner of Bacoor and Daang Hari

                                    At the free picnic grounds near the tallest ferris wheel

                                       Having lunch

                                    Relaxing after having lunch

                                       Ready to take off from Tagaytay after lunch

                                  Just past Olivarez;  waiting for Luis and Jess who bought P niya

                                     Alan, Tito (thinking of his pigs, Weng and Edgar

                                    At Daang Hari;  waiting for Luis

                                   Group pic of the bike resting at Daang Hari

                               On the way home at Daang Hari cor Alabang Zapote road


                                      Having fun at 711 near Bicutan;  note Gerry's hairdo

                                        Paying for cold drinks at the counter in 711