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Chronology of our Tagaytay Ride on February 24 2013

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Cavite and Rizal PHL   |  February 24, 2013

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Those who joined us:  Weng and his nephew:    Joseph, Edgar, Jeff, Jess, Joel, Jorgeusbiker, VM, Luis, Zapanta brothers:  Armin and Archie, Ben, Ado, Engr June, Master, Nolite, Gerry, Alan.

Those not there:   Richard, Secx, Chito, Diego, Schmitt.   Pangskie's child was sick according to news.

The best riders:   young ones:  Jess, Jeff, Armin,     young once:   Master, Tito,  and Ben.

                                       Joel excused himself here at Camp Bagong Diwa

                                           Eng. June solo pic going up Paliparan

Joel excused himself at Camp Bagong Diwa, Engr June joined family at Tagaytay City. He said that they went to church together at Lourdes in Tagaytay.  He saw us again at Daang Hari.

This is a chronology of our ride today:

5: 30 assembly in front of the INC church in Angono.  We were waiting for Jeff and Edgar.  We decided to leave and wait for them at MEG

6:05 We arrived at MEG in front of the Municipal Hall;   Joel Javier, Ado, and Engr. June were there.  Engr. June had a his Honda Civic accompanying  him:  his wife and his 2nd child were there.

6:20.  After inflating additional air into the tires, peeing, Jeff and Edgar had arrived, saying prayers and where are the pit stops, the Recyclists left for C6.  At C6, the peloton was  fast.  They were averaging 43 kph.

6:40 They arrived and stopped at the waiting shed in front of Camp Bagong Diwa.  They left at 7:00 to travel at the service road passing at Bicutan, Sucat and then at Alabang.

7:30  They arrived at Metrobank assembly point for Daang Hari.  They arrived at about 8:20 in Bacoor.  It was unusually early.  While spinning entering Daang Hari, the pace increased at the 2nd half of the Daang Hari.

8:20   Arrival at Bacoor.  Tito and Jeff had their bikes repaired:  Tito for the  alignment/truing the bike, and Jeff for the washer of the sprocket.  We left them at the bike shop and waited for them at GMA Paliparan intersection.

9: 12  Arrival at Kainan ni Grasya.  Grasya had just opened and it took some time for her to cook the pansit good for 18.  She finished cooking at 9:40.   We finished eating and left by 10:00 am

10:30   Arrival at Silang Emilio Aguinaldo Hi Way.   Rest for 5 minutes.

11:00  Arrival of the peloton at Tagaytay City.   Assembly at 7-11.  Took refreshment.  Looked for place to eat.

11:40  Arrival at the vacant lot near the 40l Brigade memorial, in front of the tallest Ferris Wheel.

11:50 Start eating.   Finished eating by 12:15.  Had picture taking.  Left for home by 12:50

1:37  Was in Silang Seaoil station.  Take note of the fast pace.

2:00 at Daang Hari

3:00 at Alabang

3:30 at Bicutan 7 - 11

4: 12 Home

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