Sunday, February 17, 2013

How was my ride today? February 17, 2013?

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal, PHL   |  February 17,2013

                               Photo courtesy of Richard, Jorgeus biker at LLDA

From Angono to Morong

I left a little bit late almost 7;  I was fatigued by the badminton practice at the company PE yesterday and the 10 laps I did at the Forest Park.  I visited the Sacred Heart Parish and I caught the communion part and off I went.  I was spinning at 39 x 15  and I was all alone until the Cardona municipal hall until the Taytay cylicsts who included Bubuy caught up with me.  I did not get left behind and went with them until Callahan and were close until the Morong flats (near the bypass) and were far away until the market.  I caught up with them at Morong Municipal Cemetery and attacked them and left them until the Simples Lugawan.

From Morong to Pisong Kape

We had a headstart with Ado and I hid behind Ado until km 52.  I attacked Ado and stayed in front. I was attacked going uphill by Chito, Jeff and company and I refused to be left behind until km 55 where they disappeared.

I overtook a group of Taguig riders and it started to rain at KM 58;  however, there was no rain at Pisong Kape.  The first batch of Engr. June, Joel, Edgar, Tito were all ready there.  The batch of Ado, Master, Ben came later.

From Pisong Kape to OL

Tito and Preng Luis led the way. I sucked their wheels and I used 53 x 19 till the Manggahan;  Chito and Choco2 attacked at km 62. at the Gas filling station and switch back I shifted to 39 x l7 and tried to hang tight but they raced up and disappeared at KM 63.  I felt strong and Engr. June overtook us at km 64 but I stayed with him until OL.

Over all, I felt I am stronger because I am no longer a sweeper I used to be.

Thanks to Richard for these wonderful shots...Thanks...


 x                             In Tanay, going near the Sampaloc intersection :  Richard photos

                                   Still in Tanay:   credits by Richard Ang

                               At LLDA

                                I have to adjust seatpost height?

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