Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cleaning and improving my bikes

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL| February 15, 2013

During the lunch break today, these are the things that I did for my SARS and GTS bikes:

l.  I cleaned and polished the paint and metal parts;  some shine came back

2.  I lubricated the cable outers;  the front brake is getting tight when pressed;

3.  I changed the rear mech cable for the GTS;  it broke on the Baguio run, replaced it hurriedly at about 630 in front of Ayala hts and the one that I fitted was short.  I bought a regular length cable;  it cost only PHP 15.

4.  I changed the angle of the handle bar and adjusted the  STI angle on the handle bar.  It feels better with the new set up.

Little tweaks can make you prouder of the bike and makes for better fit.

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