Thursday, December 31, 2015

A review of the past year 2015 for the Recyclists - TOP 10 RIDES

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 31, 2015

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This is the last day of the year.   It is time to say good bye to the year that was 2015, and wish for prosperity, more miles and more safe riding in 2016, and a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Top 10 rides in 2015

I biked today, December 31, 2015 as a celebration of ride for the year

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 31, 2015

It will be New Year in 7 hours.  Happy New Year every one.

I biked today to Pililla, km 58 to celebrate the closure to 365 days of 2015 ( a distance of 30 km 60 km out and back).  Not many biked today because the weather looked bad.  There was shower in Binangonan, and in Tanay and Pililla.

There was traffic in Angono, and it took me 30 minutes to exit the Angono market,  and another 20 minutes to get clear of traffic.  Some of the traffic can be avoided if:

Lessening traffic congestion

Alan Astorga, ever since he was transferred to Antipolo became a very strong rider

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
December 31, 2015

In the Christmas party last December 26, 2015, Tito was telling story about Alan Astorga who works as OIC for security in a bank, has become a very strong rider., ever since he was transferred to Antipolo (from Taytay)  He goes to work by bike everyday and he practices climbs daily.

Tito said that when they biked at Cardona diversion, Alan was at 53 x???.  He does not  remember the cogs but he was riding diversion heavy.  Wow.  Congrats Alan

Practice talaga makes one perfect, if not stronger

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My 3rd ride to San Carlos Heights today December 30, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 30, 2015

Image result for san carlos heights binangonan rizal + mtb destination

From outside slacker - riding up Antenna Hill

From BiketourPhilippines of Long Henson

Its the 119th death anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal  I biked today to San Carlos Hts.  It has become a destination of sorts like Timberland to many MTB.  I can understand why.  I had to stop 2x again because the gears missed and the 2nd time I fell.  The front tire hit a rock, I pulled up and crashed. This third ride is definitely much better than the first and the gears were now higher 22 x 28.

So I was I able to bike straight up to the peak, and lo and behold the place where the bikers gather are in an alley that led to the lot that I used to own (which I sold to Mareco 103.5 fm, to be used as spending money for trip to USA.  It was 500 sm and was able to sell for for P1000 per sm.  The P500k was good for $10k.   SAYANG

                           Nagpapahila for the downhill

                                       Downhill racing

                                            Angono Petroglyphs

Monday, December 28, 2015

I got an affordable Giyo Floor Pump from Marauder MTB in Antipolo today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 28, 2015

Having heard from Engr. June Francisco that there is a floor pump available at Marauder MTB in Mahabang Parang Antipolo, I immediately texted Mike, the American owner of the bike shop.  Yes there is at P525 (this sells for double the price elsewhere)  It comes with a gauge. For the same price, I bought a GTS floor pump for P500 without gauge.

So I MTB'd to Mike this morning and got this floor pump.  It is more convenient to pump air into the bike tires and not guess the air pressure.  I found out that my MTB is under inflated by 40 psi and the road bike by 40 psu also.  It took just about 2 dozen pumps to get the correct pressure

Its brand is Giyo from Taiwan

What is the importance of good foot pump with gauge to riding?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Recyclists Christmas Party Yesterday December 26, 2015 at the house of Jess Verchez

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 27, 2015

We held the annual party, the Christmas party at the house of Jess Verchez yesterday.  It was a potluch, with P100 worth of exchange gifts.  Who were there:   Pres Luis, Vhen, Engineer June, Tito, Smith, (Rommel) Alan, Jeff, Val, Sec Noe, Papa Ric, Ed (7 days) Weng, Angel (Balubar)  Joel, Gerry K, Gerry Y, Richard, Jorgeusbiker, Jess, Meong, Hannah and Father Smith, Papa Ric. Jose .  Jimmy, Exequiel, and Chito F.

Who were not there:   Echo, VM, Master

There was plenty of food and wine (brandy -   empty, 4 bottles with one large one gallon, red wine - brought by Engineer June food:  salad, lechong manok, ginataang sugpo,laing, calderetang fried itik, cake, nata sweet, putong puti, bibingka, dinuguan pansit.  Mabuti na coordinate namin ni Sec Noe ang pansit, kung di overflowing ang pansit.

Then we had videoke singing with Joel, Sec. Noe, Richard, and of course Jerry

And then we had lots of fun with exchange gifts.

Everybody was clamoring for new uniform.   Gerry Y was assigned to ask for price, the DP.   Everybody prefers a terno:   upper jersey with shorts and bib.   The target date is March 2015

                                    Gerry, Sec Noe, Tito and Jess

                                      Calderetang Fried Itik brought by Smith

Saturday, December 26, 2015

My neighbor Long Henson's Biketour Philippines blog

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 26, 2015

                       Sugod mga katipunan ng bikers;  bike tayo around Philippines

                                            Their group post ride feeding station

How did you spend your Christmas yesterday?  Had lunch dinner, gave gifts to your relatives and inaanak?

I biked and  visited some of my elderly friends and kapadyak.  Met the son and daughters of my uncle Tito Boy.  They will renew their marriage vows of 50 years on the 29th.  I had long conversation with the two inlaws on biking and business education tech.

Then I also entertained  the young namamasko, then had lunch (noche buena left overs) and then updated my blog (on certain national controversied) and read the blog of my neightbor Long Henson on travel in the Philippines via the MTB.  It is a very neatly organized bike blog simple, and very focused on MTB, its repair, and travel destination.  I suggest that you visit this:

                 Bike tour Philippines by Long Henson


I like his posts on the following:

1.  The rides -  Sagada, Marinduque and the loops in Laguna, Infanta, the Army Camp

2.  The upgrades to two chain and single chain ring.

3.  His guide on the weight of wheelsets

4/  Plan for 5000+ km ride around the Philippines. It is my dream and I hope I can join him

and more.  I hope you, especially if you are MTB rider will like this.  Thanks Long

Thursday, December 24, 2015

My bike ride today to Antipolo December 24, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2015

Image result for antipolo church

It is a day before Christmas.  Merry Christmas tomorrow.

Today I rode up to Antipolo City and rode my SARS roadie.  What a big difference between the MTB and the road bike.  It was faster, lighter, albeit harsh on the butt.  But I rode up Antipolo faster and downhill faster.  The two bikes have their specific purposes and function.

There, in the mass (I finished the mass) I met Jeff Libunao who is from QC.  He owns a car paintworks near the Mother Lily Building near Timog.  He is a lay minister of their church, and found out he likes car (like BMW 320i and the Forester (that is how is got him on conversation because he wore a jersey with Subaru words on it) which he has now and which we have in the house)  He rode on a Pinarello Dogma, one of the best looking and most expensive carbon bike in the world,  VM has two.

Image result for pinarello dogma f8

Those who more numerous were the MTB.  I passed in Taytay to buy item for the exchange gift at the Recyclists Chrismas party at Jess Verchez house on December 26, 2015,   Birthday din ni Echo
Happy birthday.

Light bike or lighter biker affect climbing?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas tomorrow.

The video that you are about to watch explains why we need to:   1.  lighten our bike (buy a bike whose parts:  wheel sets, frame, tires, BB, fork, headset must be light.  2. why we should exercise some more, diet etc. to lose weight.  We spend about $2/gram that we say (about $2,000 for every kg.  That is lot.  It should be easier and cheaper to lose weight of the engine (the biker)

VM Jun Vic mentions this findings very often.  This justifies why he opts for lighter bikes and wheel sets/tires always

There was an experiment conducted.  One bike was used and rode up 8% gradient, for a minute and the power was measured.  Two rides were made:  the basic bike (about 16 lbs) and for the second ride, 2.6 kg water bottle was added.  Two rides were made:  one at 8 kph, and second at 16 kph  The second rider who was bulkier repeated the ride.

What were the findings?

1. For the first rider, riding at 8 kph and 16 kph, doubling the speed added  output of about 40 watts.   The heavier bike (or the water bottles) increased the power output by 9 watts. That is huge

2. For the second rider who was heavier results were the same for the heavier and lighter bike. However, his heavier mass caused an increase of 40 watts. Hence, if you are overweight, or not lean, you tend to tire out faster because you have to have higher output.

3. We should rid our bikes of unnecessary weight and excess baggage. You now know why TDF riders dispose of most of their water bottles prior to a climb.  For TT riders, the advice is not to bring tools or spares or even a water bottle.  That is to conserve energy


1.  Work on the engine, reduce body weight by eating healthy foods, going to the gym, cross exercise, push ups, crunches  or doing cross exercises:  swimming, jogging etc

2.  Lighten your bike.  But lighter interior, wheelsets, chain, pedals, shoes.  On a slow staggered basis.  Unti unti.   EVERYDAY WE MUST IMPROVE

All About improving MTB hill climbing advice

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24 2015

Here are some advice on how to climb better with MTB (from You Tube)

Computing for the Gear Inches of MTB with two upgraded chain rings, 26 wheels; upgrade to 1 and 2 chainring and 42t addition

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2015

                                       Converting to dual chain rings for MTB

1 2x9 transmission conversion

Workshop from bike radar - converting to single or double chain ring for 9 speed set up

One way of reducing weight of MTB is to go for 2 chain ring 26 and 36, remove the 18 or 17 cogs, for a 10 speed and add 42 t cogs (with the One upgrade that weighs only 55 grams).  This is possible if you have XT or XT R cogs.

        For an 11 speed set up with XTR, XT gear set.   with 26 er
                                                   26                         36

                10                                67.6                    93.6

                12                                56.3                    78

                14                                48.3                    66.8

                16                                42.2                    58.5

                18                                 37.5                   52    

                21                                 32.2                   44.5

                24                                 28.2                   39

                28                                 24.1                   33.4

                32                                 21.1                   29.

                36                                18.5                    26

                42                                16.09                  22.3

     However, I checked with Haooh in Taytay Rizal and told me  that 24 granny would be easier to acquire

Let us recompute for a 27.5 with a 10 speed  cogs.

As you can see, at 24 x 42, you can really a very low gearing at 15.71!!!    

                                                 24                       36    (for 27.5er)

             11                                59.99                  89.99

             13                                50.76                  76.15

             15                                 44                      66

           (17)                                38.82                 58.23 (this will have to be removed to accept the 42

             19                                 34.73                 52.10

             21                                 31.42                 47.14

            24                                  27.5                   41.25

            26                                 25.38                  38.07

           32                                  20.62                   30.93

           36                                  18.33                   27.5

           42                                  15.71                   23.57

At 36 you can just use one chain ring and not shift (may be this is their choice for single ring.  93 would be near 100 which is near the 50 x 12 gearing..   26 would be enough to cover most hills and ascents.  Now I understand the craze for single chain ring  the 36 choice, and the 42 cog.    Splendid

The upgrade will set you back:

One up 42          -     P2,300

New chain ring

           24     -            1,300

           36                  2,000

Total                        6,600

Image result for upgrade cogs to 42t

Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Wheels of Happiness

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Upgraditis afflicting me on my newly acquired MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2015

My newly acquired bike is barely a week old and the the "upgraditis"   sickness has inflected me. All ready, I want to lighten the bike to 10 kgs or less after:

1.  reading the 4 cheap ways to lighten the bike

2.  after talking and seeing the bike of Long Henson today

3.  After 3 long rides and experienncing how extra 3 to 5 kgs vs road bikes can affect your grade.

All ready my plan includes:

1.  Buying a lighter tire and replacing the CST now shod in the bike with say Maxxlite 310  I would be able to save about 600 gms x 2 =  1.2 kg x 2.2 =  2.62 lbs

MaxxLite 310

2.  Buy  a a lighter wheel set.   May be  save  1 kg.  There you are.  That is all ready 2.2 kg.   I would be all ready in the 10 kg territory.  But I will do that after the bike is 1 year old.  Long Henson this would set you back by about P20t per wheel.  He prefers the tubeless ready because it can be really be lighter.

AmCla MTB wheel set at 1.582 grams and 500 UK pounds (about P40,000

How to choose MTB wheeset

Best and lightest MTB wheel set (lightest are AmCla and Mavic

                           Amcla  -  $425.00  1585 grams

                          Mavic Crossmax    $800  1595 grams

American Classic All Mountain wheelset

Mavic Cross Trail at 15t featured at OLX with Conti  Raceking tires and titanium skewers;

Mavic Cross ride without tires

Building a light mountain bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2015

Scott Scale SL

I thought that MTB are not meant to be light because of the heavy duty work they do in the mountains and would typically be in the order o 13 to 20 kg.   Big tires, big frame, big cogs and heavy duty BB and axle.    However, MTB can be made as light or lighter than road bikes.

Here you can see an MTB that tips the scales at 6.54 kg or about l4 lbs.  My Fuji road bike would be 16 lbs.   Light Scott MTB


Headset: TUNE BUBU custom made
Stem: AX LIGHTNESS custom air brush painted 100mm
Fork: DT Swiss XRC Twin shoot custom brushed
Handlebar: Schmolke SL 600mm custom brushed
Barends: SLB CUSstom 90g
Grips: Extralite
Crank : THM Clavicula 42/32
Chainring: Carbon Ti
Cassette: SRAM XX 11-36
Seat:Parts od Passion
Seatpost: Schmolke TLO 400mm custom
Brake: Magura MT 8
Brakerotor: HOPE Race Edition
Derailleurs: Acros A GE
Bottle Cage: Tune
ALL Bolts and screws are made: Titan /ALU /bottecage carbon
Rims: AX Lightweight tubular brushed
Hubs: TUNE Princess SKYLINE
Hub: Tune Dezibel custom
Spokes: Sapin Superspoke carbon laminated

Long Henson an MTB rider neighbor at 2nd St showed me his magnificent MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2015

My neighbor, Long Henson, an MTB rider whom I did not recognize at a Jalajala ride, and whom I met at Villamayor parts in Pag asa and I finally met today.   Since it was start of Christmas vacation, I finally met him after watching for the chance to talk to him re island ride.

That is the reason why I wanted to have a MTB bike because of that invitation.  He said he texted me for the Marinduque ride. I was not able to recognize his text.

He showed me his two MTB that were modified and lightened.  One was Merida Carbon hardtail with 36 largest cog at the rear, 10 speed, and 2 chain wheel (32 and 22?) with Maxxis tires and wheel set that set him back by 20t each.  The bike weighs 10 kg or less (from the crank wheel set, tires) and grears (XTR -equivalent of Durace)

The other one is a trail bike full suspension,(front and rear) with lightened wheels.  With single chain (36) and 42 largest cog (Shimano - although SRAM would also have  the same configuration)

The 3rd bike which he did not show anymore was the ordinary bike which he uses for island tour.  It is not very light but will take you anywhere he said.

Great bike

Climbing San Carlos Heights on an MTB for the first time

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2015

It is one more day till Christmas.  Merry Christmas

I tried to climb San Carlos Hts. yesterday but deferred this for today.   I finally made my resolve to climb this today.  

I started out about 9 am.  I had to shift 32 x 34 for the first bend.  At the rocky road portion, I had to stop thrice due to fear of falling from the rocks, and chain and gear clashing due to the road vibration.  I finally made it to the tower but on the rocky portion I had to shift to 22 x 32 because the road was rocky and it was all ascent.

I have to salute and all my admiration to all MTB riders who climb SCH regularly

Versatility of MTB gear ratios (inches)

Wheels of Happiness

December 23, 2015

It will be Christmas in one days time.  Merry Christmas

I looked again at the gear ratios of the MTB vs the compact (50 x 34) chain sets and found the versatility of modern MTB cogs and chain sets.  As I mentioned earlier, for the 44 largest chain set x  11 to 32  cogs, the  biggest gear inches and the smallest would cover the gear inches for a 50 x 34 chain set

Roadie      50 x 34 chain set

                              50                       34

11                          112                     76

12                          103                      70

13                            96                      65

14                            90                      61

15                            84                      57

17                             79                    54

19                             71                    48

21                             64                    43

23                             58                    39

25                             54                    36.7

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adjusting on how to ride an MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas in 2 days.

I originally bought the SAVA 580 MTB for the following purposes:

1.  use in buying pan de sal and doing other errands;

2.  to use in island tours with Molong; a high end MTB neighbor.

3.  to go back to Sagada or Legazpi in the future

4  to assist  a group of MTB who does the last mile in relief and rescue operations.

I still want to be a roadie considering the challenge of riding an MTB though how light it is (12.5 kg)  However as I ride the MTB I know that I have to learn a lot of things.:

1. Essential skills:  climbing, bunny hop, drifting, (from skidding) how to take switchbacks, endo, doing the willie, etc. pumping (unweighting and weighting the bike as you do the uneven trails.

2.  Some tips:

                                   Thus I see many MTB riders have this configuration, it ergonomic

     1.  Angle your brakes downward and not level as you get from the store.  Dapat ergo friendly bike. I did this all ready with my bike

     2.  Observe the proper seat height (as in roadie). So that there is more power;  a low set cramps your legs, thighs and you cant deliver much power

    3.  As much as possible, have short stem and low head post for proper balance

    4.  There is a huge difference in handling with lighter bike, more agile, faster  (so a 12.5 kg bike which I have is better than l6 kg bike (for those who prefer cheaper versions)

    5. No clips, or cleats is better than with cleats as you can easily avert falls if your feet are free.

    6.  Wear helmet and protective gear:  knee and elbow protector

My bike ride today, December 22, 2015 and attendance of Company Christmas Party

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 22, 2015

                              With my wife, children, and our staff

                                 Neng's Galley

I tried to make my bike ride today memorable.  It is the Christmas party of the staff of the two of the businesses we work in.  It was to be held at Neng's Galley in Tanay (km 55+)  I thought it to be good idea to bike there to work up my appetite.   I used the SAVA MTB.  However, the journey was to be slow and challenging.  The wide and big tires had a lot of rolling resistance, and the wind was blowing strong.  To top it all, I was ambitious and tried to go to Tanay via the diversion in Cardona.  The other day, I saw somebody who lives in Diversion and who bikes regularly to work on a MTB walked up the Western side ascent (from LLDA)  However, I used the 32 x 30 gear.  I huffed but I made it.

I still biked up to KM 58 and tried to outride  trio two MTBs and one fixie from KM 54 to KM 58.   Hehe.  They were probably in their twenties.   As soon as reached KM 58, I went back to Neng's galley at km 55 +.  And there I waited for the others to arrive.   The first batch from Morong arrived at 11:15, and the second batch from Angono at 12.  Talk about being on time and Filipino time

We had sumptuous lunch  (for 11 people) consisting of pansit, fried chicken, bulalao, pansit, ginataang swahe, kare kare. Wow!   and Leche plan.

After the lunch, we had the usual speeches and gift giving.

Merry Christmas!

                                  Neng's Galley decor and landscaping

                                The view of the resto  as I arrived

                                 The non operational indoor waterfalls of the resto

                                   Our Christmas gift to our staff

                               Delicious lunch:   bulalo over there and deep fried dalag

                        Mouth watering viand for the hungry biker:  fried chicken, pansit, ginataan swahe

                                 Gifts for the staff

                                 Jorgeusbiker, wife, children, and staff


Pictures of the SAVA Carbon Fiber Model SV 580 which was recently acquired

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 22, 2015

Here are the pictures of the MTB bike which I just acquired last Saturday (when there was still a typhoon)  My first roadie, a SARS bike, was taken at the touch down of Typhoon Millenio.  The SAVA bike (not the latundan type) was paid and taken when typhoon Nona was about still to leave the country.

Bagyo dating ng both bikes. Hahaha.  Excuse for the pun .

                                  Picture taken at Neng's galley - awesome, di ba?

                                 Carbon with hydraulic disc brakes, controllable shocks only 12 kgs!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Testing the SAVA 580 carbon fiber MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 21, 2015

Christmas is just around the corner.  Just 3 days away.  Merry Christmas to everyone

I tested the SAVA 580 which I just owned last Saturday.   It is a challenge to shift from road bike to Mt. Bike. You could feel the additional friction from the fat tires, the aerodynamic drag, and the extra weight.  I did not wear biking shoes though;  naka TSINELAS like Pablo (Tsinelas)

The SAVA 580 weigh mere 12 kg (2 kg shy of the 10 kg of the Cannondale for sale at 60t with ligher headshok.   and vs my SARS bike with MTB gears of 12 kg.   If the tires of the SAVA were lighter say Conti or Panaracer of 500 g or less, the SAVA would tip the scale at 1 kg less of 11 kg and if I were to use lighter rim,... But I am happy with the  12 kg.  On the way back though, I could all ready sprint up hill.  In two weeks time, my system would be able to adop to Mt. Bike riding.

Their top of the line with Kenda tire, tips the scale at 10 kg.  But costs 15 t more.

But I feel safer with bigger tires.  I am wary of road cracks and bumps, and gratings which are dangerous to roadies.  It is more comfortable too because of the shocks.   The shifter, especially the hydraulic brakes are silent and operate well.  (The SARS does not because the rims are worn out, and the MTB gears are ill fitted to the roadie)

I am happy with the SAVA 580 bike

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sava Carbon fiber Mt Bike Model 580

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 20, 2015

Sava 580 Carbon fiber MTB

                                            I got the same color

Price:  PHP ₱130000.00  PHP ₱24999.0081

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Endurance test for SAVA carbon fiber frame

This post acquired yesterday, while it was raining hard yet, a Sava Mt. Bike, with carbon fiber frame, Model 580.  It was priced SRP at Mars Kingdom for P130,000 and however sold for a huge discount of 80% (only 20% of the SRP or P25,000!  MK priced it at P24,999) and presumably using a card.   Cycling 101 offers the same for P30,000 CC 3  months to pay at 0%.  However, I was able to get this for  almost same price  at Villamayor Bicycle shop in Pag-Asa Binangonan Rizal.  The owner, Jorge Calingo, happens to be a nephew (tokayo pa tel 02- 65l- 0868).   A Cannondale carbon fiber which cost P100,000+ and being sold for only P60,000 was offered to me.  I had Hedshok, which I found out posed a lot of challenges to owners.

I am proud part time Mt. Biker.  Although it is a little bit slow and hard to pedal (being less aerodynamic, wheels are heavier.  When it wears out, I will replace with conti tires or Schwalbe.  Right now it is shod with heavy CST 26 x 1.95 tires. ( I will go for lighter tires when the tires wear out) Why did I choose 26 over 27.5 or 29?  Because the 26 technology is proven and there are more parts.

The bike has tunable suspension, disc brakes, 9 speed cogs x 3 chain set. It has advanced features.@  I think it was a good buy. I can use this for off ride and difficult roads, but most of the time I will still go for my road bike especially the one with MTB gears (SARS bike)

If I were you, I will take this incredible opportunity to get this great MTB carbon fiber bike for such a low price.  It does not even cover the cost of the frame?!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Who among the 50 and above will win tomorrow's Bugarin bike race?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas on Friday

Yesterday, I biked to Pisong Kape.  There I met Ed Valdez, Ed de los Reyes (7 days) and Pablo (Tsinelas)  Ed 7 days and I were ahead at Pisong Kape and we were discussing who are most likely to win the race at Bugarin on Sunday (sponsored by Manang Rita)   Among Boy walang practice, Ed V and Pablo, who would win.  Ed 7 days shouted it is going to be Ed V.  And just then Ed V and Pablo arrived.

Pablo conceded it is going to be Ed V.

They however lament that if O conducts it the way he conducted this for Pisong Kape, it is going to be tiring and demotivating. These senior riders lament:

1. Syndicates, corporation, as they called who view these races as livelihood and not for sportsmanship or fun.  They will cooperate to win at all costs including harassing other riders.

2.  Non observance of age groups.   40s join the 50 above group, etc.  A lot of dishonesty take palce.

Anyway, Ed V and Pablo went on to go to Bugarin and do the Jala jala loop. They invited me to join and promised there will be sprints.   Ed and I just went home