Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Upgraditis afflicting me on my newly acquired MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 23, 2015

My newly acquired bike is barely a week old and the the "upgraditis"   sickness has inflected me. All ready, I want to lighten the bike to 10 kgs or less after:

1.  reading the 4 cheap ways to lighten the bike

2.  after talking and seeing the bike of Long Henson today

3.  After 3 long rides and experienncing how extra 3 to 5 kgs vs road bikes can affect your grade.

All ready my plan includes:

1.  Buying a lighter tire and replacing the CST now shod in the bike with say Maxxlite 310  I would be able to save about 600 gms x 2 =  1.2 kg x 2.2 =  2.62 lbs

MaxxLite 310

2.  Buy  a a lighter wheel set.   May be  save  1 kg.  There you are.  That is all ready 2.2 kg.   I would be all ready in the 10 kg territory.  But I will do that after the bike is 1 year old.  Long Henson this would set you back by about P20t per wheel.  He prefers the tubeless ready because it can be really be lighter.

AmCla MTB wheel set at 1.582 grams and 500 UK pounds (about P40,000

How to choose MTB wheeset

Best and lightest MTB wheel set (lightest are AmCla and Mavic

                           Amcla  -  $425.00  1585 grams

                          Mavic Crossmax    $800  1595 grams

American Classic All Mountain wheelset

Mavic Cross Trail at 15t featured at OLX with Conti  Raceking tires and titanium skewers;

Mavic Cross ride without tires

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