Monday, December 28, 2015

I got an affordable Giyo Floor Pump from Marauder MTB in Antipolo today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 28, 2015

Having heard from Engr. June Francisco that there is a floor pump available at Marauder MTB in Mahabang Parang Antipolo, I immediately texted Mike, the American owner of the bike shop.  Yes there is at P525 (this sells for double the price elsewhere)  It comes with a gauge. For the same price, I bought a GTS floor pump for P500 without gauge.

So I MTB'd to Mike this morning and got this floor pump.  It is more convenient to pump air into the bike tires and not guess the air pressure.  I found out that my MTB is under inflated by 40 psi and the road bike by 40 psu also.  It took just about 2 dozen pumps to get the correct pressure

Its brand is Giyo from Taiwan

What is the importance of good foot pump with gauge to riding?

1.  It makes riding faster and efficient since the tires would have less friction and rolling resistance if properly inflated;

2.  Less flats and tire trouble since the harder tires would make broken glass and sharp stones fly away.

3.  Longer tire life because the higher pressure would make the tire flex more and weaken the sidewall.

4.  Less expenses and head aches caused by flats and worn out tires.

So I biked to Mahabang Parang which we all know is a challenging climb.  It was 32 x 32 up to the bend and the final crest before descending.  However when I was ascending the very long ascent up to the subdivision where each lot cost millions, I had to shift to the granny gear.  I reached the 22 x 32 and had to stop some 20 meters before the gate of the subdivision.  Then I started out again and finished the climb.  Wow.  A hard cliimb

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