Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cannondale Hardtail Carbon Fiber MTB with Hedshok

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 19, 2015

It will soon be Christmas.  Merry Christmas

Two days ago, my cousin PMd me a carbon fiber MTB for sale.  My cousin who runs a hardwade and construction and supplies business .is now into bike business focusing into high end MTB.   They just opened to business two weeks ago and is located in Manila East Road in Pag Asa.

I went yesterday to see the bike.  It is very slightly used MTB Cannondale brand, carbon fiber with Hedshok (the shocks are not in the fork but beneath the head post -  they say it is costly and hard to repair when worn out.) Schwalbe tires   It weighs just under 10 kg (very light) but the price is hefty too, although  it is at a bargain now.  Only P60t vs original cost of P100t.  The owner wants out to use the money again in business.   I told my cousin it is out of my budget.  Although that bike is nice to have. It is handsome and light.

From bike radar - problems with Cannondale hedshok


I checked this morning with August, the father of Dondon if the Cannon dale was sold because somebody wanted to buy this at P58.  I tried to see the bike again.  Except for the Hedshok, I found this to be the ideal MTB:  with Schwalbe tires, upgraded to dual chain ring all ready and treck ready.  I said I will think about this until Saturday.  I have bought a SAVA all ready.

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