Monday, May 30, 2016

Our bike ride to Jalajala yesterday May 29, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 30, 2016

Vhen Apran  and I rode together to Jalajala yesterday.  We got together in Morong Cardona boundary. He recognized me but I did not because he was wearing the new uniform.  We had breakfast at Simples Lugawan in Maybancal Morong.  There we saw the Recyclists:    Master, Meong, Jess, Pres. Luis, Gerry Etoy the BCC, and Taytay Cyclists.

After breakfast, we decided to bike to Pisong Kape in Pililla.   Just at the hill before Lagundi I shifted the MTB gear to 44 x 13 and overtook the peloton and never gave the lead until km 58 which was my target distance for the all out ride (doing 32 to 35)  Etoy and Pres Luis were on the lead and we did rubber band pacing in Tanay.

When we arrived in Pililla, I told Vhen we would go to Quisao so we did (that was Km 63)  I still went on until km 73 past the welcome arch to Jalajala.  We had buko (only P15) at Niyugan where we met former councilor Idol (a la Levy Celerio - he can play musical insturments at his mouth lips and nose.

I was pacing Vhen while trying hard gears   44 x 11 and 13.  I was trying what Iveler did on the race.  High gear, body close to the tube and rapid pedalling rate.  The method is hard on the thighs and back

Pit stop at pisong kape where we had drinks.  I had small gatorade and plenty of water.   We biked again and I still paced Vhen using hard gears.  I tried to climb Tanay hill with 44 x 17 and even standing to compensate for the high gear.  We stopped at Vista open air resto and garden for some drinks and Vhen for lugawa

Another stop at Cardona where we had water and biscuits  We were intervieweded by the store keeper on where we came from, why are you biking, the cost of the bike.

We arrived past 12.  It was hot and we had to make frequent stops

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bike shops/store at Chino Roces

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 29, 2016

After coming from Avida Towers Hernan and I dropped by two bike stores at La Fuerza compound along Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo).  The two stores there are Sabak featuring mostly high end bikes:  BMC and Corractec.  (they have MTBs and road bikes at P40,000 price points. There we met Alen, who said he finished fourth in last Sundays 35 and under race (where Iveler was the champ)   He said he lacked practice.   I dont know if he is a sales clerk (because he showed us the bikes) or a mechanic.

There are two other bike shops:  Giant, Life Cycle, and Bike town.  They are some 100 meters away from Edsa  If you do not like bikes at Cartimar or Quiapo, you can go to Pasong Tamo (Chino Roces


We visited Life Cycle and viewed some of the MTBs.  We were shown the P20,000 mtb as well as the Look MTBs.  What I liked was the Look MTB with SRAM group set costing P125,000.   Of course I could not afford it.  But it is mouth watering.

Carbon fiber MTB frames would set you back by P60,000 according to the sales staff.

Botched group ride schedule to Tagaytay today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 29, 2016

The young riders who joined us in previous rides backed out today on our planned ride to Tagaytay.  One went on with a another event, the other one would attend to a bike acquisition project.

Well people are entitled to change their mind after they have made their commitment, or promise to join a ride.  Older and more mature riders are more disciplined and determined to go on with what they promised to do.

I should be more discerning when they request to join a ride. They may not mean this after all.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Verify online, FB ads on bike, bike parts for sale

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 28, 2016

I was mesmerized by an ad and personal offer by the top honcho of an up and coming bike store; ie that a bike model that used to cost P42,000 is now only at P25,000.  And yes, it can be bought via credit card. It was purported to be as, as carbon fiber frame to weigh only 10 kg.

So I burned the lines contacting their downtown store, getting my credit card ready, and/or raising cash and spent 3 hours commuting to their down town store.

However when I saw the bike, it was heavy, (may be 15 kg instead of the claimed 10 kg.)  It is a mechanical bike, and the one that I bought before and sold for a bargain amount is much much better.

And so I left and disappointed, my enthusiasm doused with cold water

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I rode to Jalajala today and met Peter, and champs Iveler Nebres and Aries Sison

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 24, 2016

I rode to Jalajala today, leaving at 6 am, going to church and going straight to Km 72 of Jalajala. I am sure that I am nearing my goal of riding 30 km in one hour or less.  I guess, I biked it at  1:08 because I arrived at 6:08 (on the assumption that I left at exactly 6:00.  But wait, I still went  to Sacred Heart Church to pray. That would be about 5 minutes.

I guess I was pretty much benchmarking Iveler, body down parallel to the tube, hands on the dropsand gears at 53 x13 or 53 x 11, probably doing 30+ kph.  I was in Jalajala by 8:30.  (I slowed down a bit)  I climbed Quisao Hill at 53 x15 and finished it standing up on the pedals.  (I did this several times:  biak na bato, and Baras Tanay Hill, going as slow as 5 kph going up at 53 x 11.  This I am sure develop strength and true grit when climbing.

We ate at Pisong Kape, and there met Iveler Nebres (who won in convincing manner the FilChi 35 and below race last Sunday at Roxas Blvd. and Aries Sison of BCC who finished 7th the 35 and above category.  Di daw naglunch si Aries.

Somebody died at the race last Sunday;  even robbed of the bike

As per kuwento in the said conversation, somebody a 50s old man, who joined the race who collapsed some 150 meters from the finish line (near the Airstocrat traffic light at Roxas blvd; did not make it and died apparently of a heart attack.  While his bike was carried to the officials table, somebody allegedly, pretending he was a relative/friend took away the bike (nanenok).   How sad and cruel to rob a man who died of his precious possession.  May the wages of sin be death.

Met again Peter A and friend

I met again Peter A (whom I met last Friday, and who as Filchi Bikefest at Roxas blvd last Sunday) at Pisong Kape.  He was with a friend who had a Kuota Italina made carbon fiber bike with Durace groupset.   We rode home together.  However, I must have paced fast because I did not see them afterwards.  I passed at Cardona diversion this time using 39 x 28.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Watch the video of the finish of Iveler, all alone at the finish line yesterday at Fil Chi bikefest

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 23, 2016

Watch the sprint of our champion kapadyak Iveler Nebres yesterday at the Fil Chi race at Roxas blvd.  Gelo calls him an alamat.  Di ka makapaniwala na ang mga nakakasama sa mga practice run at sa sa kainan ay ganitong kagaling kumarera.  Mabuhay! and Congratulations

Iveler Nebres tops 35 and under category at Fil Chi race, Aries Sison was seventh. Congratulations

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 23, 2016

Let us celebrate the victories of our kapadyak here in Rizal at the Filchi bikefest, held yesterday at Roxas blvd near Aristocrat and US embassy. Thye are usually with us when we bike on weekdays and weekends.  Aries was 7th in his 35 and above.  He was even in front of peloton on the free championship loop.  But he rose too early and lost steam at the finish line

On the other hand, Iveler, won convincingly in his category leading by as much as 300 meters. He even removed his hands from the handlebar some 50 meters from the finish line and even beat his chest.

Friday, May 20, 2016

My bike ride today to Quisao Pililla, my hard chain ring day

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 20, 2016

I rode at 6:45 this am and it was a great day to bike, after rain yesterday and last night. One can feel happiness and joy for waking up this morning, feel the fresh air, and nice feeling to be alive and strong.  We take care of the body given to us by the Lord and we eat good food, sleep early, avoid vice, and in the morning, we savor the cool morning air the warmth from the early sun's ray.  We say a little prayer in the church, and we praise the glory and power of the Lord.  We pray to keep us safe from harm

Today I biked to Quisao Pililla.  It was may hard chain ring day.  53.  I covered the hills at 53 large chain ring:  yes:    Montevideo, Callahan, Namay, the Baras boundary, and the hill before Quisao.  I even rode up  Cardona diversion at 53 x 36.  I thought that was not possible. But I did it.

Today was a training for strength and speed.  I tried to do 53 x 11.  But it was a little bit tough.

Great ride today.  Solo

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Descending on steep slopes using MTB; my weakness at last Saturdays ride at Ambuklao

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 18, 2016

I rode with expert downhill kings last Saturday at Ambuklao.  They had to wait 3 or 5 minutes for me, about 5 times.   I braked a lot because I did not do much of cross country biking before. I am only on my 5th month of MTB.  I had to brake a lot and tread carefully lest I crash or worse, fall into steep ravines.   I rode conservatively.

Our bike companion said that to erase the vibrations and the uneven undulations of the road:  you have to have bigger tire circumference/diameter, and you have to ride with greater speed, softer tires and suspension.  (I had tires inflated to 65 psi, and I mistakenly had set my suspension to locked. Tsk tsk mistakes!)

Also a DH rider told me:  do not wear cleats if you are doing hard core extreme downhill, esp rocky downhill.    This could cost you a broken leg or what ever if you can not uncleat at once.  Also, if you are doing a downhill near a ravine, bank or make sure you will fall, just in case  away from the cliff, or ravine.  I see.

Here is a video tip from You Tube on how to negotiate downhills:

Removing squeaks from MTB disc brakes

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 18, 2016

Happy birthday to my deceased brother.  He perished about 3 years ago from colon cancer that metastasized to his lungs.  He died of difficulty of breathing.  Well he was an inveterate smoker.  He smoked even after his colostomy.

Our topic for today is the removal of squeaks from the disc brakes used in MTB.  I experienced it.  One of the bike companions last Saturday had to bear with the unpleasant noise when he brakes:

It could come from:

1.  dirt on the brake pads
2.  oil and other contaminants on the rotor
3.  uneven rotor surface.

1 and 2 could be remedied by:

1.  Cleaning the disc/rotor with rag with alcohol, or with liquid detergent (Joy)

2.  The pads could be cleaned by rubbing the discs coated with gel (Joy or Smart liquid detergent) Or rubbing the pads on sandpaper.

3.  The rotor could be resurfaced by having sandpaper on a flat surface rubbed in the direction or rotation

These should remove the squeaks on the disc brakes. I am learning a lot of things:  centering the disc brakes and cleaning the disc brakes, resurfacing the rotor

PS:   I all ready did this on both of the brakes of my Mosso MTB. It is so easy to do. Saved P50.00 for the bike shop fees.  I unscrewed the disc brakes, removed the pads, used detergent and sand paper to remove the disc grit and dirt.   For the front brake, it took me less than 20 minutes to do.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Famous personality of MMS

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 16, 2016

I talked to some members of MMS and learned of the following:

1. Leigh Latayan did a 10,000 km tour of the Philippines in 100 days.  She had a sponsor.  She averaged 100 km per day.  It was on MTB.  She used to be professor for Enterpreneurship in La Sallle Lipa..   She retired to start her own businsess (she started it but she had partners messing up things with her.)  Whe also works as consultant for World Alliance Philippines and consultant for a Danish based in Lipa City involved in candle manufacturing and philanthropy

2.  Alrey Mark Jamarang. an expert in mountaineering.

3.   Sir Mark - did Baguio and back ride in 26 hours.  Wow

4.  Sir Long Henson - founder of Metro Manila Mountaineering Society.

Some mechanical issues in my Ambuklao loop ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 16, 2016

I had some concerns about the mechanical fitness of my bike yesterday.  But discounting them (which are minor) I love more my bike, and that should make more attentive to some of the issues with MTB:

1. Its front wheel tire orientation relative to rotation direction is wrong.

2. The cleats mechanism. I could  not engage or disengage fast after we passed the dirty, dusty road between Halsema and Ambuklao dam

3.  I lost brakes at the rear. It happened too to Long and Dino.  Too much heat degrade the mineral oil and cause the expansion of the brake lines containing the hydraulic fluid. To avoid this, some mods have to be made on brake lines:   SS or braided lines at least near the chain stay to avoid this thermal expansion of the brake lines.

4.  Suspension and tire pressure:  I was challenged at the dirt off road section of the provincial highway (17 km) because of two things:

    1.  The recommended tire pressure is 40 psi. for off road   Mine was at 65 psi.  I had no gauge so I could not estimate the right pressure, I wanted to be conservative as in road bike, we prefer to have  tire pressure of 100 psi to avoid flats

   2. I had the suspension adjustment wrongly set at lock, and not at soft setting

  This caused me to have jarring jack hammer like ride that even caused the flashlight and seat mount to loosen.  I braked frequently and moved slowly and was left behind by 2 to 3 minutes.  The MMS rider were kind enough to wait for me.

Well it takes a lot of practice and maybe crashes.  But Dino advised that to avoid the jarring vibrating ride aside from having  rough ride, he advised me to ride fast so that the bumps look some 25 ft ahead to see obstacles.  Once it is 10 ft or less, you are committed and dont panic if you make a mistake. Just Go go. Bumps, berms, rocks  are evened out (that is the reason why we have 29 tires for the rough x country ride\  I have to work on my techniques too.  I must not do this where there are cliffs and passing vehicles

I learned my lesson and I will do better next time

Was I physically fit for the Ambuklao ride with MMS riders?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 16, 2016

                                  My bike mates at Ambuklao ride:  Dino, Long and Al

                                            Long and me descending; but taking 5 at this point


I had my doubts about me finishing the Ambuklao loop night of May 13 2016 the moment we arrived at the house of Dindo.  After hearing that Dindo and Long practiced at Sierra Madre and averaged 20kph at Sierra Madre and that Al Jamarang is young and strong.  Having just gone to Mt Data a year ago with Recyclists and knowing the challenge we had, I can only conclude that the challenge ahead was as hard or harder. (Now I know that quitting at Bayanan after Mt Data was very correct decision)

Well I finished the loop and came in 2nd to Al and there were no injuries of extreme pain with plenty to spare/ Gong up Trinidad and Halsema, I made ahead of everybody and even took pictures (sayang nabura).  Ebong made fun of that scene of taking pictures Saturday evening as we were refreshing with SML  However, my rear brakes gave up due to downhill, (the pads were dirty and needed some squirts of water

What helped me conquer the loop:

1.  Core exercises:

    Crunches  40 daily
    Push ups    20 daukt
    Lifting the bike 20 reps

2.  Frequent rides:

    3x a week at least 200 km
    several loops at Cardona diversion
    occasional speed play and sprints up to 40 kph using MTB
    riding hard gears at hill using only 44 x 32.
    ride to Sampaloc and windmill, and Antipolo with Gelo and Reymond

O boy was I ready and fit for this ride.  Thanks God, my physical preparedness met the invitation of Sir Long Henson, the founder of MMS

Happy birthday tomorrow

Up and close and personal with big motorbikers

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 16, 2016

The friends of Dindo Narciso rode with him up to Baguio in their big motorbikes:   1000 cc, two cylinders, water cooled with Brembo brakes, Pirelli tires, spewing out 100 hp or more capable of crusing at 200+ kph. The bikes of Dean and Dindo are of Japanese origin, that of Ebong is German (the company is owned by BMW.  and the reason he bought the European brand, he said is to get laid) Those who rode with Dindo were Dean and Ebong Joson. Ebong is baldish, witty and full of antics.

Well I hated the big motorbikers when ever they buzz us at Bugarin or eat incomin lanes. Some explanation:

1.  They travel so fast that they see everything in blur.

2.  They can only ride efficiently at nearly 200 kph.  At 100 kph, they are unstable and and unsafe.   They have to really ride fast in those big bikes.

Well having said our side and their predicament, we see them more of persons, and not to be stereotyped.  I hope they notice us too respect us as human beings too and give us wider berth and space whenever they go to Bugarin or Marcos highway

More picture of the Ambuklao ride from Al's FB post

Wheels of Happiness

May 16, 2016

                                We had lunch here at 11;00

                 Our host and downhill idol - Dindo Narciso

                The Ambuklao dam spillway (is it operational? or                        water level is critical?)

Al posing with his bike with Ambuklao lake as background.

                    Sir Dindo Narciso.  I had one like this taken.All                         my pictures at the SD were erased

Ambuklao Loop ride with Long Henson, Al, and Dindo Narciso last May 14, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

                      Jorgeus Biker at the Provincial Road between
                     Halsema and Ambuklao Dam.  17 km long.

                      The roads at Halsema some ten years back
                     were like this.  Perfect for MTB rides.

                           Dindo Narciso with his full susp
                           MTB, king of downhill
                   The Ambuklao dam seen from atop a hill

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I biked with Reymond Pactao to Antipolo this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 11, 2016

I and Reymond Pactao, a young cyclist from Mandaluyong (who hails from Puerto Princesa) biked to Antipolo City this morning.  We started out at 6:00 am from Shell near Aurora subdvision. Reymond was wearing a pink set of uniform.  He brought his Mosso bike with Durace group set (which came from his former boss, the King of Motel renown)

We proceeded at  fast pace saving  about 5 mins off our pace when I went with Gelo. and then we went to church.  After a while we had lugaw and puto and Reymond paid for them. We did not proceed with having his bike blessed because we had no change.

Reymond left me near Fibertex.  He stood because his lowest cog is only at 23.  I equalled his gear by having 39 x23 going up.   Going down, I shifted to 53 x 13 and sometimes 11.  We had the same gear when we were down town.  I would like to say that this ride further improved my speed and strength.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Its all about improving oneself every ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 8, 2016

Some of the rules on success and getting wealthy says its all about improving oneself everyday in whatever you do. It is not about getting more money or more material possessions. IT IS ALL ABOUT GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY.

None could be more visible in our rides.  One can ride the same way for the entire year. or you could seek improvement.   Or one could buy upgrades.  The rule is upgrade you.  One may have the latest SRAM 1 x 11 group set with 42 largest cog, or the lightest carbon fiber frame or wheel set.  But you could pedal yet at the same rate or still ride at 20 mph.

Why dont you attempt riding at 30 kph, ascend the hill at 13 kph instead of just 8 kph?  Or sprint before reaching the top when your legs are about conking out?  Or how about chasing somebody who passes you?

As for me for yesterday ride (at San Carlos Antenna) and today's ride (at Cardona loop 2x) I achieved the following:

1. Climbing San Carlos from Gate 2;

2.  Climbing the antenna without falling on the rugged road;

3.  Completing the climb using 34 x 32 (other riders were climbing at 24 x 32 or 28 x 44)

4.  Sprinting at flats at 42 kph using an MTB  ( I managed to chase an MTB from Pasig who was showing off his speed) and even led him at Callahan until Morong.)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Night riding to Baguio by bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 2, 2016

Since I heard the story by a retired PA soldier from Manggahan about Baguio City MTB ride at night, I was intrigued.  He said that they started out at 4 pm and was in Baguio City by 10 am of the following day. They rode on the bus on the way back.   That is 18 hours of ride.   On a day time, you can ride up to Urdaneta in 8 to 10 hours.  But that is hot and tiring ride.  At night, there is not much traffic and no heat to contend with

You need lamps though plus and endurance to pedal when at that time you are supposed to be asleep.  Some say that this is dangerous, but not if you are on  a group ride, the risk would be less.  May try sometime

Riding better as one gets older

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 2, 2016

My experience yesterday, riding up again Sampaloc, and from there riding up to the Wind Turbine farm in  Bugarin Pililla, proves that really only carabaos get old.  One can get stronger as a biker as one ages.  I will be 65 next month, and yet I can tackle as good or better than younger bikers.

I rode the entire stretch from Angono to Km 66 on 44 front chain ring and just changed the cogs from 11 to 17.  I climbed the km 61 using 44 x 30.    However I dropped to 34 x 28 and 34 x 30 riding up the final 3 km from 66 to 69.  I used the 34 chain ring going up to Bugarin.   at 23 to 30 cogs, but not at 32.

I sprinted as usual on flats and down hill.  Max of 46 kph going downhill at Baras and Bugarin;  up to 37 kph riding on flats. And that is on an MTB (the Mosso Falcon 1 with xt group set)

Foursome rode up to Sampaloc and from there to the Windmill Farm in Bugarin

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 2, 2016

There was an initial request that we ride to MoA from Gelo, a new cyclist wannabee who has a fixie and MTB.  I declined because of heavy pollution in MoA and the hazards in traffic.  So we decided instead to ride to Sampaloc and then to Regina Rica.  We decided we assemble by 5:45 at Shell Pag Asa.  Joining us were :  Vhen, and friend of Gelo who is a graphic artist at Vista Land.

And so we assembled at 5:45. Vhen came in at exactly 6:00.  He said that he met Etoy Mariposa and said would join us.   And so we rode but stopped briefly at Sacred Heart Parish for some blessing.  The mass was about to start when we arrived.

Daron, Gelo and I had MTB; Vhen had a roadbike 50-34  with 12 to 25 10 speed gears.   There was this trio of MTB whom we overtook.  Gelo rode ahead of us, but waited for us at the end of climb at Mambog.   Then up to Callahan in Cardona and then to Morong.  We did not stop at Simples Lugawan and hoped to find food stop in Tanay.  But the Tanay food were pricey and not our choice (the one near Ram Bull) We conversed with the trio whom we overtook and who overtook us.

It was Gelo and Darrons first experience at Sampaloc.  We advised them to take it slowly;  no race like movements and immediately use low gear.- preferably the 34 gears (the second of the 3 chain rings)   Gelo again led the way and I tried to catch him at km 61.  We waited for them at km 62.  Vhen and Daron came in later - Vhen bought water and suman, and Daron said he walked up the last several meters of climb at km 61.

Before the final assault to summit of the Sampaloc ride, we went to the church of Black Madonna.  Here Vhen remarked that we are doing the Bisikleta Iglesia early.

And the we had the climb.  Vhen and Gelo were behind me from km 66 to 67.5 where we rested.   We waited for Daron who said he walked  the last part of the climb using size 43.  We rested again at the waiting shed.  We asked Daron to lead us.  But he was again challenged by the anti magnetic.   And again by the sudden right hand ascending right hand curve.  We had buko and coffee at Jenjens buko stand (only P15 each) and rested for a while. It as only 9:00 am.