Monday, April 29, 2013

Landmark for Jorgeusbiker site - thank you readers/viewers

Real Cyclists

April 29, 2013

Jorgeusbiker has made 1,000 posts for the last 3 years as of today.  This is 1001 post  There are 40,400 page views and it is ranked in Alexa at 509,861 world wide (low number means high ranking) It is the highest ranked blogsite of the author.

Looking back, it took 6 months to reach 500 page views.  Thanks for the readers and followers.

The growth of this site has been accompanied by boom in number of people taking biking for their exercise

Are the two latest birthday celebrants first cousins?

Real Cyclists

Rizal   PHL   |   April 29, 2013

Richard and Secx Noe sharing light moments together at Maybancal barangay hall.  Their conversations were animated regarding the elections.

Everybody was waiting for the birthday reception by Pang (aka Boy Sipon) but he did not show up today.  I wonder if somebody in the picture is related to Pang??!  Ha5 Are they cousins?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Antipolo Church views April 28, 2013

Real Cyclists

Antipolo City  PHL    |   April 28 2013

I attended the mass at Antipolo, the 7 to 8 o clock mass.  I left only after the mass was finished at final blessing to bike to Morong Maybancal.  Here are some of the views:

                            Inside of Antipolo church and priest leading the Eucharist ceremonies

                                 He is Ruben and is biking because of heart condition

Bikers attending the mass, praying for safe ride always


                                        They belong to a club?

                                       Faithful bikers

                                     My SARS bike all alone

                                 A large TV monitor for those watching the mass outside

                                      A discovery jersey

                                         Unusual ladies jeans design

                                       A biker's jersey with smileys  (mostly Sta Claus?)

Recyclists Ride April 28, 2013

Real Cyclists

Morong Rizal, PHL  | April 28, 2013

These guys were late;  VM, Secx, Jorgeusbiker, Ado Choco2 and Richard met at Morong Simples Lugawan today.   I was told the rest biked to Pisong Kape

                                  Richard joins the picture

See how Gerry K tops cools off after a ride

Real Cyclists

Tagpos Binangonan, Rizal  PHL   |  April 28, 2013

I heard a psssst as I was biking home (I rode from Antipolo to Morong, and then home) and turned back and saw Gerry.  He was seated inside this hut very much relaxed and cooling off.  He said the group went to Pisong Kape.  I went only until Morong where I saw VM, Richard, Secx and Choco2


Would Recyclists be interested to invest in a Nikken Portable Pimag Sport Bottle?

Real Cyclists

Rizal   PHL    |  April 28, 2013

My daughter who just joined a Wellness group, Nikken, attended a one day sale at the 16th anniversary of  the said outfit.  We bought a water purifier and pimag water treatment and it set me back by P40t.  She however got well from a condition known as FICOS for taking the water from the equipment for only 5 days.  Wow..

So she bought for sample a Pi Mag sport bottle together with powdered barley (one of the few preparations in powdered form).  I said I will ask and inform the others or post here.

But I suggest that she go after the health nuts who go to the gym

The pi mag does the following:

filters water, magnetic technologies,

natural minerals, ph for health balance

practical alternative for bottled water.  They say, bottled mineral water is dead water and may be contaminated by phtlates, and BPA

It is reusable, earth friendly

Again she is endorsing this because she got well and it costs a fraction of our system.  I have a business partner and he bought the Kangen water system to cure his arthritis;  it cost him $5,000!  This one is cheap

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

AngonoHigantes Festival at Slideshare

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal PHL   |  April 25, 2013

Most of the Recyclists are from Angono, Rizal  -  the land of giants.  How they bike too can be considered feats of giants.   Are giants Recyclists or are Recyclists higantes.  Let us find out.

Some notes on this site - Jorgeusbiker

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  Philippines   |   April 25, 2013

The number of page views is approaching 40,000 very soon.

It took six months, when I started this site for page views to reach 500.  Now about there at least 100 page views a day.  When there are ride posts, the average number of page views is 200 per day.  This is quite an achievement

This is the highest ranked blogsite that I have;  it is ranked 529,478 of the 30 million or so sites that Alexa monitors.

This is to thank the readers, followers, fans, Recyclists who support, visit, and like this blogsite.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jorgeusbiker at Slideshare

Real Cyclists

We have posted two power point presentation on Recyclists at Slideshare:

the Baguio ride 2013, and the Bisikleta Iglesia 2013

Let us bike early and avoid extreme heat as we ride

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL   | April 24 2013

From cheapcures

The temperature could reach a searing 37 degrees Centigrade as it was last Saturday in Cabanatuan;  that temperature could be dangerous to the elderly or those who are not fit.  Such heat could be fatal.

So let us bike early, bike during the coolest part of the day.  Avoid hot conditions;  Avoid heatstroke

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today is Earth Day - April 23, 2013

Real Cyclists

Lakeside Park, Angono, Rizal |   April 23, 2013

Today is Earth day.  It is also the birthday of my late father Amado. (Happy birthday Atang

There was an event at the Lakeside park this morning -  LGU employees, barangay constituents,  students joined the event.  There was a fun walk, run, calisthenics and a little program.

I saw Pang and Archie here.

     Archie and Pang at the Angono Earth Day Celeb at the Lakeside park

                                Earth day sponsored by the LGU

                                  Aero by ladies and gentlemen

                                   An opportunity to campaign too in the celebration

                              Police belles

                                   COCC cadets

Unfortunate incident - I crashed at the EDSA central fx terminal while waiting for a ride!

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal PHL   |   April 23, 2013

It was an unfortunate accident a week ago.  I was waiting for my ride home after a meeting in Makati;  the waiting for the ride all ready took 1 hour and I had to go to the bathroom.  As I was going to the bathroom, I tripped  while walking in a dark portion of the terminal.  Both of my knees hit the asphalt first;  I skidded and the force tore my denim pants and had scratches on my two knees (two hood  - "tuhod" - Tagalog for knees)

It was unfortunate if not stupid.   My daughter advised me that if magnets are good for the health, I should regularly put magnets over my eyes.  Hahaha. Maybe my eyes are failing.

May be, may I suggest that the Greenfields management either must close this terminal or improve it:

l.  Put more shelter and build  this as a proper terminal;



I understand many malls and complexes provide terminals as a way of driving traffic to their sites

Monday, April 22, 2013

Recyclists-2010 April 21, 2013 ride Picasa Album Slideshow

Real Cyclists

Here is the Picasa album of the Recylists 2010 April 21, 2013 ride.  Many of the riding photos courtesy of Richard Ang.  Thank your Richard for sharing your talent:

For many of our Fellow Recyclists, biking is a part of their jobs

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal   PHL    April 22, 2013

For most of us, biking is a sports and hobby.  But for most of us, biking is part of their jobs.  They use bike to commute and save money.    For instance:

l.   Angel works as an electrician in a school in Taytay;  he bikes to Taytay daily on his racer bike;

2.  Gerry Cataps rides his BMX daily to Angono, from Tagpos, Binangonan to go to his watch repair shop in Angono, daily.

3.  Allan is an OIC for security in a commercial bank branch in Taytay.  He rides bike daily to work

4.  Jeff works in a factory in hilltop.  He rides up the hill daily.

That is why they are all strong and able riders.   For them, biking is living.  For us, biking is a relaxation on weekends.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other Pictures of Recyclists today April 21, 2013

Real Cyclists

Here are other pictures of Recyclists taken today April 21, 2013 that I can not categorize:

                        The owner completed the signage; there is no pisong kape though

                                   There is a water bottle inside the cup

                                      Tito and Master E

                                  Jess and Choco2


                Metro Manilans pack up their bikes in the vans and start from here up to Bugarin

                                        I like the pensive pose of the biker observing

                        Relaxing in front of Pisong Kape:   Gerry, Eric and Pang, Choco2 seated

                                  Mang Boy from Antipolo, another senior rider

                                Ummm tsalap tsalap napapapikit pa si K tops

                                  The uniform collection watch list

                               Sideviews:   Jeff, Luis, Ben and Jess (facing)

Recyclists individual ride pictures - April 21, 2013 ride

Real Cyclists

Angono Rizal PHL  |  April 21, 2013

 Richard took this individual pictures of Recyclists near LLDA at Cardona. Thank you Richard.

                                      Tito Fabay


                                  Plenty of pictures of Choco2

                                       Armin Z

                                    Archie Z

                                 Angel B


                                  Nolite (he keeps on saying he is not feeling good)

                                  Jess V

                                        Pareng Luis G

                                        Pang riding up LLDA




Sorry, Richard. No one took your picture