Monday, September 30, 2013

Wilson Kipsang breaks marathon world record at Berlin Marathon

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From Daily Mail | September 29, 2013

 Record holder: Kipsang's winning time was 2hours 3 minutes and 23 seconds

Wilson Kipsang of Kenya won the Berlin Marathon in a stunning fashion - he broke the world record in a marthon finish shaving  off 15 seconds from the world record.  He finished with a time of  2 hours, 3 mintues and 23 seconds.  The previous world record was set by compatriot Patrick Makau in 2011 also in Berlin. ( 2 hours 3 minutes 42 seconds)

He crossed the finish line ahead of compatriots:   Eliud Kipchoge (2:04: 05) and Geoffrey Kipsang (2:06:26)

When I was crazy about long distance running, the WR for marathon was at 2:06.  Only the whites figured prominently as champions.  But lately Kenyans have dominated the marathon  and middle distance running

This is good news for Kenya which had figured in world news because of the  in Westgate Mall massacre by the terrorist group Al Shabab.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I am disappointed with the results of road widening

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Morong Rizal   PHL   |  September 28, 2013

The PHL government must have spent millions for road widening and improvement at floodway and lately the Manila East Road.  The widening is supposed to make travel more convenient and safe, relieve congestion and the like.

However, most of the road widening  are used to parochial and selfish use of the residents.  Up to now procession jam traffic/travel from Quezon and Bicol region at Laguna and Batangas area.   The local government and the residents doing the procession could not care less?

Why is it that way?

Look at this Lagundi widening which is now used for Palay drying. After driving away roadside settlers, cutting of the trees, the multi million expenditure just ended up being used as palay drier.  How great?

Pictures of other riders today September 28 2013

Real Cyclists  | September 28, 2013

                                 I was chasing them, they were chasing me earlier at Cardona

It occurred to me that to get some following and likes, I should post pictures of other riders. They too deserve publicity and exposure. It makes you feel good if you are posted or published.  Here are some of them.

                                        Peter Francisco and other Taytay Riders

                                  Taytay Riders at Simples lugawan resting

                                    Taytay Riders up at Bugarin

Well advertised GPS device

Real Cyclists   |  September 28,  2013

Today I saw a number of riders with the adverts of this GPS device.  I guess it is better to use the Android for GPS.  I think I will charge the manufacturer for this post.

Riding in style with a pick up and bike carrier and carbon fiber bikes

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Morong Rizal  PHL  | September 28, 2013

 This is a good sign;   using the wealth to stay healthy and fit. Thanks and congrats po.

I used to do this;  bring the bike in a carrier up to Tanay then cheat my way up to Bugarin.  But then again, I do no acquire the foundation miles, and I thought it was not a great and healthy way to exercise. If I should bike, I will bike from my place to Bugarin,.

But the place of these guys must be far away and you should admire them for their determination to get their exercise.  But they spend at least l.5 million for the Ranger Wildtrak pick up and for the bike about 300 to 400 thou.

"Inggit lang kami marahil"

  Enjoy your biking guys. (Sorry I did not get your names)  There were at least 5 cars, van, pick ups in front of DPWH having the same set up.

No wonder sales of bikes and pick ups are picking up.

My bike ride today September 28, 2013

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  |  September 28, 2013

                                Alan, Luis, Jess, Choco2, Richard, Jorgeusbiker, Papa Ric and Abet

It is great day to bike today.  The sun shone brightly today.  I left at 6:20 and I brought out my Fuji SL - 1 with Campy Group set.  It was gathering mold in my room.  I passed by Sacred Heart Parish and was off by 6:40.   Richard caught up with me near Montevideo while I was sprinting up the hill. We were together up at Callahan but then again I got a flat tire.  He did not hear me and left me behind.   It took me some 20 minutes to repair the flat because I failed to notice that I was not able to seal off the bead completely.  I inflated at 80 psi and the interior was bulging.

Thus I was in Maybancal, Simples Lugawan by 7:40 and all the stalwarts of Recylists were there:  Jeff, Jess V, Abet V, Luis, Joel, Armin, Edgar, Alan, Papa Ric, VM, Master, Richard, Peter and of course me.

VM, the whistle blower, blew his whistle at about 8:15.  I biked ahead of the rest and they caught up with me at KM 54 and never looked back. They rested at Pisong Kape but I went up to km 69.  I was there by 9:15 and I bought some fruits.

I went down by 9:30 and was in Morong by 10:30.  On the way, I rode with some Fuji bike owners.  I left them on the climb up to Tanay cemetery, and passed me at the road widening portion of the Manila East Road in Lagundi.  I took picture of the road widened which became a solar palay drier.

I was in Cardona by 11 and was home by 11:30.  The sun was hot and shining brightly like I said earlier

                                  Together again -  Recyclists

                                  JJ (his wife is still here and is therefore very weak) and Armin Z

                                      Jess V, Abet V, and Peter A-  chicboys?

                               Stolen shot group picture;  where was I?

                                   What is is his name?

                                  Another whistle blower?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

USA Oracle Yachting team incredible win at Americas Cup after trailing 1-8

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In the world of other sports:  This is incredible


Repost from ABC Sports News September 25, 2013

USAs Oracle Yachting team lead by skipper Jimmy Spithill won today the America's cup challenge beating NZ Emirates Team in the best of 19 competition. The competition was held at San Francisco Bay.  The win is spectacular considering that US was behind 1-8 in the series.  Team USA took the rest of the series straight.

At the end of the day, it is space age technology and incredible teamwork that won the day for USA.

Thus never never ever give up.

It aint over until its over.  Who says that USA can recover from that disadvantageous position.

I can only think of a tennis doubles we had a Kingsville in Antipolo with the score at 1-7 (the home players) and the kibitizers started trooping home.  But I and my partner hang tight and hammered a 8-7 victory over the home team.

It is really incredible.



Tony Martin wins TT world Championship for third time; Wiggins distant second

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From Herald Sun Sports | September 26, 2013

 Tony Martin

Tony Martin  of Germany won the time trial competition of world cycling championship in Italy.  Martin covered the 57.2 km route from Montecatini Terme to Florence in l hour 5 minutes, 36.65 seconds.  Wiggins of UK was behind 46.09 while Fabian Cancellara 48.34.

Cancellara won the event in a record of 4 wins:   06, 07, 09 and 10.    Michael Roger of Australia won the event 3x 2003-2005.

Martin has now won the 9 out of 12 Time Trial competition this year, including Tour de France.

They say winning the Time Trial is a sign of true bike champion.  There are no tactics and strategies, no drafting, no slingshot sprint, no team mates working hard for you covering you with his draft, or tiring the opponent -  it is only you and time, the road and the wind.

Is Tony Martin the true cycling champ this year?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to keep fit even if rains and rains and rains

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How to keep fit even if it rains.  When it rains now, it really rains.

I posted this at facebook at Jorgeusbiker pages:

How will you keep fit if continues to rain?

You cant bike because you cant afford to get your bike wet nor get sick.  Undue exposure to the rain and cold can make you sick.  And yet your feet ache/itch to ride or do physical exercise.  So what do you do:

1.  Do calisthenics;  or free exercise without equipment, or barbells;  you do squats, push ups, or yoga.

2.  Go to a gym.  But that may be expensive for you

3. Do stationary biking.  One of my bikes is mounted on a Minaura trainer.  I bought it 4 years ago (5t) to continue simulated biking when it rains

    You can do a variety of exercises with the trainer:

   1.  Warm up for ten minutes using the 39 gear starting with easy gears say 19 gradually increasing to l4,

   2.  Switch to 53 x 17, gradually bringing it down to 15

   3.  Do Number 2 on hoods

   4.  Do Number 2 on drops

   5.  Sprint on Number 2 on hoods, rest

   6.  Sprint on Number 2 on drops

   7.  Do easy pedalling 39 x 17 for 5 minutes

   8.  Time for hard pedalling;   set at 39 x 17 and put settings at 3;  do for 10 minutes sitting down

   9.  Do this standing for 5 minutes

  10.   Set at 5;  set at 39 x 23 do this sitting down for 5 minutes

  11.  Do this for 5 minutes sitting down.

If you can do this for 30 minutes, you will find how hard you will sweat and as if you really biked on the road.  Why dont you try this if you reaaalllly want to bike and you have a trainer like mine in your house.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Have flat tummy; remove those flabs without surgery

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I posted this at Facebook:

I have been working hard to remove my flabs.  I get most of my tips from what I have posted here (from Truth About which was posted on my other site:

For six months now I have been doing the following:

1.  Diet  -  less rice, less or no softdrinks (because it is the primary cause of obesity) no sugar and cream on coffee;

2. At least 3x a week bike;  one on the road and twice on the stationary;  more of using the drops;  it does wonders for the abs.

3.  3 reps of crunch while watching TV;  I do leg raises too (or some pilates routine)

4.  Push ups:

    3x how many push ups can I do in 30 seconds;

   3x reps on  slow push up (10) widespread

Right now I have flat tummy.  I will show this on my next post .  I have  the beginning of six packs.  It does a lot for my posture, appearance and well being.  You can see from the Sept 22 post how my tummy look like.  No flabs

Why dont you try.  

Bike addicts

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How do you call the guys who will bike despite the adverse weather, and even when there is typhoon.

You can only call them addicts.

We thought that neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow cant stop the mail man.

Neither can you with determined bikers:   Luis, Jess, Jorgeusbiker.



It rained hard yesterday, our bike day, but Jess, Luis, Jorgeusbiker and other MTBikers braved the rains

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Angono, Rizal   PHL   |   September 23, 2013

                               MTB ikers from Taytay like me braved the heavy downpour

It rained so hard yesterday morning; (Because of ICTZ from powerful typhoon Odette)  I was expecting only a handful would bike or none at all.

However the skies cleared at about 6 am and thus I bravely set out.  It rained again and amidst the drizzle and I gamely biked to Antipolo at about 6:30  am.  I was at Antipolo by 7:30 and I saw some MTB from Taytay, who just like me were addicted to biking.

We heard mass from 7:30 to about 8:30.  And lo and behold, Luis and Jess arrived in their MTB too before 8 am

After hearing mass, we biked down to Angono.  We were home by 9:00 am.

 x                                Wet and slippery roads near Aurora Subdvision


 x                                 Near Beverly Hills


                                    The four elements:  earth water wind and fire

 x                             MTBs parked in the patio of Antipolo Church


                              My SARS bike taking refuge in a waiting shed

                                 My bike at Antipolo church


 x                                The throng attending the mass at Antipolo church

                                       Pres Luis braved the rains too

                                Jorgeus biker

                                   Jess and Jorgeusbiker

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not a good day to bike today? It was raining all over the bike route

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Angono, Rizal PHL   |  September 15, 2013

It rained out last night and up dawn this morning.  It was past 7 am when I woke up and I saw the rooftops of my neighbor still wet.  The roads were still wet when I set out in the direction of Pililla.  It was nearly 730 when I left and passed by Sacred Heart Parish.  I left the church by 7:45 and was in Morong by 830  and had my lugaw breakfast there and left for Pililla by 9:00.  I was in Pililla by 10 am however the skies looked ominously dark.  It rained for a while and had to sit it out in Pillilla.  I was in Binangonan by 11:00.  However, in Calumpang highway, the rain poured non stop.  I braved out to bike home around 1145.  I was all wet - sopping wet (from the rains of course)

I was in Angono by 12:20.  The rain stopped since then.  However as I am making this post, the rain is pouring again.

The daugther of Aling Simple at Maybancal said that only a handful biked today.  Because of the rains, they do not want their bikes to get wet.  Hahaha.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Should you bike on Friday the 13th?

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Angono, Rizal  PHL   |  September 13, 2013

I planned to bike today.  The roads were wet this morning plus when I watched the early morning TV show, was reminded that today is Friday the 13th.

I was spooked and decided not to go.  I can ride another day without much worry.

Should you believe in superstition?

Should you not ride on Friday the 13th.

I have been spooked because the olds tell not to bike or go out on Holy Week.  I rode to Baguio and disregarded the warning.  I crashed on Black Saturday, broke my nose and had to undergo an expensive nose operation.  (If I had not done that, all my brains would have leaked from my nose)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fast and furious September 8 2013 ride

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Angono Rizal  PHL  |  September 9, 2013

Our ride yesterday was long, and was fast and furious. As I have said those who are at the paceline:    Tito, Richard, Jeff, Chito, VM, Choco2 are sometimes called "holy maws" by the not so fast and furious bikers.  They do not want to be passed and will outspeed anyone who tries to pass them.


The peloton was traveling at not less than 35 kph (and sometimes reach speed of 40 kph).  This is quite painful on the thighs, butts, and legs.


If we had gone to Luisiana, we would have travelled 98 km one way or  196 km two way (just like going to Urdaneta Pangasinan).  I would guess that we only covered about 3 km going to Cavinti.  Luis broke his shift cable and it looked rain at Cavinti and probably Luisiana.  (Rain nevertheless caught up with us at Famy).  We would have travelled l66 km.  That is a lot of km (100 miles)

My whole body aches.  And my legs feel like lead.

                                   The Holy Maws?

                                   Alan and Nolite

                                 It was Mama Mary's birthday yesterday