Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Real Men last August 29, 20ll

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

I joined the Real Men in their ride to where else? Real Quezon last August 29,20ll. There were four of us: Alan, Gerry, Weng, and I. There were other guys we met at 7:00 am at Maybancal. But they were not Real Men. They were JJ men (jalajala men) and could not bear the idea of riding l00 km out and back. without any back up/team vehicle.

We were at Bugarin by 8:00 am and at Famy by 9:00 am.

We were at Km l00 by about ll:00 and at Llavac at ll:30. We had lunch at ll:30 to l2;00. We were down at Famy by 2:00 pm (a much faster and shorter ride) We were at Mabitac by 2:40, and at Bugarin by 300 pm. I was in Angono by 5:l5.

We experienced 3 rains going up to Real; 3 rains going down, and l heavy rains at Bugarin

Until today, all my body is painful and sore. It was a real ride for real men.  I could not imagine myself doing it.  Most of our far away distance ride had team vehicle.  Yesterday, we did not have any.  We thought we would have it overnight - but we had commitments.

                                                        The Real Men at Llavac

                                                   The Real Men About to Have a Real Meal

                                                       Jorgeus Biker - A Real Man

                                                 Alan, Another Real Man with Real Meal

                                             Weng and Gerry Cataps - Real Men Eating Real Meal

                                                 Real Men Watching Ducks Feeding at Mabitac

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