Sunday, August 21, 2011

Safe Riding from Everyone

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

Marcos Highway looks like a dangerous place to bike.  Motorbikes are more numerous here and travel faster. Right in front of the place where we had breakfast somebody rode at more than say 100 km and willied.  He could have had a head on collision with an incoming jeepney.  He avoided just in time.  And some 300  meters away, a motorbike rammed into a stationary jeepney.

We had always wished that our faster kin take safe driving seriously.  A weekend should be a time for a pleasant ride.  Not for an accident or tragedy.

But we see them:  riding very fast, overtaking from the wrong side or too close, not wearing helmets, eating our lanes. etc. Unsafe....

                       This is the Motorbike that Rammed the Jeep; Look at the Wires that Hold the Fender

                       There is a Big Tarp that Preaches Safety from MDPPA, but who cares and listens?
I do not know who will spread the gospel of safety among our brods who ride motor bikes?  Those who died early?

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