Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011 ride to Sierra Madre Pit Stops

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

These are some of our pit stops at the ride:

                                                     Where we ate breakfast at Bosoboso

                                         At the Garden Cottage; where is the Lady in Yellow Dress?

                                                   At Garden Cottages; My Only Picture

                                           At the Tienda Near Sierra Madre Hotel with Motorcylists

                                                 Dark Rain Clouds  Showing Before Rainfall

                                            At East Road corner Sampaloc Rd  Resto - No Lunch
                                                           Angel, Alan and Luis resting

                                     Those are VM and Gerry Cataps resting at Tanay Resto

                                     Preventing Bikes from Getting Wet in the Rains in Tanay

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