Saturday, November 29, 2014

#Kneepain after hard ride to #Pililla last Wednesday due to the #rain?

Wheels of Happiness

I had a hard a la TT ride to Pililla Pisong Kape last Wednesday. Unfortunately it rained hard when I reached Morong and it rained more when I reached Baras.

When I arrived later in the pm, I had knee pain  The whole day Thursday, I had a bandage and many balms wiped over the knee.  It could have been caused by strain or cold rain.

Fortunately yesterday pm, my right knee was mobile and there was no pain.  So I could join the Real Ride.  Thanks be to the Lord.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#Windfarm at #Bugarin, Pililla

Wheels of Happiness

From Philstar on Pililla Windfarm Project

From Chinabank

Wind Farm in California

Rizal Philippines   | November 27, 2014

By this time you would have noticed the tarp signs announcing the soon to be inaugurated wind farm at Bugarin, Pililla.  There are 27 in all. The new roads being built lead to the Wind farm with 67.5 mW capacity

This is the first wind farm to be financed by FIT (Feed in Tariff) and aptly called #PilillaWindfarm Project.  It was financed locally with BDO as the lead underwriter for $130 million with a term of 12.5 years.   This reflects the local bank's confidence in renewable energy.  The project broke ground last June 2012 and expected to be operational late 2014.

It is a joint project of a company founded by Fmr Secy Vincent Perez and Kepco and Meralco PowerGen

The power output from the Pililla Windfarm project is priced at P8.53/kwh

#Closeshave with #accidents last Sunday ride, November 23, 2014

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Rizal Philippines   |  November 27, 2014

I had close shave with accidents last Sunday.

1,  The first one was near km 63 marker, about 200 meters away.  I was focussed in making circles with my pedalling as I was riding up Bugarin that I failed to notice that the tricycle in front of me stalled. I was looking down.  I had barely 3 meters before I took evasive action.  It was close.  I nearly clipped the tricycle

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Practice #bikeride today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  November 25, 2014

Pres Luis all ready posted at FB that we will have the Real Ride by November 30, 2014.  I suppose this is a one day ride, no overnight. So we have to practice hard and long.

This morning I biked to Hilltop Cabrera road.  There are 4 climbs:   one before the water tank, the other near Maharlika village beginning with Provincial jail,  next is after Sto Rosario, and the last one that jacknifes sharply to the left is before Don Enrique heights.  The last one is tough one because it is long.  There are two other hills after this one but they rise gently.

Then I rode to Teresa, Morong, and Binangonan.  It took me two hours and half to do this ride.

I think I saw VM at about 8;15 in Calumpang

Monday, November 24, 2014

Our #bikeride yesterday, November 23, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | November 24, 2014

I rode early today to watch the fiesta procession and parade.  I decided that I will just bike elsewhere because everybody was drunk as early as 6 am;  I have seen these parades several dozen times.  They were unrowdy and uncontrolled groups.  They were shouting and laughing loud during the night.

So I rode straight to Pisong Kape and arrived there about 7:40.   It was a fast clip ride.  There I saw Master. He said he raced a couple of riders from Cardona to Morong which extended up to Pililla.

What is my experience in using the #Exustarcarbonfiberpedals.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  November 24, 2014

Well it is light and since it is expensive (P6,350) I can only praise the new pedals to high heavens.  It is easy to engage and disengage unlike the much cheaper ones (Shimano and Exustar).

Since it is light, it stays on a neutral position and therefore quite easy for the feet to find the position to engage and insert.  The heavy pedals have to kicked so that the correct surface can be engaged.  It does not happen with Exustar carbon fiber.

Furthermore, I notice that I can time trial (ride at constant high speed) without getting tired legs at once.

I would say it is an excellent pedal.  Engr June Francisco would not buy this pedal and dispose off his Look pedal.  So gaya gaya ako kay Engineer for making such a wise choice

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 30 ride to Real - only for #RealMen

Wheels of Happiness

I was informed by Gerry K that we will have a long ride to Real Quezon on November 30, 2014.  I met Luis at Antipolo City Cathedral today.  He confirmed and said he has not posted this at Facebook.  Will it be overnight or balikan.  He said probably balikan because it is not holiday the following day.  According to Ariel who was with this am at the ride on the way to Taytay, it takes 4 hours to be at Real.  He did this with Bubuy:    leave at 6 am and  be at Real by 10 am.  Take a  bath, eat and ride back by 5 or 6.  We were able to do this before.

Thus:  leave 6 am arrive 7a am Pisong Kape;   8 at Mabitac;  8:30 at Famy.  You will be a Llavac by 9:30.   Then it is easy pedalling to Real.

Will you join the Real ride?

Only for #realmen

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Can electro muscle stimulation machine trim your flab?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | November 18, 2014

From Livestrong

From compex

Contour Electro Stimulation Machine

I just watched a TV ad for home shopping that glorifies a electro stimulating machine to build six packs and remove flabs.  

So I googled the benefits and it turned out that such devices as used for physical therapy for those who had stroke.massage and pain relief  And its use and benefits are doubtful.  So what is your pick.  Will you buy the P3,500.00 machine?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#Jorgeusbiker in #KambalnaBato Mountain Resort in Baco Oriental Mindoro

Wheels of Happiness

                   #KambalnaBato Mountain Resort

Last Friday till Saturday, Jorgeusbiker went to Calapan City to inspect a business outlet.   On the following day, he and his staff decided to have an outing in  a mountain resort owned by the inlaw of the manager of the business outlet.

The site is located at Dulangan 3 in Baco Oriental Mindoro at the foot of Mt. Halcon.  Mt Halcon is the tallest peak in Mindoro, and one of the adventure site of Mt. Climbers.  It is a very technical mountain to climb and many were reported to have perished trying to scale the mountain.

The resort is base camp of sort, jump off point to many mountaineers.  The mother in law is the Mangyan queen in that area, she said.  Her store in the resort is aptly called, #Mangyanan

See the pictures.

                   See and hear the whistling brook

               The brook river is diverted to this swimming pool

             The #Lantuyan bridge is visible the background

                          Crystal clear  swimming pool

                    The Mangyan village is atop the hill behind

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bike ride on November 16, 2014.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  | November 17, 2014

I rode yesterday, although I was tired from travel to the province.  I brought the Fuji bike and wore my new Spyder helmet, and eyewear. I joined gapped near Tagpos 2 young bikers from Taytay.  They wore black jerseys  and one of them was medical student from UST who is from Taytay.  He said he used to be an MTB and today was his first day to ride a roadie:   a Specialized Carbon bike with 105 group set.  Though his chain ring is 38 24.   and his sprocket is 11 speed (with 11 sprocket) with 31 large sprocket.

Near convention center, Alan and Jess dropped us and I tried to catch up.   We dropped the dr and Secx. Noe.   Alan and Jess dropped me although I was riding furiously.   These guys left me going up Montevideo with a distance of only 30 meters and I could not see them afterwards.

At Simples lugawan in Morong  we met:   Luis, Master E, Jess, Gerry and even Richard.  Richard was big and he gained muscle mass.  He said he has been doing gym work.

I left the guys and biked to Pililla. and then back because it was Higantes festival today in Angono.  On the way to Pililla, I dropped a large bodied roadie in light blue jersey.  I must be doing 30 to 35 from Km 52 to 57.  

On the way back I chased two MtBs :  one was in yellow jersey and the other was wearing gray.  They were doing 30+ which was quite remarkable.

I was happy with my bike ride because I was able to drop some riders despite being tired from the travel.  Was it due to the 88 gm Exustar carbon fiber pedal

#Bikerfriendly establishment

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  | November 17, 2014

Biker friendly establishment for folding bikes

FB Pages Biker Friendly Establishment

Play Video
Bawal daw ang helmet mounted camera sa BGC?

There are a number of establishments that are biker friendly (few is a kind word)  Most are not.  Most will not allow your bikes to lean on their wall, or near service customer area (as in ff in MoA) and Daang Hari.

A fast food in Sumulong  Highway allows bikers to park their bikes inside their aircon establishment.  As I found out too in Marcos Highway near Sta Lucia

But others are not as the fast food in Angono where Smith had a spat with the security officer.  Security officer like Alan Astorga are duty bound to comply with the orders. Being customer friendly maybe not one of them.  Or avoiding quarrel  with customers.  They should be part of staff meeting.

Nakasakay ko si Insan Rommel and Hannah sa van last Saturday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines   |  November 17, 2014

              An old picture in 2012 that shows Smith and Alan together near the fast food.

This party traveled on a business trip to Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, November 14 to 15 2014.   He left Calapan 3 pm on a boat ride, arrived at Batangas port at by 5 pm and traveled by bus up to Crossing.

It was difficult to get ride at Edsa central and Starmall and I tried to get a ride at Megamall terminal.  Lo and behold, 5 minutes after a van arrived, and I found myself seated next to whom?   Rommel (Smith and daughter Hannah).

I asked if the post of Pres Luis about the Jalajala ride pushed through.  They said the ride did not push through because it was raining.  But Jess, Alan, and Master arrived.

He also had a spat with the security officer regarding the placement of bike so that it will not be stolen.

They came from WTTC bike exhibit wanting to buy something different.  I told them that I got an 88 gm pedal from all places, Marauder in Antipolo City, and Jagwire.

Rommel and Hannah paid for my P45.00 van fare. Thanks po.  Nice meeting fellow bikers, after coming from  far away place.  It reminded me to bike tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exustar Keo Carbon Ti Pedals

Wheels of Happiness

From Merlin Cycles

From Bike Discount

Exustar Keo Carbon Ti Pedals (E-PR200CKTI)

Jun Francisco showed off his Exustar Keo Carbon Ti Pedals which set him back by P6,700.00 which he bought from a  bike shop in  Antipolo City.  It is available at Marauders, owned by Mike HInd, an American from Arizona.  He ride a  mountain bike.  It is located at ML Quezon Avenue at Mahabang Parang, after Maia Alta, before Mission Hills.   Their contact numbers are

    02 650 2930

    0905 666 5608

I bought the pedal today, November 10, 2014.  Mike and company biked to Boso boso Antipolo so I had to wait for a while, and he gave me a 3.5% discount for the pedal (which comes with the cleats) and 6 sets of SS cables and missing link.

The specs are impressive, although the pedals are limited to riders 85 kg in weight.  But each weigh 88 grams.  That is very light.

We must invest in parts that lessen fatigue on the drive train like shoes and cleats

Here are the specs:

EXUSTAR Pedals E-PR200CKTi Titan Carbon – Exustar

The 200 series has a larger surface/cleat contact area ensuring greater power and stability. The wider body also enables easier cleat engagement. The SR200 features a weather and dust resistant closed mechanism, a tension gauge and is available in a wide range of material configurations.
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Injected carbon fiber body & binding, tension adjustable
  • Tension gauge Body Injected carbon fiber
  • Axle CNC-machined titanium axle, DLC coated (cartridge)
  • Bearings LSL bushing & sealed
  • Cleats E-ARC11 
  • Size: 86 x 89 mm 
  • Weight: 176 gr / pair
  • Max. rider weight: 85 Kg

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GAA Recylists soloed to Tagaytay City last Sunday and they were quick/fast

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines November 5, 2014

Gerry informed me last night that 3 of them (and I should have been part of the group) biked to Tagaytay City last Sunday.  They were him Gerry, Angel, and Alan (thus GAA)

They were at GMA cor Dasma (near Greenwoods) by 7 am (they left at 6 am) because they did  not stop and were at Tagaytay City at a little over 9 am.  Then they biked to Silang where Alan went to the place where his mother is interred.   And they stayed there until 10.

They were home by  1 pm.  Boy they were fast.

They did not invite me to bike with them, knowing that I and like VM involved in memorial business, would be very busy.

Next time GAA.  It would be JAAG next time.  We were together before in several Tagaytay rides (about 5) and we called our selves.  REAL MEN.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Several bike rides this Holiday (#Undas)

Wheels of Happiness

I did 3 bike rides this weekend:  last October 31, November 1 and November 2, 2014 (yesterday) - for Undas

For October 31, 2014, I biked to Morong.  It was a dual purpose - bike ride and checking preparation for November 1 (for Undas)  I left at 4:20 and I was in Morong by 5:20.  By 5:40, I was on my way back because it was getting dark.   I was home by 7:00 (because the traffic at Pantok slowed me down)  It was good I had my LED lamp at the bike...

On November 1, I went up to Marian Hills for some inquiry with the owner/caretaker. I went up at around 10 am.  It was as usual a rough ride.  I rode up to where the concrete road ended.  It is really dangerous to ride up with a road bike.  Falls or losing control can be inevitable.  (Bad news for other riders -  DPWH guys were allegedly measuring the road again - will they construct this time)