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Rizal  Philippines  | November 17, 2014

Biker friendly establishment for folding bikes

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Bawal daw ang helmet mounted camera sa BGC?

There are a number of establishments that are biker friendly (few is a kind word)  Most are not.  Most will not allow your bikes to lean on their wall, or near service customer area (as in ff in MoA) and Daang Hari.

A fast food in Sumulong  Highway allows bikers to park their bikes inside their aircon establishment.  As I found out too in Marcos Highway near Sta Lucia

But others are not as the fast food in Angono where Smith had a spat with the security officer.  Security officer like Alan Astorga are duty bound to comply with the orders. Being customer friendly maybe not one of them.  Or avoiding quarrel  with customers.  They should be part of staff meeting.

I had a spat too with SG of an establishment that I founded.  I requested that I be allowed to enter the other gate. (There was no do not enter sign) When he refused I requested to contact VM (whom he claim he does not know)  So I requested that their supervisors be called. And I had to raise my voice.   The anathema of good customer service may be due to lack of understanding of the business mission.   SG must be briefed on this area.  They do not bother about this;  they spend more time sitting down or texting which is against the 11 general order for sentries.

(They do not allow helmet mounted camera at Republic of BGC?)

Photo: #SMAdvantage This post has nothing to do with Cheerdance and everything to do with Henry Sy being so damn greedy. A few minutes ago, I went to SM Savemore near our place. Despite the rain, I biked. I chained my bike to a post. A guard approached me for a ticket. It cost P30. I protested, of course. It was just a bike. I was just going to pay for a bill. 15 minutes, tops. The guard said, if he doesn't give me a ticket, he could lose his job. I took the ticket. My bike was soaked in the rain. I wonder what on earth SM asked me to pay for. The parking lot does not even have a roof.

What is your reaction to the  establishments that are not friendly to bikers?

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