Monday, November 3, 2014

Several bike rides this Holiday (#Undas)

Wheels of Happiness

I did 3 bike rides this weekend:  last October 31, November 1 and November 2, 2014 (yesterday) - for Undas

For October 31, 2014, I biked to Morong.  It was a dual purpose - bike ride and checking preparation for November 1 (for Undas)  I left at 4:20 and I was in Morong by 5:20.  By 5:40, I was on my way back because it was getting dark.   I was home by 7:00 (because the traffic at Pantok slowed me down)  It was good I had my LED lamp at the bike...

On November 1, I went up to Marian Hills for some inquiry with the owner/caretaker. I went up at around 10 am.  It was as usual a rough ride.  I rode up to where the concrete road ended.  It is really dangerous to ride up with a road bike.  Falls or losing control can be inevitable.  (Bad news for other riders -  DPWH guys were allegedly measuring the road again - will they construct this time)

Yesterday, I rode up to Antipolo City church at around 6:30 and was there past 7:00.  After hearing the homily,at 7:30 I rode down to Morong.  On the way, a fellow rider, long legged passed me before Robinson Homes.   I chased him and overtook me.  But downhill, since he was larger.   he overtook me at Teresa.  I did not risk going any faster than 50. kph

I stopped at Holy Angels Memorial Park to look things up. I was there by 8:00 am.   Then had some Lugaw, and by 8:30 I biked to Pililla.   I turned back by 9:20 and by 9:45 I was in Morong. On the way near the Baras Tanay rider, some Taytay rider rode side by side and remarked that maybe I was preparing for a race since I was on 53 x 19 gear (I said I forgot to shift) I had some drink near the Church and rode home.

On the way, near the Cardona Morong boundary, I saw the Green Recyclists:   Jess, A Amora, Vhen and an elderly rider who was on fixie (42 x 14).  I caught up with them at crest of Callahan, rode at the back of Jess until LLDA.  I passed the Tour elderly on a fixie, and later on Ven it was a remarkable overtake since I overtook a veteran.  I said he was on heavy fixie.  So we were home by 11:00 and I went straight to Holy Gardens Angono to visit my deceased parents and stayed there until 12:00 noon

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