Thursday, October 30, 2014

A faulty gear changer/loose chain can be dangerous

Wheels of Happiness

VM told me and he was able to talk to Ado that the reason for the crash in Antipolo, somewhere in one way lanes,when we were in Caliraya was a faulty derailleur that caused his chain to wrap around the rear wheel that caused a sudden stop that caused him to crash.

I think this happened to me at km 52 near the Baras Tanay boundary. The reason here was chain breakage that pulled the rear pulley away and oh yes, I too stopped suddenly.  The good thing was the place where the accident happened was going uphill so the speed was not great.

But I was nearly rear ended by bikers from Binangonan.

So guys watch for those chains  -  check if they are loose, check the nuts, cables of your derailleur, if some of them are coming off...

Maintain your bike well....Ingat....

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